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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-27

17-27. Authorities on Loan


Satou here. Being on the receiving end of higher-ups' table-flipping anger and unreasonable demands were everyday occurrence when I was working in a company. I met the very picture of ideal employer in Baron Muno after coming to another world, and was freed of those unreasonableness, but now it seems like I'm about to see those unreasonable demands once again from somewhere unexpected.

『Go vanquish Demon God.』

Once he's done listening, god Heraruon gave me an order.

I felt kind of compelled to comply, but since this is probably nothing more than delusions, I'm just gonna ignore him.
Mind magic or the sort doesn't show up on my Log, so it's probably some kind of Kotodama-like primeval magic.

『Heraruon foolish. Karion said so too.』
『I did not. But I fully support the 'should not let the component that could strengthen demon god approach him' sentiment.』

God Urion and god Karion insisted that letting me go near Demon God carries [the risk of powering up Demon God into 『True God』.]
Seems like they had been sneaking a peek at the exchanges between me and Demon God before they came to my rescue.

『As if a human can beat Demon God in the first place! You're aware of Demon God's strength in Material World yourself.』

Thus spoke god Garleon.

The way he phrased it, is he implying that the seven pillar gods are stronger than Demon God in Realm of Gods?

『Have you forgotten the fight between this person and Zaikuon? At least in Material World, this person possesses enough power to measure up to Demon God.』

Admonished by god Heraruon, god Garleon couldn't refute, 'gununu'.

『Main issue has shifted. Heraruon and Garleon should cool off. Karion said so too.』
『I did not. But I do suggest to approach this matter carefully.』

『Careful? What is there to hold back against eliminating Demon God who had the gall to not only unjustly smear gods' names but also plant misgivings to our believers!』
『Exactly! And that's after he stole our Authorities and ascended to godhood from demi-god, truly one of a kind ingrate!』

Looks like god Heraruon and god Garleon won't calm down.

I'm a bit intrigued by what god Garleon said, about [Stealing Authorities and ascended to godhood].
He's not gonna answer me even if I ask anyway, so I'll just put it down on my Menu's Memo.

『Do you lot not comprehend such reasoning? This is why goddesses are beyond help.』

God Garleon said some discriminating words.

『You're over the line, Garleon.』
『Apologies, Tenion. I did not mean that about you.』

Apparently god Garleon is no match for god Tenion.

『I believe neither Karion nor Urion wish to leave Demon God to his own device either. Let's hear what they have to say first, shall we.』

With the words from moderator Tenion, god Heraruon and god Garleon finally took the attentive stance.

...Rather, despite her peaceful demeanor, god Tenion seems to be in agreement with the eliminate Demon God sentiment herself.

『I shall give it a listen. Speak, Urion.』
『So haughty. Heraruon should be more modest. Karion said so too.』
『I did not. I don't believe Heraruon could ever be modest. Urion should stop with her pointless remonstrances.』

God Karion is quite curt herself.

But err, can we please get back to the topic.

『Master, you can't go on a suicide mission against Demon God, you hear me.』

Arisa warned me through Familiar Link, so I replied back with, "I won't". Believe me, I'm not into that.

『Really~? Would you still refuse if they let you take Aze-tan as wife?』

Such an enticing proposition would bedazzle me a bit.

『H-hey! I'm serious, you really can't, okay!? You've got a lot of wives already you hear me, you can't fall for these gods' cajolery okay?』

Arisa warned me again in panic, probably due to that pause.

『There's nothing to worry about, Arisa.』

To begin with, marriage as a reward for vanquishing Demon God is just too rude to Aze-san.

『--That's the end of my explanation. Therefore, it's too risky to let this human be anywhere near demon god. Karion said so too.』
『In agreement with Urion on this matter. I recommend the deployment of god soldier army to vanquish demon god.』

God Urion and god Karion were done with their speech while I was conversing with Arisa.
God Heraruon seems to get it, while god Garleon doesn't seem to.

『You lot really never think ahead, do you.』
『I don't want to hear that from the reckless abandon Garleon. Karion said so too.』
『I did not. Urion, you're banned from dragging me.』

God Garleon and god Urion continued their argument for a while before god Tenion mediated to resume the talk.

『I understand that letting this get close to Demon God means risking strengthening Demon God.』

I've got a bad feeling about this.

『But, even if we don't make this go, Demon God will come for him on his own. Don't you lot understand that? We must either exterminate him now or seal him away in God Sealing Cage for the sake of this world.』

I understand god Garleon's point, but I don't plan to willingly consent to that.

『Garleon really is a fool. Karion, explain please.』
『I did no--feints are banned. Urion is a big meanie.』

God Karion's mood worsened as god Urion cackled right in front of her.

『Karion, could you give us an explanation?』
『Got no choice since it's Tenion's request.』

God Karion nodded before giving her explanation.

『Exterminating him is out of question. We won't lose in a five against one even in the worst case, but a huge amount of divinities will definitely be consumed in the process. Forget being short on divinities before the battle against Demon God, there's a high possibility we will be unable to maintain the barrier that protects the world even.』

And here I was wondering what she was gonna say, the outcome of their fight against me huh...

Discussing about this right in front of the person in question, I can really feel the different in mentality between gods and humans.

『Karion is correct. Presently faiths and prayers coming from people have been significantly reduced due to Demon God's schemes. Consuming divinities at these times when recovery rate is slow is but a folly.』

God Urion added to god Karion's explanation.

『Then we can just seal him away.』
『I question what Garleon see with his eyes. This human instantly reclaimed the high elf that had been captured in Netherworld. The barrier located at the borders of Netherworld is powerful yet elaborate. Invalidating that without preliminary preparations and in an instant must mean that this human possesses a movement type Authority and one that can slip past barriers. As such, God Sealing Cage is pointless.』

God Karion looks at me.

I'm not obliged to reply here, but neither do I need to keep it a secret so I affirm her.
Wouldn't want them sealing me away as a test if I denied here.

『I believe there was no such Authority among those we bestowed to Demon God.』
『Perhaps it's an Authority awarded by Dragon God to Demon God?』

God Heraruon and god Tenion discussed in whispers.

『Then do we leave him alone?』
『That's dangerous in itself. Urion will speak the optimal solution.』
『Karion should stop with unreasonable demands.』

God Urion complained back to god Karion who passed the whole problem to her.

『Understand that using that human in a trap is the ideal solution. Karion said so too.』
『I did not. However, trap is a good idea. Having that human blow himself up just as Demon God come for him will surely greatly damage Demon God.』

God Karion said something brutal there.

『I'd like to decline from blowing myself up.』

I voiced my disapproval since I don't want to slowly get recruited as a suicide bomber.

『Self-preservation at this late stage do you now! Humans, fools the lot of you!』
『Garleon should stop making remarks in reflex.』

I agree with god Urion here, but she's prone to do the same thing herself.

『It's only natural for humans to cherish the sole life they have. That's the fundamental concept Creator God has planted in life forms. They're unlike gods who get resurrected after dying.』

This Creator God mentioned by seven pillar gods must refer to the god who created their home land.

『You're the one who speaks of making him blow himself up in a trap! Have you forgotten that?!』
『Of course not. It's that human's duplicate body that's going to blow up. By using a duplicate body Tenion creates, we will plant Decaying Factor inside Demon God to destroy him from within.』

I see, a trap using a copy of me huh.

『Demon God is sly. You think he'd fall for such an obvious trap?』
『It's all right. The duplicate body will also fight back at Demon God. It should be possible to copy magic employed by that human if it's just for one shot.』

They're gradually deciding on things on their own somehow.

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『Can I have a word?』

There are some points I don't agree with, I'll raise them here.

『Permission granted.』
『I'd like to ask Demon God his reason for trying to assimilate me before taking a hostile action--』
『Rejected. The risk is too big. And even if you do take the risk, I don't believe Demon God would speak the truth. We are talking about a fraudsters who would trick even gods.』

Kinda feels like gods are easy to trick, but since that applies to me as well, I'll keep that to myself.

『Is there really no other way besides eliminating Demon God?』

Even though I don't see any resemblance in any other aspect besides our outward appearances, that's apparently the same person as me.
Demon God may be telling lies, but I'd love to pick other choices besides his elimination if possible. I still won't forgive him for putting Aze-san in harm's way, but that's another matter.

『There is none. You're too softhearted. Demon God has spent a long time in obscurity building up plans to oppose us. You may have thwarted a few of his schemes, but we don't believe he would prostrate himself before us now of all time, nor would we forgive him.』

I asked that question to god Tenion, but it seems she's in agreement with what god Karion said.

These gods won't concede even if I keep pressing on.

Then I guess I've got no choice but to reluctantly help them eliminate Demon God.
It would be annoying if they regard us as enemy when we're already busy dealing with Demon God and purple little girls.

『When are you planning to replace me with a duplicate body?』
『The moment it's ready.』
『Where am I staying after it's replaced me?』
『Either in Urion's or Tenion's Divine Barrier--if you seek perfection, go for Urion's barrier.』

God Karion answered me.

『Do you mind if I bring the girls with me?』
『Divine Barrier is a domain of gods. As such, there should be as few humans and their worldly desires as possible. That high elf can be included however.』

God Urion declined me taking everyone with me.

Demon God went for Aze-san earlier, but he will definitely go for the girls if he can't find Aze-san.
I brought that up to god Urion, seeking a concession.

『That fear is not unfounded. Covering for handicaps man of merit suffered is one form of justice. Counterplans should be considered. Karion said so too.』
『I did not. Urion's bad habit.』

Looks like god Urion is unwilling to put those who haven't cleared her trial inside her domain.
And since god Tenion seems to be of the same opinion--.

『All right then, we shall bestow the means to protect themselves to those who are left behind. Karion, Urion, you're fine with that right?』

God Tenion made that suggestion.

『I won't say no to Tenion's requests. Loaning an Authority to protect yourself.』

A small vermilion light came out of Karion and floated toward me.

『Who will it be?』
『What will happen to those who have been given an Authority when they give the Authority back?』

I ask god Karion back.

Depressed Demon Lord Shizuka can probably separate these Authorities safely, but just in case.

『Nothing in particular. They will only experience a sense of loss.』

Karion replied me back.

Unlike [Demon God's Fragments] planted when someone gets reincarnated, loaned Fragments from seven pillar gods can be returned safely it seems.

『Who will it be?』

Nana is the best at making use of protective powers among the girls.

『Please grant it to the homonculus girl (Nana).』

After getting the go ahead from Nana, I told god Karion the recipient.

The vermilion light got sucked into Nana.
God Karion's holy mark rose on Nana's forehead for an instant before disappearing.

『Karion is too soft on Tenion. Tenion should give her own Authority.』
『Right then. Then I shall loan the Authority I use to inhibit recognitions for when I pe--watch over people in material body. This power should enable you to elude Demon God's detection.』

That's good. The harder it is for Demon God to detect us the safer.

...I mean, god Tenion. Were you just about to say [Peek] just now?
When I asked that in my mind, god Tenion made a [Keep it a secret ok?] gesture.

『Who shall it be for?』

God Tenion let go of a small emerald light.

Normally, this would be most fitting for Cat Ninja Tama, but since Sera was desperately pointing to herself as if saying, "Me me!", I relented to that passion and appointed her.

The small emerald light got sucked into Sera.

Sera looked like she was in ecstasy, having a [God's Fragment] dwelling in her body as a miko of god Tenion, I guess that rather unbecoming enraptured look on her face is inevitable.

『Heraruon and Garleon should loan their Authorities as well to be fair.』
『Hmph, even if it's for the sake of defeating Demon God, why should I give my Authority to those who do not believe me?』
『Stingy Garleon. Karion said so too.』
『I did not. But Garleon is unfair for being the only one not doing anything.』
『I never said that I would do nothing. I just loathe the idea of loaning my authority to non-believers. No choice, I shall bear it for a period of time. I bestow you a heart that will not waver nor flinch in the face of Demon God.』

Despite his opposition, god Garleon doesn't seem to want god Karion think of him as being unfair.

A green colored light was shot off god Garleon.
God Garleon jerked his chin, implicitly asking whom it will be.

It fits Arisa the best but she doesn't have any more room to spare for god Garleon's fragment since she already has [Demon God's Fragments] in her.
Which means, the main candidates would be--our main force, Liza or the meister of support magic, Mia.

Liza quietly nodded when I looked at her.

『To the lizardkin girl (Liza) please.』

The green light moved toward Liza's chest after I said that.

『Next is Heraruon.』
『Very well. I shall bestow a dazzling divine light that falters those who are subject to demon.』

The thought 'lame' crossed my mind for an instant, but it might come in handy to buy time to escape.
I'd like to give it to Pochi who often stands on the front line together with Liza, but Pochi being ditzy, I feel like she'll miss the timing, thus I pick the highly mobile Zena-san who's in the center group.

Orange colored light wrapped Zena-san.

A dazzling light as if shone on by a halo was born on her sun-colored hair.
This will definitely bring Zena-san more fans.

『Lastly from me. I grant the power to detect and make known of incoming evils.』

I appointed Mia to receive god Urion's Authority.
I was mulling over whether to choose Tama with her powerful detection ability or Mia who could detect spirit movement for it, but since Tama's detection ability could possibly rival that of god Urion's Authority, I ended up picking Mia for double checks.

Indigo light got into Mia as her fastened turquoise-colored twintail shook.

『You have nothing to worry about anymore now. Human, respond immediately should you are summoned.』

I respectfully bowed back to god Urion and watched over the gods as they made their way back to Realm of Gods.

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