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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 304

Chapter 304 Strongest Sage, Finds Out the Existence of Next Enemy


"...I read some ancient documents... As for linguistics stuff, I'll write a textbook on it when I have some time."

I glossed over the source of my information with that.
...Rather, we're not getting anywhere at this rate.

The results of my translation showed that the situation was more dire than expected.
I've got to change the topic.

"Enough about translation method, let's get to the content... We've got some bad news written here."

I point at the translated documents.
There are some untranslated part... but it should be readable still.

"...Return of 『Gemuswaunwa』...?"

Alma tilted her head in puzzlement when she read what I wrote.
That's what written in the document indeed.

This 『Gemuswaunwa』 is a word that wasn't present in the Ancient Sand Graph language.
Some words closely resemble it... But since this word appears often in these documents, it's most likely not a typo.

"So it seems that the demons who possessed these documents were trying to plot a return of this 『Gemuswaunwa』..."

"But what is this 『Gemuswaunwa』 anyway?"

Ruli and Iris read the documents and threw a question.
This word did not exist in the [Ancient Sand Graph]... But judging from its emergent pattern, it's probably a proper noun.

Which means... I could hazard a guess.
These documents detailed about how one of the returned [Gemuswaunwa] was killed by an enemy at the capital.

A being important to demons that got killed at the capital--it can only be demon Zaridias.
Zaridias boasted an overwhelming power far exceeding demons existing in this era, the one demon who almost managed to kill me.
It's not an exaggeration to say that the battle against it was the hardest I had experienced after reincarnating yet.

That Zaridias said this in its last breath.

--"I admit my defeat. However, I am not the only 『Chaotic Demons』 left in this world... Now then, I wonder if you're capable of eradicating every last one of them?"

If it said the truth then... [Gemuswaunwa] must mean--.

"Chaotic Demons."
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"C-Chaotic Demons...?"

"What are those?"

Iris and Alma sounded confused when they heard me.
Only Ruli was different.

"That's... The one mentioned by Zaridias!?"

Looks like she remembers what was said at the time.
Remembering a word she picked up from afar... She's got good memory.

"Yes it was mentioned by Zaridias... As Zaridias had been sealed right before it came to the capital... I believe these demons must be attempting to awaken demons sealed somewhere."


"Demons like Zaridias getting awakened, isn't that like really really bad!?"

"Yeah. This is bad... Our victory is not guaranteed against Zaridias-class enemies."

The [Eyes of Heavens] I cast did not have enough power to get through the seal and defeat those demons.
I just didn't have enough time to construct a magic large scale enough to achieve that.
Defeating around 1200 lesser demons scattered all over the world was the most I could afford at the time.

In other word... These Chaotic Demons are still sealed somewhere.
And worst of all...

"They're probably done with the preparations to awaken one already."

I picked up a piece of translated documents and rewrite [Gemuswaunwa] into [Chaotic Demons]
And... Here's the result.

Process to awaken [Chaotic Demon] is complete.
[Chaotic Demon] will return in three years.
Our victory will be set in stone if we match it with the return of another [Chaotic Demon] within the same period of time.

"P-process to awaken, complete..."

"But, there's still three years before it's awakened right!? If we come up with a way to counteract it in the meantime..."

Alma pointed out the [in three years] part.
But unfortunately...

"This document should be written about three years ago."

"Three years ago... How'd you know that?"

"Take a look at the [Another [Chaotic Demon] within the same period] part... Judging from the situation, this must be about Zaridias."

If there was another [Chaotic Demon] that had been awakened ahead of them already, information regarding it would have been detailed in these documents.
But the only [Chaotic Demons] referred in these documents are [Completed awakening process of a Chaotic Demon] and [Chaotic Demon that was defeated in the capital].

"This makes it conclusive."

The [Chaotic Demon] who returned first was defeated.
This is totally outside of calculations.
Even 『Mathias the Unknown』 should have been incapable of defeating a 『Chaotic Demon』 and yet.

Cause of defeat remains a mystery as all demons who were present have been annihilated.
We can only hope that the other [Chaotic Demon] awakening soon will destroy the loathsome Eis Kingdom.

It is said that the next [Chaotic Demon] is more powerful than the one defeated.
Let's hope that information is accurate.
Our victory draws near.

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