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Okami wa Nemuranai 11.6_7


"Heya there, Lecan."

"Welcome back, Nike."

"Lecan. Why'd you go back ahead on your own! Ehehe, your loss tho'."


"Yup! We got invited to lord-sama's mansion and got to eat lotsa amazing dishes!"

"Good for you."

Nike glared hard at Lecan.

"Is that all you have to say, Lecan."

"Sorry for leaving you behind. For now, want to grab a bite?"

"Right. Think I will."

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"Nike. We've got problem."


"The temple has issued an order for Eda's summon."


"On the 18th, Eda went to Adventurer Association and accepted the job to Kogurus. She treated some lowlife called Gyom on her way back."

"Gyom-san ain't no lowlife. He's super good person."

"Gyom had affairs with multiple women, his wife found out about it and stabbed him. Dunno if it was because of the stab wound or because he moved around too much, he lost a lot of blood and got no more strength to move, that was when Eda passed by and healed him with <Recovery>."

"Dearie me."

"She healed someone on the verge of dying to full recovery. Naturally it turned into a rumor."

"No no. I asked Gyom-san to keep that a secret tho'. Gyom-san swore by his life to protect the secret y'know."

"There were many witnesses and rumor quickly spread. Gyom sold Eda out to the temple."

"Eh? No way. I mean, Gyom-san was..."

"The temple knows that Eda was able to use mid-class <Recovery> magic without a preliminary casting. Gyom sold that information for a small change."

"Hey, what about the temple hey."

"This priest guy called Casis brought temple soldiers with him to the adventurer association every day since the 20th, he ordered them to turn Eda over, inform him the moment she's back, and threaten to punish the association if they hid her. They did the same to the inn where Eda stayed at."

After a moment of silence, Nike glared at Eda with a scary look on her face.



"I told you, didn't I. Among magic there are some that will immediately drop you down to hell were it become known to public that you can use them, so you must never ever use magic outside without permission."

"Yes... Huh? Was it Nike-san who said that?"

Now that she mentioned it, they had that conversation when Nike was in her Shira form. She sure remembers the least important stuff for someone who doesn't listen to people, thought Lecan.

"Eda. Do you realize how serious this is? By treating Gyom without permission, you broke your promise to Shira and Nike."

"U-un. But..."

"And you did that in the presence of many other people."

"I-I didn't notice 'em. Who knew there would be people around."

"As a result the temple is looking for you."

"B-but why would the temple"

"Because temples covet for talented <Recovery> users."

"Y-yeah. I guess they would."

"If you go to the temple, you'd get flattered, praised and told to save people with <Recovery>."

"So I can help people then."

"That's right. However, you can only help people designated by the temple. In other words, only those who pay a huge sum to the temple. You'll be confined, unable to go out on your own free will."


"Your wages will likely be very high. You will get to wear pretty clothes. You'll also get to eat all the tasty food you want."

"I-I can live like that?"

"However, you can only do the work the temple assigned you. You will marry a man chosen by the temple and have children."

"Yer' sayin' the temple's gonna steer my life?"

"And of course, you can not meet me and Nike ever again."


"If you don't mind that, go to the temple. None of my business afterward."

"Go you say, but."

"You have to choose for yourself. No matter if you're still 14. Now choose. Will go to the temple. Or will you stay with us for a while more."

Eda fell silent with a troubled look on her face.

She turned at Nike in search for help, but Nike had an even sterner look on her face than Lecan's.

She thought hard about it for quite some time with her head hanging down, then she eventually raised her face and spoke to Lecan.

"I, I want to stay with Lecan. I want to stay with Nike-san and Shira-san."

"Got it. Then I will protect you."

Lecan stared at Eda's face.

Childish face.

Before, when he was under the impression that she was old enough to be an adventurer, he thought she looked quite boyish, but that's not actually the case, she's just at an age where she's still not a fully fledged adult lady.

Lady Rubianafale looked quite mature even when she was 14. But it's probably not the same for commoners.

Wonder what she's been through so far.

<I'm not a good-for-nothing. I'm a mage!>

<I'll live on without getting mocked by anyone, without getting pushed around by anybody.>

<You won't do unfair or unjust things.>

She's been called a good-for-nothing.

She's been mocked, pushed around by those around her.

She's been through something she felt unfair, she's been discriminated upon.

Indeed, Eda is bad at making decisions, she tends to create trouble.

However, that's because she had no one who would teach her right from wrong, no one that would scold her when she caused trouble or made mistakes.

Very well then, I'll scold her good from now on.

But there's something he needs to say first.

"Eda. You're kindhearted."


"Did you feel sorry for Gyom?"


"You thought he'd die if he were left alone didn't you?"


"That's why you healed him."

"T-that's right."

"Did he pay you?"

"N-no. But in exchange, I asked him to keep what happened an absolute secret."

"I see. You're kind. That's a good thing."


"But Gyom-san wasn't a man befitting of your kindness."


"After making that promise with you, Gyom went straight to the temple and sold you out."


"That's just how this man called Gyom-san was. Your inability to perceive that is on you."


"You thought the job to Kogurus was great, didn't you."

"Un. I'm really sorry."

"You must have accepted the job for my and Nike's sake."

"Yep. It's true."

"You thought it'd make me and Nike happy."


"Thus you took the job before anyone else could."

"I'm sorry. It's my bad."

"I feel happy for that sentiment of yours."


"Thank you, Eda."

Eda stares at Lecan with a confused look on her face.

"However, you really should have consulted to Nike before accepting that job. You should have asked me and Nike whether it was okay or not to accept this job."

Eda nodded with watery eyes. Her tears fell on the ground.

"You never had someone who would teach you. What is right. What is wrong. How you should react to things, how to deal with them."

With tears streaming down her face, Eda keeps staring at Lecan.

"I'll teach you."

Eda's eyes opened wide.

"From here on, I shall teach you."

Eda stares hard at Lecan with a look of blank amazement

"I'll be learning how to mix medicine under Shira's tutelage for the remainder of this year."

Eda nodded, un, while wiping her tears with her right arm.

"You'll be my pupil during that period."


"That's right. Pupil for magic and adventuring."

Eda looks at Lecan with clear eyes. Her gaze is straight forward.

"Ask me if you stumble upon something you don't understand. Don't hold it inside."

Eda nodded strongly.

"You're still a kid. Rely on adults more."


"You'll be 15 next year."

Nobles record the exact date of their birthdays.

However, there is no custom to record birthdays among commoners, so their age changes as the year does.

Since it's the middle of the fourth month right now, they've still got more than six months before new year.


"I haven't decided what I'll be doing next year."


"You too can decide what you want to do yourself when that time comes."


"You're free to go to a temple somewhere if you wish."


"Don't decide now. Now is the time to learn."

"Un. Lecan."

"What is it?"

"I'm sorry. Thank you. And, I'll be in your care."


Eda does tend to act rashly.

But there's no malice behind her actions.

The root of her mistakes comes from good intentions and honesty.

If that innocence is what made her apt for <Purification>, then Eda's innocence is precisely what saved Lecan's life.

Fine then, I'll keep her company for the next half year, so thought Lecan.

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