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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Let's Feed in Dungeon 6F


A week of various preparations after that.

We arrived at dungeon 6F.

After the baptism I spent my days laboriously creating parts for the home shrine, getting myself all beaten up by Master, being cling on by Sefi-san and diligently creating potions. Then once everyone was ready, we finally went headlong into the dungeon.

Apparently a party can warp to a floor someone in the party has gone to using a Port Crystal. By the way, only Kagura-san and I have gone this far. Futsuno-san and Mitama rarely went to the dungeon for reasons. That they didn't have companions they could trust, that Mitama's food expense would be too high, and that the smell would remain even if they could wash the dirt with Clear were among the reasons they avoided Dungeon Attack. Apparently the last one's a big problem since the two of them have good sense of smells.

They asked my opinion on the matter and when I told them that my magic could wash not only their body and clothes but also minds (bath), even Kagura-san's eyes were beaming when she heard that. By the way, apparently Mitama isn't too fond of bathing. Wonder if that means she's really got similar preferences with cats.

The wide open area on 6F where I got a slight trauma from being attacked back then is quite peaceful now.
I mean it's early morning after all.

I'm planning to user our expedition on 6F this time to mainly check our coordination and raise our levels. My First Class stays as Warrior, but I have Samurai as the Second, and Genin as the Third.
I'll use a katana as my main weapon this time. Gotta raise my proficiency with it since I've only got so few Weapon Skills up my sleeve. It's also partly because I'm afraid that using magic will get us caught in it. I'm also anticipating skills that will help searching for traps, or for alertness and concealment by leveling up Genin. I don't need to be able to do everything on my own, but I've always planned to be a jack of all trades to begin with, I desire to get good at more things.

I plan to deploy the same tactics I used against Living Armor, by employing [<<Air Thruster>>]. I believe [<<Air Hover>>] will come in handy in swamp areas with bad footholds like this. Though it's not on the same level as a certain skirt-furnished Mobile Weapon, hovering above these swamps should be an advantage. If push comes to shove, I'm not gonna shy away from evaporating or freezing the entire swamps though.

"Okay then, I'll be leading the way. Mitama, please probe the surrounding area. Futsuno-san and Tama-chan, be ready to move out anytime. Kagura-san, take care of our rear."

"...Got it", "Yeap", poyon, "Umu, leave it to me noja."

There are three passages to go from the open space. I know the center one will lead us to the next floor from map, so I pick the right passage this time. I put [Full Protection] on the girls, raising their defensive power.

The scenery changed at the end of the passage. Wetlands spread out as far as eyes can see with 10 meter long ceiling. According to the map, this seems to be a dome-sized room.
Caution advised since there are some swamp-like cavities in random places. I cast [Air Hover] on myself just in case. Now I won't fall into the swamp at least. Should also be a boon if I need to help the girls as well.


Everyone stopped and got more alert with Mitama's warning. Is there something nearby?

"...Ahead to the right, monsters close by. Numbering in... at least 10."

At least 10 huh.

"Mitama get back. Kagura-san and I will lead the way. Shoot with your bow when they get close. We'll rush ahead with that as the signal."


I drew Lunar Cat and readied myself to enter Attack Form at anytime.

Kagura-san took a stance with her spear and breathed out.

Futsuno-san readied her newly-bought Soul Stone-furnished cane while looking nervous.
Tama-chan is bouncing rhythmically right below Futsuno-san.

A few minutes later. Mitama let loose an arrow from her Treant Composite Bow toward a bush.


Together with an indescribable death wail, the bush shook before numerous shadows jumped out of it.
They landed right in front of us showing off their shiny slippery bodies. Their size is around 1 meter big.
Kagura-san and I position ourselves to stand in their way.

Shut-in Home Frog Lv13
HP: 30/30 - MP: 4/4
Giant frogs lurking in dungeons. Will mercilessly punish those who breach the perimeter of their nest.

Shut-in Venomous Frog Lv16
HP: 45/45 - MP: 10/10
A variant of Shut-in Home Frog. Guard their nest together with Shut-in Home Frogs. Attack by spewing venom. Take note of their blood as it is poisonous as well.

They're not that strong individually, but their number is problematic. Six showed up at first. And more are coming it seems.

"The ones with warts on their skin are venomous. Careful of the blood spurts!"

"I gotcha!"

Discerning-sensei instantly analyzed the information and sent it to me. The processing speed is far faster than ever. Wonder if it's helped by my increased stats.

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Kagura-san encamped herself like she was the last line of defense and thrust her spear through a frog's head.


Then she swung her spear to fling off the blood as the frog fell down on the ground.
One dead frog was added to the pile with every thrust of her spear. She's super reliable. I'm not gonna lose.

In contrast to Kagura-san, I'm making use of my mobility to launch my assault.
I use <<Air Thruster>> as I make a step. Compressed air from my back and legs, from four spots in all, gets released at once. The frogs weren't able to keep up with my sudden acceleration, struck by my horizontal swing at that speed. That slash along coupled with Lunar Cat's sharpness sliced the frogs apart with nary a resistance.
Presently, I can only deploy four simultaneous <<Air Thrusters>> at most. These <<Air Thrusters>> feel like invisible lumps of compressed air clinging on my back. I can move these lumps of air at will, hence it's possible to make a sudden break.

I would have plunged forward if I did nothing after launching myself, but by moving [<<Air Thruster>>] horizontally, I change my course like I'm sliding on the ground. Slightly off course, but this should get a passing grade for its first practical application in real combat. Now I just need to make adjustments to reduce wasted movements.

I kick the ground to aim for my next prey.

"Over here, you monsters!"

I swing my sword every time I shout out loud put with Provocation skill from Warrior class. The range isn't too big, but all the frogs around me have turned their attention here. I rush past them to disarray their formation, returning two frogs back to Magic Essence every time I dashed across the battlefield.

Mitama shoots her arrows at frogs who have slipped past me and Kagura-san. She jumps around to match the frogs' movements and shoot her arrows one by one while being careful not to hit me. Even though she couldn't manage to hit the vital points and kill every frog with one arrow, those that got pierced by multiple arrows they looked like hedgehogs ended up dying nonetheless.

Then, while on guard, she took out a replenishment quiver from the pouch on her waist, put it on her back and resumed the fight. Mitama is probably the only one among our party capable of that feat while moving all over the place like that. Partly thanks to her race, she's the most dexterous among us. Well the fact that she's quite lazy and only shows her potential in a fight is the fly in the ointment though.



Making use of the very slight opening created when she replenished her arrows, one Shut-in Venomous Frog rushed toward Futsuno-san who was standing by in the back. Might be the last bit of resistance and revenge for the arrows, or maybe the frog judged that Futsuno-san who didn't move around much behind was an easy target.

"Oh no you don't, not just gonna stand here and take it y'know."


The vigorously jumping frog was stopped by some sort of invisible wall. Then six Tama-chan rammed into the body of that Shut-in Venomous Frog. As you're aware, those are physical fu*nels created by her [Splitbody Creation].
Futsuno-san's barrier block out anything harboring malicious intents while letting party members pass through. Breaches could happen if we lose our focus, but these members can deal with one no problem.
The still moving frog kept getting rammed by Tama-chan (split bodies) before eventually stopped twitching.
Futsuno-san and Tama-chan unexpectedly make for a good combo huh.


With the last frog getting pierced through as I charged, our first battle came to an end.
I swung my katana and wipe off the blood with a cloth before putting it back into its scabbard.

There are 15 Soul Stones in total on the ground. Shut-in Home Frogs left black Soul Stones while Shut-in Venomous Frogs red ones. They're not worth much value-wise, but I guess that's just how it is for a first test of strength.

Futsuno-san collected those soul stones with a broad smile on her whole face, "Nihihi". She's in a good mood enough to hum Money♪ Money♪. That's right, Futsuno-san loves money. Since they kept avoiding lucrative quests like monster suppressions, and opted for miscellaneous chores the two could manage, they had been plagued with money problem.

Then I realized how generous they were with the split for that boar we encountered back then. However, in reality the innards that they got were items needed for a quest, hence they actually got more than that. Thus Mitama disclosed, but I pretended not to hear her. I got more than enough anyway, and Futsuno-san's stinginess was her being an industrious elder sister for her little sister's sake. It's a reason to admire, not at all to condemn.

Also the one hundred million mani song Tino-chan was singing was taught to her by Futsuno-san, but I digress.

And this also was the reply to a question I asked her before we arrived at Gramada.

Q: What's the biggest expense you suffer as an adventurer?
A: Mitama's food cost

I almost shed a tear for her. Let's give it our all together and make sure to never be troubled with money, okay Futsuno-san.

Tereretettette~♪ Samurai, Genin leveled up.
Tereretettette~♪ Kagura leveled up.
Tereretettette~♪ Futsuno leveled up.
Tereretettette~♪ Mitama leveled up.
Tererete~te~tentettere~♪ Tama-chan leveled up.

Oh, everyone leveled up huh, guess even dust will make mountains when stacked high. It's either Differing Soul Telepathy or Party formation that made me aware of other people's level up. Wonder if it's safe to assume that noGoddess's Divine Protections are working as intended, should I not, should I really.

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