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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 8 SS 2

SS: Orion and Rumor


A letter comes from father who had lost contact with me for a long time.

I'm told that due to a demon, the baron territory was on verge of collapse. At that time, thanks to a merchant and his escorts who had just arrived at Muno city, the territory escaped destruction.

Can mere escorts of a merchant fight a demon?
Isn't father being deceived by that merchant?

That suspicion only became deeper when I heard that father had conferred honorary peerage to that merchant.

Nina Rottol? I don't know the name, but she seems to be a honorary noble who has become the consul according to the same letter from father.

Since she's just a honorary viscount, she's probably satisfied with becoming a subordinate of a broke noble, but her rank as a noble is higher than father's. Even if a territory lord is treated like an earl, I can't imagine why would she become a baron's subordinate.

"Nina Rotol? Don't tell me, the Blood and Iron Nina?"
"No, it's Rottol the Orc Eater right?"
"Is that really true? Wasn't she the mistress of the next duke?"

Even though I just lightly mentioned her name, all of my friends in the same grade seemed to recognize her. If she's a famous person, I think it'd be better for her to find a job in the duchy capital.

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A letter has arrived from Soruna-anesama.
Foolishly, she says that she's engaged with a commoner in the letter.

This can't be.

Father is a baron. Moreover, he's a lord of a territory. He's treated like an earl at least, yet why isn't she marrying a noble, but a commoner instead.

I send a passionate letter about the prides and responsibilities of a noble back to Soruna-anesama. It'd be good if she corrects her conduct with this.

A letter from consul Rottol has arrived.

It seems that that upstart honorary chevalier merchant has fallen in love with Karina-anesama. A mere upstart honorary chevalier wanting to make the daughter of his master into his wife, there's a limit even for forgetting your standing.

She wishes for me to mediate between the two, in the letter, that's outrageous.

Perhaps that consul Rottol is trying to hijack the baron territory using that honorary chevalier?

Father is someone that can't doubt a person.

I have to do something to unmask that chevalier's true nature.

I met the honorary chevalier for the first time at the evening party of the invitation from the duke-sama with father as a proxy. He's been trying to directly meet me up until now, but I've always refused it with suitable reasons.

"My name is Satou Pendragon. Delighted to make your acquittance."
"Umu, I'm Orion Muno. Chevalier Satou, be at ease."

Fumu, his face looks like the antithesis of ambition, but they say that all swindlers look like good people. I must not be deceived.

The next day, I've heard about the deeds of that honorary chevalier from my friends. He intrudes upon the house of the girls he's met during the evening party under the pretext of doing tea party, and proposes to everyone without minding who is it.

What the heck!

I have to protect Karina-anesama by any means.
I won't let her be used by that man as long as she's in the duchy capital.

I grasp my fist tightly, and swear to the setting sun that encroaches my room.

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