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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 309

Chapter 309 Strongest Sage, Observes Combat Training


"Can you show me how you guys usually go about your training?"

"Yes! ...We have more than 10 kinds of training regimes, which one do you like to see?"

"The closest one to the real combat."

I'd have liked to check out all their training regimes, but we don't have that much time.
Which means, first I need to see their practical training.

As results from basic training and stuff can be seen in practical training.

"Understood! ...Prepare the anti-demon training regime! Assume Type-A, take up the fourth mobile formation! Spread out!"

""""YES SIR!""""

Right as Meirad gave the order, the Second Academy students nearby immediately move out and took up a formation.
It only took them less than five seconds to form up the formation.

"Wonderful coordination."

"Yes. After all, this unit is the elite of the elite even in Second Academy."

Meirad checked up the formation as he said that.

The formation is merely them forming four lines.
Mobile formation isn't really suited for combat.

This is... I see they're working under the assumption that they would encounter demons while on the move.
As it's not a guarantee that they will always be in battle formation when a demon appears.
From mobile formation, to swiftly switching into combat formation, this training probably covers those.
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"Begin the practice!"

With that, Second Academy Students run off all at once.
Their speed is around 25 km/h... The speed Second Academy students can maintain while using the lowest amount of mana possible.
Meanwhile... Students who didn't get in the formation fetched lumps of metal embedded with magic stones, and augmented those with unfamiliar magic.

"...Illusion magic huh."

That spell formula is a type of illusion magic.
It's probably an original magic intended for training.

Though their augmenting speed isn't that fast, they're also including movement magic in it.
It's of a moderate quality as a moving target for practice.
To think they would come up with such usage... Writing ways to create original magic in Second Academy textbooks was worth the effort.

As I thought that... The students threw the illusion-augmented lumps of metal high above.
The thrown metal flew far away with the movement magic.

...A few seconds later.
When a lump of metal that had flown off came back, one of the students who had been running around the schoolyard in circle shouted sharply.

"Demon sighted! At 7 o'clock, distance 500 meters."

"Affirmative! All hands, get into combat formation and begin suppression!"

Meirad pointed at the lump of metal as he said that.
The magic augmented on the lump of metal was already active, showing an illusion of demon.

Volleys of arrows augmented with restraining magic shot off toward that illusions.
All of them have been augmented with abnormal status magic.

"7 abnormal status magic arrows, direct hit! Begin restraining!"

Meirad shouted that, confirming the hit.

"Unit 2 and unit 3, switch to attack magic!"


Following Meirad's command, part of the students switched from augmenting restraining magic to attack magic.
Some students also started unleashing attack magic besides shooting arrows.

...What a neat cooperation.
Swiftly taking attack formation after discovering an enemy, shooting restraining magic, then putting in damaging magic once the enemy stopped moving.
Sounds easy, but pulling off this tactics perfectly is actually really hard.

A lesser demon would have long been dead with this.

"Suppressed the virtual enemy! Give me status report on our current forces!"

Meirad declared that when the suppression practice was over.
Then the students started giving him a lowdown on the number of arrows shot, remaining mana and such.
This training must also cover how to stay on top form for the next encounter with demons.

Meirad asked me once they were done reporting.

"The one set just now... is the training to deal with demons when our whole units are present. Since in reality, all members won't necessarily be present always, we've also been doing training to buy time with fewer people."

I see.
How do I say it... It's quite wholesome.
They got this far in that short amount of time huh.

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