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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Apparition Badppearance?


We got hit by two more waves of frogs after the first.
Their numbers are decreasing with every wave we overcame, but really, just where'd all these frogs come out of from?

I scouted around by myself using Space Camouflage, and couldn't find neither clusters of Mana Essence nor enemy spawns.
There seems to be a huge marsh in the center of this hall, wonder if that the spawn spot is? It's still some way ahead, but there's no harm in being cautious.

Anyway, we should take a break after that series of battles. I thought that on my way back from scouting.


I made a quasi rest area with multiple stone walls. The three have resigned from trying to think too hard about my magic, so this much is nothing now.
I lined up our pre-made lunch on the table. Let's start putting out the food I made in advance for tonight from noon to make it easier.
Here's the menu.

・ Charcoal-grilled Chicken Thigh
・ Egg Sandwich, Chicken Cutlet Sandwich, Lettuce Ham Sandwich, and Fruit Sandwich
・ Lipovitama DX (Trial)

Lipovitama DX is a refreshing drink that one gets by mixing Tama Soup, herb and tangerine-kind of fruit together. I'm currently in taste adjusting phase right about now. So these three can conveniently be my taste testers.

"Nnn, traveling with Nobusada really does greatly improve our food situation. I'm never coming back to those tasteless preserved food days anymore."

"I have to agree to that. This trial beverage has a nicely different flavor to it compared to fruit juice."

"...Munch munch munch."

Mitama has entered the cat trance state. These three don't look too tired from the series of battles. How about Tama-chan?


She's enjoying herself fully in Dense Mana Water.
Her fission body generation gets my mana supply so she can apparently use that without using her own mana. As for me, even if my mana gets consumed, it just feels like, 'Oh OK', before it regenerates itself. Looks like my mana recovery rate has also risen following maximum amount.

"Pray tell, what does milord seek on this floor noja? Indeed, this rapid rate of level up surprised me, but milord must have another objective in his mind, no?"

Fumu, Kagura-san's sharp. It's true that this floor is not popular among other adventurers, but after obtaining a certain piece of information from Donur-san, I'm fully prepared to spend several days if I must.
Yep, apparently certain monsters that spawn on this floor drop that. That, the one thing I have been looking for all this time!!

"Actually, I'm planning to secure a healthy amount of a certain ingredient. Apparently there's this monster that drops a staple food of my homeland, [Rice]. If I had that, I would be able to create a lot more dishes so I really need it..."

"...Let's go. We absolutely must get our hands on that."

Ah, yep. Mitama is reacting very positively. Her unbridled enthusiasms surprised me.
The other two are thankfully eager too though not as much as Mitama.

Apparently the monster that drops Rice is a variant of Alraune. So first we gotta look for Alraune.
Maybe these plant monsters congregate around the marsh area, for now let's head toward the marsh.

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Afterward we managed to get close enough to see the marsh without encountering any monster.

"...There's something around the marsh."

Just as Mitama said, there are something wriggling around the marsh. They're barely visible since they're still quite far away, wonder if they're Discernible?

Alraune Lv19
HP: 48/48 - MP: 30/30
A monster that lures people with sweet fragrance to then devour their energy. Its upper-half has the appearance of a girl, while the lower half that of a flower. Moves by bouncing around with its spring-like vine.

There stood green skinned girls. Yup, they're baring it all. Uwaah, not sure if I can defeat them.
Around 10 of these Alraune are bouncing around the marsh, like kyakya ufufu. A few of those look different than the rest.

Alraine Lv22
HP: 52/52 - MP: 40/40
Variant of a monster that lures people with sweet fragrance to then devour their energy. Its upper-half has the appearance of a girl, while the lower half is like that of a rice plant. Moves by bouncing around with its spring-like vine.

There it is--!
That must be it---!
Drop your rice! Drop your damn rice!!

Whoops, no no. The excitement turned me into [Drop Dang Rice] apparition for a sec there.

"Everyone, our target ahead, Alraune. I'll take care of the variants with the golden-colored lower half myself."


"I'm gonna stop their movement with gravity magic. Careful now, I'll undo it when you get close enough."

Target, group of Alraune. Range, a section of the marsh. Power, four times the gravity.
En... Garde!!


The Alraunes took a dive down the ground with pained looks as the gravity around them suddenly rose. They can't even scream due to the pressure.
Right as I cast the spell, I immediately rushed out toward the Alraunes. The fact that I'm the only one capable of moving around inside the sphere of gravity's influence is seriously unfair. I measure the distance between the Alraunes and the girls who are coming before canceling [Graviton].
Woosh, the moment the pressure was released, I swung Lunar Cat, reaping the monster's life. Yup, this is cruel. Sad it may be, this is a battle though. Lord have mercy. Sniping them down would have been so much easier, but I've decided to fight with katana for this campaign.

I confirmed three Alraines. Their ratio to the number of Alraunes is on the bigger side.
As I lop off their heads with each swing, bags of rice wrapped in mana husks dropped. Drop items in dungeons. No matter if it's meat or mushrooms, once the dead monsters vanished, their drop items would fall on the ground wrapped in mana husks. Otherwise, they'd fall on bare ground. These mana husks won't last forever. It would crack and break if it got hit, left alone it would disappear. You need to swiftly collect these drop items.
After eliminating all the Alraine, and putting the bags of rice in Dimensional Storage, I looked around. Everyone has arrived and are now engaging in a slaughter. Rather, I seem to have overdone it with [Graviton]. In the first place, Alraunes aren't made for battle. Of course they'd be gasping for breath exposed to four times the gravity.

Kagura-san crushes with her metal bar, Mitama stabs the neck areas with a dagger. Futsuno-san deals the blow with staff martial art, Tama-chan chews on their bodies.
The group of monsters were annihilated in about 10 minutes.
Hahahaha, guess we overdid it.

These Alraunes also drop other stuff besides magic gems. Let's check them out with the rice bag.

Satan Brocade
Quality: High - Enclosed Mana: 5/5
Grain considered to be brought here by a demon king from another world. Has a weak resistance thus requires high technological strength to grow, not available on the market. The more you chew the more its UMAmi brims over.

Vanilla Essence
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 1/1
Element extracted from vanilla seeds.

Alraune's Honey
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 3/3
Honey extracted from Alraune's petals. Used as an ingredient in aphrodisiac rather than for seasoning.

Oh crap, oh crap. Why am I panicking you ask, cause there's liquid inside the mana husks. I gave some containers to everyone and had them collect it.

We got two bags of rice. Peeking inside, the rice hasn't been threshed, meaning they still have husks.
And worth to mention is that some of these husked rice has [Rice Mould] on them. I fist-pumped reflexively. With this I can make malt-rice, and from it, miso and shoyu!! By the way, I had been making my own miso at my family house so I should manage here. But I've never made shoyu before even though I know how. No choice but to trial and error on this one. At worst, I'd just make something akin to miso-on-top liquid. The chef of a certain dairokuten demon king did that. Chef Nobusada would gladly entertain this challenge.

Everyone retreated back when I snickered gleefully 'mufufufufufuu'. I hurriedly varnished over it. Not good, I let myself loose whenever I got my hands on the things I coveted.

That's right, I had let my guard down at this point.

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