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Okami wa Nemuranai 11.9_10


They camped out that night, then the next morning, Lecan and Eda visited the temple.

It's because Nike suggested that they could go out of town at noon once they were done having the talk if they visited the temple in the morning. Nike herself had gone back ahead to the town to take care of her business.

The temple's gate is made of stones, with two huge statues installed on both sides.

The statue on the right is in the shape of a human with a wand on its right hand and a wheat head on its left.

The left statue is that of an ominous looking magic beast. Must be for warding off evils.

Both statues have magic put under them. Probably for protection.

They climbed up stone steps and reached an entrance at the end.

There's a huge sturdy hinged door installed, both sides wide open.

There are more smaller hinged doors inside, all of them are also opened wide.

Lecan and Eda climbed up the stone steps passing through two doors.

They reached an open space with an altar and people offering their prayers on their own.

A man who seemed to be a temple staff member stood.

"I'm Lecan. Heard that the temple is calling for my pupil, Eda, so here we are. We want an audience with third-rank priest, Casis."

A young priest was called to guide them to a room where they waited before a plump priest soon came. His chubby face is all smiles.

"Well, well. You must be Eda-san then?"

"Please ask that to Lecan."


"You can give your name."

"Un, I got it. Yes, I am Eda."

"Is that right. I'm glad to meet you. And you must be her escort, Lecan-san. Good work. You can go back now."

"Very well, I'll take Eda back with me. Farewell."

"W-wait a minute. Where do you think you're going. Eda-san will have to stay here."

"Eda is a pupil of mine, also a party member. I'll be in her company if you have a business with her."

"This is our temple's problem. It's not something the likes of mere adventurers should concern themselves with."

"Is that all you have to say?"


"I'm asking if your business with Eda is done."

Smiles immediately disappeared from priest Casis's face. The smile soon resurfaced, but his squinted eyes had a callous glint on them.

"Haha. Oh I see now, that's how it is. What a blunder on my side, please excuse me. Oy."

A boy who was standing by behind priest Casis presented a small pouch to him. Priest Casis dangled that small pouch with the tips of his fingers before Lecan.

"Take it and off you go now. May god Ceres protection be with you."

Priest Casis haphazardly drew some sort of holy mark in the air with his left finger to bless Lecan.

"Really. Okay, we're heading back, Eda."


"Hold it right there. You really don't get it do you. This pouch contains the blessing of god, see. It's worth several days of your labor. You get this pouch in exchange for Eda-san."



Lecan was hit by a sudden curiosity if he could <Appraisal> the pouch, thus he did.

"Hou. One big silver coin huh. Well then, here's one big silver coin for you priest Casis. I'll take Eda with me."

They were already standing so he took Eda's hand toward the door.

Priest Casis was in the way, so Lecan shoved him aside. Priest Casis got taken aback before his face was dyed red.

"I take it this means you're obstructing the temple's responsibility, do you."

"What's your business with Eda."

Priest Casis's face went over the color red to darkish. But he took some deep breaths and slightly regained his complexion back.

"There's a possibility that Eda-san has been bestowed with god Ceres' blessing. We shall examine whether that is true or not, and if it is, we shall provide Eda-san with the appropriate treatment, training and service."

"Is that examination be done by yourself here."

"You savages really have no idea how to revere a respectable priest, do you.  Though I see little point in teaching the way of temple to you and your ilk, the verdict to ascertain blessings is made by more than three priests."

"In accordance to Article 35 of Ceres Temple Law, I demand the attendance of two or more third-rank priests in the hearing."

Priest Casis looked up at Lecan with a loathful look on his face without answering back to him for a while, but he eventually turned around toward the door.

"We'll send a messenger to inform you when it's ready. Wait here until then. Don't go wandering around anywhere."

"Priest Casis."

Called out by Lecan, priest Casis who was walking toward the door halted.

"There's this terrible noise whenever your breath passes through your throat. Your fat may be clogging it up. Might be a good idea to slim down a bit."

The door was shut furiously, scattering some splinters in the air.

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Five priests are sitting behind luxurious desks.

All of them possess mana. If they all can use combat magic, even Lecan won't be able to go back unharmed. But that can't possibly be the case.

In the center is the conspicuously large, priest Casis. He's got the biggest mana pool among the five.

Lecan and Eda are standing about five steps away in front the desks.

Having five priests when three should be enough may have been intended as some form of intimidation, but Lecan's stature, build and face are far more intimidating. All the more with him standing.

"We will now begin the ceremony to hand out a priest verdict over god Ceres's blessings."

"Hold it. I had demanded the attendance of two or more third-rank priests in the hearing in accordance to Article 35 of Ceres Temple Law. I want to confirm whether that demand has been met or not."

The four priests are looking at each others.

"Priest Casis. What is the meaning of this?"

"...Call priest Pajill."

One of the priests went out of the room, then after a while, a stern looking priest came over and took a seat at the right end. This elderly man must be priest Pajill. His mana pool is a bit higher than priest Casis.

"We will now begin the ceremony to hand out a priest verdict over god Ceres's blessings."

"Of truth."

"Of blessing."

"Of mercy."

"In the name of tranquil god."

The five priests recited a passage from scripture and drew a holy mark by putting their hand on shoulder, eye, nose and mouth.

A young priest at the left end spoke.

"Now then, you two would be adventurer Eda and her guardian, adventurer Lecan, correct?"

"Guardian is not exactly right. I'm Eda's mentor, and a party member."

"Then, you two would be adventurer Eda, and her mentor as well as guardian, and also a party member, adventurer Lecan, correct?"


"Adventurer Eda, what about your answer."

"Lecan will answer that."

"This girl is indeed adventurer Eda."

"Make her answer for herself!"

"Priest Casis, please calm down. Adventurer Eda, why don't you answer yourself?"

"Lecan will answer that."

"Eda is my pupil, which means she's under my protection, as such I will answer in her stead in this hearing."

"But there could be things that can only be answered by the person in question herself."

"In that case, I'll ask for Eda's confirmation before giving answers."

Four priests began consulting together noisily.

Priest Casis let out a loud shout once again.

"No need for this farce! By the authority of Ceres Temple, I order Eda herself to respond!"

"We've dragged our weary bodies here after a long journey for work to respond to the sudden summon from the temple. We're also replying back with the utmost sincerity. The reason why Eda won't answer is to prevent her from giving immature responses that could invite confusion here and bring disrespects toward god Ceres. If you won't admit that, we're going back."

"Priest Casis. Why don't we let adventurer Lecan answer for her for now."

"That's right. We can simply have Eda herself speak if any complication arise."

"After all, god's verdict won't be overturned regardless of who gives the answer."

Three of the four said thus, priest Casis reluctantly nodded.

Priest Pajill kept silent with eyes closed, arms folded.

"Well then, adventurer Eda. Is it the truth that <Recovery> has manifested in you?"

"Lecan will answer that."

"It's true."

"Adventurer Eda. Under what kind of situation, and how did it manifest, your answer."

"Lecan will answer that."

"On the 18th, Eda had gone to Adventurer Association. On her way back, she witnessed adventurer Gyom bleeding in agony. Gyom was a man with a bad womanizing habit, he had an affair with multiple women, got found out by his wife and stabbed. Gyom was going to borrow a red potion from adventurer association, but used up his strength on the way there. By Eda's <Recovery>, Gyom recovered enough to walking conditions. Afterward, Gyom went to this temple to report on Eda and got his rewards. Hence, the temple should know more in detail about Gyom's wound and how he got treated."

"You said that you just got back from a journey for work. And yet you're quite informed on things that occurred on the 18th."

"We departed to Kogurus on the 19th. Also, adventurers are people who have all kinds of ways to obtain information."

"I see. Then, adventurer Eda. How was the wound suffered by adventurer Gyom like, and to what degree was it healed, answer these questions as seen by your own eyes."

"Lecan will answer that."

"This question has to be answered by you yourself."

"No, I should be answering that. That is because Eda herself possesses no knowledge that will enable her to describe human wounds in detail. Secondly, after putting <Recovery> on Gyom, she just up and left the place without confirming its efficacy. Thirdly, Eda wasn't in a state that would allow her to observe and make decisions normally, she was in shock after breaking the ban imposed on her."

"Breaking the ban? The ban on what."

"I have forbidden Eda from using <Recovery> on other individual."

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