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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 308

Chapter 308 Strongest Sage, Hears About Tactics


"Oh I'm nothing compared to Mathias-sensei... We've been hearing rumors about sensei's exploits all the way to the capital."

"I'm officially a student though, not a teacher... I could say the same, Second Academy students have been doing great too lately."

Before, whenever we were working on quests at new towns, we often got the [Can these children even fight?] reaction.
But now, we got more of [Ah. Second Academy students huh] reaction.

It's probably a result of these students demonstrating their powers all over the places.
And it looks like there are more and more Second Academy students setting new records for the deepest conquered dungeon floors too.

"Second Acadey has turned into something amazing, and it's all thanks to Mathias-sensei... Apparently the number of examinees this year has jumped to 10 times the usual. Our teachers were complaining about the lack of classrooms for the entrance exams."

"10 times... That much?"

"After all, what was once regarded as a second rate academy has turned into the world's best combat institution! I'm proud of it myself!"

Oh right, back then First Academy was the top academy while the Second Academy was treated like an extra...
They denied of any difference in treatment officially, but the segregation was quite severe in reality.

...Though now that it's been known demons were behind that reputation, and that the Glory Crest all the First Academy students bear are not suited for battle, First Academy has now turned into some sort of augmenter school instead.

"So uh, we would like to ask for your advice, but..."

Meirad looks at the direction we're going.
He must be feeling bad to have called us out on our way.

"Ah, no problem. We still got time."

The agreed time to meet principal Edward won't be for a while.
A little distraction won't hurt.

"So what kind of advice do you need?"

"It's about ways to fight demons. We're currently training with the goal of defeating demons some day... I'm not sure if our methods are correct or not."

I see.
The ways to defeat demons are indeed different than to defeat monsters.

As such, you've got to take a different kind of combat training than the usual ones... Since unlike monsters, demons are not like your ordinary living creatures.
I can't blame him for worrying about the training when they've never fought the real thing.

"What kind of methods are you guys practicing?"

"We're trying to learn the [Basic Tactics] written on page 129 of [Second Academy - Anti-Demon Combat Textbook]. It describes a method where you incessantly shoot jamming magic at demons, sealing their movements as you gradually cripple them down."

I see.
Exactly according to the textbook I wrote huh.
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That's a nice choice.
Textbooks found in ordinary schools are too rudimentary, unfit for real combat... That particular textbook was written to efficiently turn Second Academy students capable of combating demons.

Its content is wholly oriented towards real combats.
Minute details ranging from effective jamming methods, coordination means, and even ways to damage those sturdy demons are written in it.

The textbook itself doesn't have too many pages, but one cannot grasp that [Basic Tactics] unless they have full understandings of knowledge found in other textbooks.
As such, it should have taken some time to master that... But once you do, you'll be able to easily defeat a lesser demon at least.

"Once you've mastered that [Basic Tactics], you can defeat the kinds of demons that have been invading Second Academy easily."

"Thank you very much! ...Some students have proposed to make arrangements to the tactics, but first we must aim to completely master what's written on the textbook... is what I'm thinking!"

Meirad looked happy as he said that.
He really is an excellent leader.

You've got to solidify your base first before trying to be creative.
Sounds easy, but putting that into practice is unexpectedly hard.

However... If Second Academy students ever had to fight a demon, there's a high chance that demon would be a mid-class demon.
After all, all lesser demons have been eliminated by the [Eyes of Heavens].
So long as there's no lesser demons being sealed somewhere in the world and getting out of that seal... These students won't get a chance to fight lesser demons anymore.

When I think about that, it seems that textbook will need a few revisions.

"The textbook says that you need to rely on jamming and abnormal status attacks right?"

"Yes. Paralyze and mana jamming... Just about all kinds of abnormal status magic to restrain the demon."

"That's a good strategy in itself... But magic that directly interfere the inside of their body don't work well on strong demons. In that situation, you can use a magic that dull the flow of mana in the airspace... 『Spatial Mana Slow』."

"『Spatial Mana Slow』... You must mean the magic written on page number 612 of magic textbook right?"

He even remembers page numbers huh.
So studious.

"Yeah. That magic does not directly interfere with the inside of demon's body, so it's not very effective by itself... But you have strength in numbers. The spell formula is quite complex though, so you'd probably need to train hard for it."

"We'll get to that with training!"

The Glory Crest mages nearby nodded at Meirad's words.
They must be the ones in charge of augment.

...Even with their numbers, it will be difficult for Second Academy students to fight a mid-class demon at their current strength.
There's a world of difference in strength between lesser and mid-class demons.

They will eventually prevail if they keep it up with their training.
Although there's absolutely nothing you can do against greater demons with just training and team work... They've got a pretty good chance against mid-class demons as long as they follow that training manual correctly.
Whether they can actually reach that point depends on their training though.

Afterward, they just have to make sure they're training in the right direction.
Doing training the wrong way will instill bad habits on you, resulting in the exact opposite of what you want to achieve.

It would be faster to confirm that part with my own eyes.

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