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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Second Advent, Yours Truly No-Goddess-san Barging in


Tino-chan stood before the goddess statue as told. Then she took a praying pose.

"One among the six pillar gods, goddess Levelitt-sama who governs over growth and talent. Grant your blessings and protections unto your new believer. O you who believe, Tino. Do you swear not to indulge in your talent and continue to grow righteously?"

"Yes, I swear."

Oh yeah, it was only two months ago that I went through the same thing.

"Do you swear to wield the power obtained from your growth righteously without swerving toward the path of evil?"

"I swear."

Huh!? Isn't Bell shining again even stronger now?! It's her! It must be her!!

"『...Do you swear undying loyalty and donations to the noble righteous and beautiful Levelitt-sama?』"

"You agaiiiiiiiiin!"

"『Ah, Nobusada-kun, howdy』"

"Yeah just like that! Carefree like always!!"

Tino-san was dumbfounded at the sudden happening. Sorry, she may seem shady, but this here is the goddess you got the baptism from.

"『But for real, you're amazing Nobusada-kun. Thanks so much for securing a new believer as my apostle!』"

"Oh right, you put Apostle (Temp) on me without consulting me first. I'm gonna win the case if I brought this to the court y'know?"

"『Eeh, but you know. Isn't it fine, isn't it just fine.』"

"Don't try to weasel your way out of this. Geez, you're really a no good goddess..."

"『Mugugu, Nobusada-kun you're as merciless as ever. But that's what make you so titillating and attractive~』."

"So what are you coming down for this time."

"『Oh so you're just gonna ignore me just like that... This onee-san is gonna cry.』"

She's sending an upward glance while pouting inside Bell's body. But since I'm neither into men nor young boy, I'm splendidly ignoring her once again.

"Yeah yeah, just tell me. It's bad for Bell if you keep that too long right?"

"『Mumwu, and here I was thinking of giving a present to Nobusada-kun who's been working hard in alms giving and securing believers~』"

Hou? Then guess I might as well ask that thing I've been thinking of getting. Got so many questions about skills and stuff after all.

"Then I'd like a chance to talk to you more without using Bell as a medium."

"『Eh!? Nobusada-kun have you fallen in capital L with me? Iyaan, a forbidden love between man and goddess♪』"

"I want one hour for giving sermons. A few hours for scolding time, and the entire day and night for fishing out information."

I crack my knuckles and purposely grin evilly at Bell.

"『Could it be, violence!? I-I'm against painful things! Ah but I'm A-OK with soft SM though.』"

Oy oy, what the heck are you spouting off in front of a kid.

"Jokes aside, I've got many things I want to ask you about. Considering how nonchalantly you've been getting down here, you must know a way to make that a reality right?"

"『Well I do know some, but it's not that easy you know~? We can have this conversation cus' Nobusada-kun is my apostle.』"

"And here I was thinking of putting in better offerings once I did it (whisper)."

"『Oh yes, I can descend however much you want if you just make a shrine, even a simple one will do! Come and get me desuyo~』"

Levelitt in Bell's body gave a thumb up with a smile on her whole face. This no goddess is so quick to give in to her desires.
Apparently a home shrine sized one will do. My mana will be consumed in exchange, but well I've got aplenty of that anyway. Very well then, might as well make something impressive like Izumo Grand Shrine.

"『And since Nobusada-kun has been doing his best, I'm giving out lots of extras. I even gave that kid a protection, not the divine kind mind, as a present! Nanodesu!!』"


"『OK then, that's all for today. Adieu~~!!』"

"Ah, oy!"

The light from Bell's body is gradually weakening before disappearing for good. He's got no memory of the event yet again, as he's just standing there in blank amazement.
Let's just end the baptism and pretend nothing happened. Afterward, I donated some, and took Tino's hand to leave the temple, or rather the shack behind.
Bell? He was quite exhausted probably because the advent was longer than before, so I gave him some potions and urged him to take a rest to recover his physical conditions.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Hey hey, Nobu-niichan."

Some time after we left the shack, Tino-chan called out while looking up at me.

"The one who possessed Bell-san back then was goddess-sama right?"

OH, she was right behind us as it was unfolding. No point in trying to hide this since she saw everything. Let's just tell her the truth here.

"That's right. That was Goddess Levelitt. It's a goddess who's a bit clumsy, mischievous, prone to failures yet gives off an illusion of being reliable but not really. She's the one who baptized me. Are you disillusioned?"

"Uun, I love that she's so friendly and sociable even though she's a goddess. Kinda feels more like you just can't leave her alone than reverence though."

Oh Tino-chan. Are you really 10 year old. This girl has got it together much better than Bell.

"You're right. When you think about it, Bell and no goddess are similar, aren't they. Probably why he was chosen for Divine Mingle skill."

"Bell-san... Un, you just can't leave him alone, can you. I mean, he looks like he'll be an easy target for bad woman or some shady person. Un, un."

Oh? She's nodding incessantly. Is this perhaps? Well she's still young after all, que sera, sera.
She's got this innocent face, but the inside is scarily mature. This old man is worried about Tino-chan in a different meaning than he is Bell.

Oh right, that no goddess tampered with me and Tino-chan. Discerning-sensei, help please.

Name: Tino - Gender: Female - Age: 10 - Race: Elf
Class: Apothecary Lv5 - Miko Lv1 (new!)
Title: None
Agriculture Lv1 - Compounding Lv1 - Life Magic - Flora Fauna Knowledge Lv2

【Unique Skills】
Levelitt's Protection

A class specializing in compounding a variety of materials to create medicine. Unlike alchemist, this class seldom invents a new recipe, but making medicine from known recipes will likely boost its quality and effect.

【Levelitt's Protection】
A proof of meddling out of curiosity by Levelitt, goddess who governs over growth and talent. Add plus corrections to skill proficiency gains and experience acquired from non-battle.

What!? She's got her Second Class liberated!
That no goddess, she went at it with a bang. I've got to take the non-battle part into consideration though. Protection without protection part, as expected of no-goddess.

As for me... the apostle and divine protections are affected.

【Levelitt Divine Protection (Medium)】
Add plus corrections to the user and their party members' class experience, skill acquisitions and proficiency gains.

【Levelitt's Apostle】
Proof of a true envoy of Levelitt, goddess who governs over growth and talent. Allowed to teach knowledge and stuff to believers as a representative of Levelitt. Power balance between gods will change depending on your actions as an apostle. On effect just by possessing this title.

The range now extends to party members huh. But dang, what's up with Medium, this isn't gyudon portion or something. The divine protection is exactly what I needed, but the apostle part has lost its temp now, so does that mean I'm her apostle for real now. Will whatever I do from now on affect the power balance between gods?



Welp, not like that no goddess got any sort of considerable influence anyway. Yup, let's stop worrying about it.
Even if I found someone and told them to do something in the name of goddess Levellit, they'd probably go like, [Eh that sounds like a pain, don't wanna] before running off.
I mean I dunno anyone who wouldn't do that given the no-goddess's sphere of influence.

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