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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 307

Chapter 307 Strongest Sage, Decides on Strategy


"Where is this last remaining sword?"

"It's at the Altar of Gravy Wood... Since I couldn't bring myself to destroy that sword, I agreed to leave it alone under the condition that it would be put under a strict seal."

Altar of Gravy Wood, if I'm not mistaken... It was the grave of a man who used [Man-eating Blade] to save a town sacrificing his life in the process, a story from before the past me was even born.
That particular [Man-eating Blade] was treasured as a memoriam of a hero rather than a weapon.
You could even say that it was the most famous [Man-eating Blade] of that era.

"Got it. I know that place."

Altar of Gravy Wood is situated on the border between Eis Kingdom and Raginia Union.
Since the altar is in Eis Kingdom's side, going there should be a simple matter.
It's a bit far... But we've got 30 days till deadline, traveling time should be negligible.

"Will you depart now?"

Grevil asked me.

"No, that'll be in two days. That's how long it takes until all documents are here."

Information is important. It's no exaggeration to say that information controls the flow of battle.
Since there's still some more information coming, we should wait two days.

...Thus our strategy is decided.
Never thought that I would end up using a [Man-eating Blade] after reincarnating... I can only hope it all goes well.
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The next day.
Principal summoned me to come to the Second Academy again.
Looks like he's got something to talk about.

"...This place has changed a lot."

I gaze at the Second Academy's building.
When I was still here, the building looked like that of a common schoolhouse... Now it's a bit like a fortress.
The rooftops are furnished with many anti-demon raid magic tools, protecting the Capital Great Barrier.

The educational environment has seen a major shift as well.
Magic tools for training have been laid out everywhere, with students making use of them to practice.
It should be after school now though... Guess it's independent self-improvements for them.

...The facilities may have changed, but it's the students who have undergone the biggest change.
When I left the Second Academy, these students had only started to learn how to chantless magic... Or somewhere around the part.
Second Academy students are strong because they can use chantless magic... was the general impression of them back then.

However, now chantless magic comes as second nature to these students.
Chantless magic is no longer just a prerequisite now, they're exploring its use to strengthen themselves, brush up combat art, and solidify coordinations....
It's a whole completely different level of education.

"Everyone's gotten really good with magic...!"

"And I see a whole lot of archers! They were nonexistent when I was here!"

When Alma first enrolled here, bows were seen with great disdains.
Because effective enchants weren't known, long range attacks meant chanted magic... such was the general consensus back then.

Such [Past Common Sense] exist no more in Second Academy.
Battle knowledge of Second Academy is about 100 years more advanced compared to other part of Eis Kingdom.

As we walked while I thought that, one of the students practicing in the distant pointed at me.
And soon after... Those students rushed up toward us.


"You were at the capital!?"

"Mathias-sensei, I need to ask you something regarding demon fighting..."

The students who drew closer began speaking all at once.
Every one of them have beaming eyes.

...But I can't hear what they're saying at all like this.
What should I do, right when I thought that... One of the students spoke out loudly.
Looks like he used Amplification magic.

"Quiet down! They can't hear with all of you talking at once!"

The one who spoke with that loud voice was... The second year Meirad.
Meirad was the guy who led the campaign during the monster outbreak close to Second Academy and picked the optimal timing to retreat.

From the looks of things... Apparently, he's the commander now.
The students who were chattering on their own immediately quieted down when they heard Meirad.

"Long time no see, Meirad."

"I'm so glad to see you again, Mathias-sensei... You remember me!"

"Yeah. I thought you were a good commander... Which still holds true even now it seems."

I look at the students around.
Must be a pain to lead this many people.
Commanding people possesses a different kind of difficulty compared to fighting on the front line.

However... These students have been through some really nice training.
Even without seeing them in real combat, I can tell from the way their muscles formed and their flow of mana.
You won't get to be this way with some weird training.

Not just quality, the quantity of their training appears to be significant as well.
Looks like they've been training all this time, be it after school or otherwise, even before I came here.

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