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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Flying in the Sky


The girls retreated back a tiny bit to see me grinning at the rice bags.

Now then what to do now. Right when I thought that.


What!? It's shaking? Looking around, I realized that only the area around the marsh was shaking.


A wave of mud suddenly gushed out of the marsh. The mud caught my legs, washing me away. Yes, I had relaxed my guard after getting the rice, loosening my focus on the high mobility magic.


The four of us screamed as our whole bodies got washed off and covered in mud. It's making it hard to move, and worse of all, the mud drenched the inside of my pants, it feels so gross. I'd love to get in bath as soon as possible if I could, but the thing in front of us doesn't seem like it'll let us.

A gigantic monster that's taken position in front of us are staring at us with dead-fish-like eyes.

It's what looked like a small island in the center of marsh. I didn't think twice about it since I thought it was just a geographical feature, turned out it was a monster. Its whole body looks to be around five meter long. A tadpole gigantic enough to necessitate looking up is towering over us.

Uwaah, it's using its two legs to forcefully support itself and stand up, but that should be physically impossible. More importantly, its muscly legs look so raw it's disgusting. Mitama and the girls behind me are looking at it like it's a filth.
Its gleaming slippery looking lustrous dark body is making it worse. Its puckered-up mouth and rotund eyes are specially of note, but as mentioned above, those eyes look like that of a dead fish.

Evil Tadpole Lv32
HP: 245/245 - MP: 23/42
A gigantic tadpole monster. Produce Shut-in Frogs and Shut-in Venom Frogs by consuming mana. Its skin is covered in mucus that halves physical damages.

I think after seeing Discerning-sensei's appraisal results. This is not about chicken or egg problem. Why is a tadpole producing frogs. What the heck.
What I understand is how absurd so many things are in this world.

Looks like that's it for pondering time. The other side has no intention to let us escape it seems.

First, I'll use stone wall to stop its track, though I'm not sure how long it'll last.

"Stone Wall!!"

BOOM, I constructed a stone wall that covered us completely. Alright alright, we're under construction here, this place is off-limit to non-authorized personnel.
I also produce plenty of warm water that I pour into everyone from head down. Should be better than being all muddy.

"...Thanks, Nobu."

"Yeap, but err, what're we gonna do with that thingy? Don't think we can fight well on these footholds."

"Futsuno-san, shoot fire magic around to dampen the moisture and stabilize our footing. Kagura-san, Mitama, you two are Futsuno-san's bodyguards. Once the area around here has dried up, join in the fray. I'll buy us some time until then."

Tama-chan, you're with them. As I think that, she nodded (?) by shaking her body, scattering water everywhere.

I focus back on high mobility magic and run on top of the mud like sliding. I'm panicking after confirming the situation over there.
Yup, the stone wall is about to be broken down. Cracks are running on it. That wall is one meter thick though.


The stone wall was destroyed by its ramming attack, splinters that got scattered about in the surroundings turned back into mana element.

My current capability allows me to only cast one simple type of magic while I'm focusing on high mobility magic. I thought of shooting a huge one from afar, but using stuff like electricity would result in disastrous collateral damage, what's with mud all around us.
I've got to turn the monster's attention to me away from the girls.
I construct a magic while going around it and activating Provocation.

"<<Flame Bullet>>!"

I shot out a compressed spinning flame bullet toward Evil Tadpole.


OMG. The flame bullet was easily extinguished the moment it touched its lustrous slippery skin. Oy oy, just how thick that layer of mucus is. That magic is strong enough to pierce through an iron plate and melt it down in the process though.

I observed the Evil Tadpole's movement while circling around it. Then as it began putting strength into those already thick legs, blue vein-like things surfaced on them before those legs turned twice as thick. It then stares at me in a forward-bent posture. A moment later, Evil Tadpole was already up in the air, aiming to land right on me.


I accelerated myself with 『<<Air Thruster>>』 at once, getting away from the spot.
The gigantic figure made an impact on that spot, BOOM. With such a huge mass landing, the surrounding area wasn't left unscathed. To the point that the girls couldn't stand.
Half of the Evil Tadpole body has been sunk into the ground, I felt a chill thinking what'd happen if I hadn't got away from that spot.

Now then, what should I do. Normally speaking, you'd want to target those legs. If I just cut either of the legs supporting that body, it would surely lose its balance rendering it immobile.

I took a deep breath, opened my eyes wide and concentrated. Fortunately, my opponent is still half embedded in the ground, unmoving. I decided to deploy high output Mana Clad.

With a loud booming sound, my body turned into a bullet, charging at high speed toward Evil Tadpole. Using the momentum, I swing Lunar Cat horizontally level to cut its leg... not!?
I almost dropped Lunar Cat but regained myself and ended up circling to behind the monster.
It did suffer a wound on the cut part, but the cut didn't even reach its bone. What sturdiness, it stopped my slash not with bone but sheer muscles.

Evil Tadpole turned around to face me.
It seems to have been enraged by the cut, dull lights dwell in its dead fish eyes. It was trying to do something, then from its rear, balls of light came out en masse like popopopopo. Those balls popped open as they touched the ground, with frogs jumping out of them.

20 of them frogs. Oy oy, so this guy really is the source then.
Those frogs all went after me... not, they all rushed toward the girls.

It kinds of feel like Evil Tadpole's puckered-up mouth grinned, looks like it's trying to strand me here alone. It's intelligent enough to do harassments huh. I don't believe those girls would fall behind mere frogs. So I can just fully focus on bringing this thing down.

I'm groping for the one card among my repository to accomplish that.
That Weapon Skill would be best if I want to finish it off. However, I'm not sure if it can pierce through that slippery mucus. I've only wielded that skill a few times too. Gotta somehow stop it on its track and pierce through that mucus... huh.

Evil Tadpole looked puzzled to see me stop moving. This monster is pretty expressive.
It's putting strength into its legs like before, seemingly thinking that I've given up. The spot where I cut at isn't even bleeding, it must be forcefully closing down the wound with its muscles.


Evil Tadpole pressed the ground with its legs, lifting its body up in the air.

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And that's exactly what I'm waiting for.

"『<<Air Thruster>>』!!"

I turn all four thrusters toward the ground, sending me flying high above. I release the magic I've put on the spot where I was just as that thing lands.

(『<<Air Hover>>』, 『<<Anti-Graviton>>』 release)

Evil Tadpole fell down on the spot just as I left it. I'll make it your grave, right under me.


I reduce the area of effect and put on several times gravity on Evil Tadpole. It managed to endure this one as expected, but its legs gave in and knelt down.

Next I turn <<Air Thruster>> to face up above, sending me diving down immediately.


The air resistance is warping my face, but this is just the beginning.
I control Graviton to make it also affect me. Then I fell down even faster, at a speed incomparable to roller coaster.
Then I knead my mana and cast that one spell I had prepared beforehand.


Right at that instant, the slippery mucus sticking on top of Evil Tadpole evaporated all at once. A spell of life magic, Dry. As I've modified this particular one into Freeze Dry among all other already easy to use life magic, this is far and away the most frequent magic I've used. Never would have thought that I would use it in the heat of battle though.
Now I just need to pierce through it!

"Vibrating Blade - Destruction!"


Lunar Cat silently pierced through the exposed black epithelium. My legs also landed with the added gravity + acceleration, or to be more precise, made an impact. Eyeballs flew off its cranium. Whoops, obviously an  overkill...


Uwaoo, I could feel shocks running down my legs. My bones have surely at least cracked. This is some crazy recoil despite the Mana Clad. These bones have been broken so many times during my training with master, and healed back to get even sturdier, and yet that impact still proved too much.

The gigantic body of the blown Evil Tadpole vanished into mana element.
Geez, I managed somehow.

I was gonna head to the girls, but they seemingly were about done themselves. Mitama was waving at me.
Guess I'll go collect the drop items while putting high heals on my legs.

Tendon of Evil Tadpole x 2
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 13/13
Tendon obtained from Evil Tadpole's legs. Turns into a very high quality bowstring after getting processed.

Mucus of Evil Tadpole
Quality: High - Enclosed Mana: 8/8
Mucus generated by Evil Tapdole. Will turn into fine face lotion when diluted with Dense Mana Water.

The soul gem was green colored and quite large of pretty high quality.
I'll put the tendon aside for Mitama, but really, that thing's mucus for face lotion huh. Could this be a good source of income if I play this right and sell to noblewomen? After all, it's huge so we've got a lot of mucus here. Enough to completely fill a whole big garbage bucket. Stone buckets I made to collect garbage in dungeon proved its use here.

Since everyone is covered in dirt and all, think we're finished for today.

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