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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-26

17-26. Real Identity of Demon God


Satou here. There's this saying [the ghost's real nature was but withered silver grass], but isn't that fear of the unknown? Which applies now and then. No matter how difficult a problem is, I believe you can strive toward the solution so long as you understand it.


Arisa and Hikaru spoke in unison when they saw Demon God's face under the mask.
But their following words didn't match with each others'.

"It's the face in the painting we saw at the Shadow Castle!"
"That face looks exactly like Ichirou-nii's when he was working at the company!"

Arisa is right, he's the very picture of the person in the painting found in the throne room of Rumooku Kingdom's Shadow Castle.
He doesn't look as identical as me like Hikaru said. I might have turned out like that if the me before I came to another world grew out my beard and aged up a bit.

--Even though I've had my suspicions already, seeing it in person still comes as quite a shock.

『Do you get it now, another me.』

Demon God spoke in Japanese on purpose.

I had a hunch about this already when I saw the painting at the Shadow Castle, but it really does appear that I'm not the only Suzuki Ichirou who has come to this foreign world.

『I shall present one last chance to you who was not chosen by princess.』


I think the majority of people who speak of 'chances' while looking down on their conversation partner have nothing good to say.

...Rather, whom does he refer to by princess?

The mysterious little girl and God Parion who was attached to Demon God in the Realm of Gods crossed my mind.
Dragon God Akon Kagura is also one possibility, but the image I have on her in my mind is more like a queen or an empress than a princess so I'm excluding her.

『Princess once said, [You can't become a perfect god with just collecting divinity]. [Gathering multiple souls to expand your vessel is the shortcut toward the path of True Godhood].』

--Could it be.

I realized that my body wouldn't move when I was about to make a slight movement.
Looks like the reason why Arisa and Hikaru behind me didn't throw a quip at Demon God is because they've been bound like me.

My Log displayed me failing to resist [True Ninjutsu: Binding Divine Shadow].

When the heck did this guy use this jutsu.
Well whatever. The Log showed me acquiring [True Ninjutsu] and [Resistance: True Ninjutsu] right after that entry, so I alloted maximum points to both and activated them.
Considering I can't use force magic [Break Magic], this Binding Divine Shadow apparently not only binds your body but also magic casting.

『I shall become a perfect body by taking you in.』

I want to tell him, dude, this isn't some Showa era game or manga, that old-fashioned plot point has come out of style nowadays.

Demon God points his palm toward me.

I still can't move even after acquiring the resistance, wonder if it's because Demon God is higher leveled than me...

This is bad.

『The time is now--』

Dark purple lights gathered in his palm and wriggled suspiciously.

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Demon God disappeared from my view.

The moment he flashed, I evacuated the place along with Arisa and the girls with Unit Arrangement.
I've brought us to the center of the Great Desert to minimize collateral damage.

I know the cliche here is to take control from within after getting absorbed, but I won't be taking chance here.

『How did you break free from God Restraints!』

Demon God chased after us with teleportation.
Looks like he had absolute confidence in True Ninjutsu.

『I'm always come prepared with delayed-activation escape magic you see.』

I said some random made-up excuses with the help of Deception skill.

『Then I shall erase all means of escape!』

The surrounding area got dyed in dark purple, palm-shaped dark purple lights are rushing toward us from all directions.
From what I sense, he's also simultaneously deployed a space magic barrier to prevent escape.

--Don't move.

Voice howling voice reached me.

The pouring rain of palm-shaped lights got blocked by dazzling vermilion lights before it could reach me.

I've seen this before.

『Was that, Karion!』

Demon God shouted in Age of Gods' language.


The space in front of me distorted, then a vermilion light with a girl-shaped contour--God Karion showed up.
That was really God Karion's [Godly Shields] that protected us then.

『Karion isn't the only one who's here. Tenion said so too.』

Indigo light girl--God Urion and emerald green young lady--God Tenion followed after God Karion, manifesting up.

『We're just in time it seems.』

With a swing of her arm, God Tenion undid the [Binding Divine Shadow] that had restrained us.

『This is our first time meeting outside I believe?』

God Tenion looks at Demon God.

『Resemblance in external patterns confirmed.』
『Point indefinite. Karion should stop fussing over nonsensical matters.』
『It's not nonsensical. Urion is just narrow minded.』

God Karion pointed out the resemblance between me and Demon God, but god Urion concluded that it was [Point Indefinite]. Looks like outward appearances mean little to these gods.

『What should we do, Master?』

Arisa talked to me through Familiar Link.

We don't have a lot of options.

・ Become one with Demon God, be a part of a true god.

Out of question. Not even worth considering.

・ Run away to another world using Unit Arrangement, and spend my life there.

I'll put this aside. Moving between worlds should be difficult even for gods, hence there's a high chance this will allow me to escape from Demon God's clutch.
But that would mean abandoning my life in this world. This choice of making the girls desert their home land will be the last resort.

・ Defeat Demon God. Or maybe seal him away.

I'm putting this one aside as well. I've got few tricks up my sleeve I can use to maybe defeat him, but I'll also be exposing myself to the danger of being absorbed by Demon God in the process.

・ Observe from the sidelines as the gods suppress Demon God. And maybe lend them a hand.

It's an attractive proposition, but I'll put this one aside too. These gods are more powerful than I expected, but there's an extremely high chance of Demon God outwitting them.

・ Have a heart to heart talk with Demon God and reconcile.

I'd like this one if possible.
But since Demon God's true objective is to absorb me and become a [True God], reconciliation doesn't seem possible.
But if he has a goal to accomplish by being a [True God], I'm willing to make a compromise depending on that goal.

My brain processed all that in one second, then I focused back on Demon God and the three goddesses.
God Tenion is having a conversation with demon god.

『I didn't think you'd show up this soon.』
『My dear miko informed me of this. Demon God is here, she said.』

God Tenion glanced at Sera for an instant.

『Hmph, peeking and tapping in your believers huh. Your bad taste never changes.』

Sera herself is moved to tears to see God Tenion in person.
Sera probably never had the intention to inform her. She was probably praying to god out of habit after seeing Demon God before her eyes.

『My, you don't speak like your usual self in God's Realm. I suppose this is how you truly are like then?』

Now that she mentioned it, he was talking like a jester in the Realm of Gods.

『Hmph, it's so much easier to manipulate a bunch if you flatter their conceited ass.』

Demon God sneered without even trying to hide it.

『Tenion, you should exercise heightened cautions. Demon God has abandoned his masquerading acts, so said Karion.』
『I didn't. But I agree with Urion.』

God Urion's indigo lights reinforced God Karion's Godly Shields.

『It's all right, Urion. I'm sure even Demon God is aware of the gap in divinity between us.』

God Tenion stares at Demon God.

『Hmph. With my divinity split to my Divine Split Spirit, going up against three gods will be a hassle.』

Demon God was being surprisingly honest.

『--you think I'd say that!』

A striking aura of vivid purple and jet black emitted out of Demon God.

『I have my contingency plan in place already! My believers all over the world shall deliver me enough divinity to fill this entire body--』

Demon God halted his speech midway.

『--Not. Am I wrong?』

God Tenion calmly spoke.

『This cannot be. Why!!』

Ignoring the shouting Demon God, god Tenion looks at me.

『You've made your move to ensure Demon God did not acquire more believers, haven't you?』

I smile back to answer God Tenion who seemed convinced.
Apparently undoing the brainwash that afflicted people all over the world has ended up thwarting Demon God's scheme.

『Impossible! You couldn't have made it in time! No even before that you should have run out of mana!』

Demon God was glaring at me in askance for explanations, but since I did not see any point in revealing my tricks, I only shrugged back at him.


A purple little girl teleported in as if cutting apart the heavy mood that set in.
How many of these girls are there anyway?

『We're done securing her!』

I got a bad feeling about this.

I opened the Marker list even before the little girl finished talking.

『Well done. Now let's start over.』

Demon God grinned as he said that.

『Behold! Lesser Goods!』

Demon God called out to me.


A screen projected midair showed Aze-san being enclosed by purple little girls with their scythes thrust before her.
First God Zaikuon and now these guys, they really love to test my patience don't they.

『Come to the Netherworld with none of the nuisance if you wish to save your beloved.』

『Catch him, Urion!』
『I know. Tenion you worrywart.』

Indigo lights were about to wrap Demon God like a cocoon, but he vanished before it could.

『...He ran off.』
『A little blunder. Even gods make mistakes.』
『Disappointed with Urion. Should be less bragging more actions.』

I push a switch on my thought process while ignoring the gods' conversation.


I tightly hugged Aze-san who appeared right in front of me.
I gambled on Unit Arrangement which managed to pull her out of the Netherworld.


I could feel Aze-san's warmth as she hugged me back in tears.

『Is that the very same high elf who was made hostage?』
『Shocking. Karion is also shocked, she said.』
『In agreement with Urion. I'm shocked. Small it may be, Netherworld is a world Demon God created. Invading a domain without the creator's permission is an extremely difficult task. Dare I say impossible unless there is a huge gap in powers.』

The gods, especially God Karion, were very surprised.

It's Unit Arrangement that's amazing, not me though.
I can never thank the person who gave me this power enough.

『--He got away.』

Sun-like heat swooped before an orange light and a green light appeared.
It's God Heraruon and God Garleon who should be fighting Demon God's Split Spirit.

『And we were just one step away from cornering him. What do you have to say, Garleon!』
『Are you implying that it was my fault, Heraruon! Why don't you realize your attitude is exactly what enabled his getaway!』

These two gods are the same as ever.
God Tenion calmed the two down and informed them of the events here.

Once he's done listening, Heraruon gives me an order.

『Go vanquish Demon God.』

Well, that's an absurd demand if I ever heard any.

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