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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 305

Chapter 305 Strongest Sage, Raises Victory Chance


"Awakened soon... And there's no mistake about that is there..."

"It's been quite some time since Zaridias was defeated... Does that mean it could awaken any time now?"

"Yeah. Judging from the way these documents are written... We probably have around a month left."

None of the documents detail the exact date of the next [Chaotic Demon]'s awakening.
But from analyzing the content of those documents and all the words on it... I can hazard a guess when that would likely be.

The deciding factor is... information about diversions planned by demons in these documents.
Those demons were apparently planning to deploy diversion tactics at many places like capital and such just as the [Chaotic Demon] awakened.

It's rare for demons to be so organized... Which just reinforces how strong this [Chaotic Demon] is.

"One month!?"

"Yeah. The time we have is too short, it's practically impossible to reseal it back. We've got no choice but to defeat the demon the moment it comes out."

We will need to construct a very large-scale sealing magic if we wish to restore the seal used on a high-ranking demon.
It's actually not unachievable if we borrow Second Academy's and Ruli's powers... But the time limit is just too brief.

We don't even know where the demon is sealed.
It would take two years to restore such a seal.

"Demon stronger than Zaridias... Can that even be defeated!?"

"...Head-on confrontation is out of question."

I replied thus to Alma.
There's no chance of victory in an exchange of blows even against Zaridias.

I might have a chance if I used another Rebirth Sword like before... But I can't use that trick anymore unfortunately.
Gotta fight with another method this time.

"Are you saying there's a way to win without direct confrontations then?"
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"Yeah. It won't be easy... but we have a chance to win with that method."

Chance to win... or rather, it's a surefire winning strategy.
Up until lately, it was something I couldn't have attempted... But thanks to Gaias's revival, the possibility is here now.

A particular weapon is required to make that happen though.
It's far easier to obtain than a Rebirth Sword, getting my hands on it should be a simple matter.
The things got super popular for a period of time in the previous era, those should be lying around everywhere.

"I need an equipment first... But don't worry, it's easier to get than a Rebirth Sword."

Then I cast a magic called [Active Material Detection].
It's a magic to probe mana let off by materials in the surrounding area.

This magic will immediately find the weapon I need if one is around here.
Since that weapon was pretty popular in the past, I was sure one would be buried somewhere in the vicinity of the capital.
Or so I thought... But I got no hit.

"Doesn't seem to be any around here. Seems like we're gonna need to expand the search area."

If there are places where relics of ancient civilizations like Saihill Empire's Water Network remain... There would also be locations where those relics have been lost.
The difference was probably dictated by whether a particular place was vulnerable to the after effect of the mana reactor meltdowns or not.
The weapons I'm looking for must have all been destroyed here in this place.

"What kind of equipment do you need anyway?"

"It's a sword called 『Man-eating Blade』."

Grevil looked surprised when he heard me.
Then... he asks me with a serious expression on his face.

"Mathias-san... You can't be planning to use that, can you?"

"Yeah... My magic circuits saw a remarkable reinforcement recently... I should be able to handle it now."

By recently I mean Gaias's revival through [Broken Star].
None of the mana from that time remained... But after taking in an enormous amount of mana and thanks to the repeated destructions and restorations, my magic circuits have become far stronger than ever before.
[Man-eating Blade] will still be quite hard to handle even with my current state... But we've got a far better chance of victory with it compared to other weapons.

"What kind of weapon is that anyway?"

"You never tried using it even though it enables you to fight against strong demons... There must be a reason behind that right?"

Iris and Alma asked me with worried looks.
Well, I mean the sword's got that name and all...
『Man-eating Blade』 is such a dangerous sounding name.

"...『Man-eating Blade』 is a sword that connects man and Dragon Veins."

"Connects... man and Dragon Veins?"

"Yeah... It magically connects human's magic circuits to Dragon Veins... And once it does, you have free rein over the practically limitless mana found in Dragon Veins."

The mana flowing in Dragon Veins are of far inferior quality than that flowing in human's body though, so you need a variety of tricks to make it usable.
Even during the past era where magic was highly developed, the topic of difficulty in handling Dragon Veins' mana was one of prominent problems among magic researchers.

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