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Okami wa Nemuranai 11.1_2


"Hou. Idea huh. I may or may not have one."

"Umm. I've heard of this particular rumor."

"Do tell if you know something."

"That day. The day Eda-san came here to take a quest."


"I happened to overhear a talk about how Eda-san healed a wounded adventurer, Gyom-san. This is only my guess, but I believe time-wise it was right after Eda-san accepted the quest to Kogurus."

"Is this Gyom guy still in this town now?"

"No. He has gone on an excursion for a quest. And since he's going with his party, we have no one to ask for more detail. Gyom-san is a married man, as such his wife should be at home now, but even I won't specially visit his house just to ask about this matter."

"Anyone said something about how the wound was and how she healed him?"

"It was apparently a pretty deep wound, and it got fixed up in an instant. Some also said that she didn't do a preliminary chant even though the rank should have been higher than mid-level <Recovery (Kirim)>. But, every person who said that here only knew from hearsays, I don't know anyone who was personally at the scene."

"I see."

"On the 20th, Third Rank Priest Cassis made a visit to this Association bringing temple soldiers with him. He demanded us to immediately inform the temple when Eda-san returned, and that they'd charge us with crime if we hide her. He dropped by here every day thereafter."

"Why would he bring soldiers?"

"I'm not sure myself but it's probably so they can take Eda-san by force if she resists."

"Does that Cassis fellow know where Eda went and with whom?"

"I told him that we had information on her leaving the town as an escort of Zaikaz company's wagon on the 19th. He asked about her companions and date of return, but since the quest wasn't formally accepted through the association, we told him that we had no answer to that. However, we did receive an inquiry from Chaney Company regarding Lecan-san's whereabouts, thus we informed them that the three of you had gone to Kogurus for a quest. That is all I could tell you."

"Got it. Thanks for the information. I'm grateful for association covering for us as well."

"Would you accept the nominated service quest from the orphanage then?"

"...I'll give it some thought."

"And also, over there."

Lecan turned around and saw a familiar man standing by the door.

It's the man Chaney always sends to bring messages to Lecan. He's called Dans.

Dans's eyes met Lecan's then he opened the door and went outside.

"Later then."

Lecan followed after him.

"Please wait."

Lecan decided to ignore Aira who said something toward his back.

Dans turned right after walking 200 steps. So did Lecan.

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"My master is delighted to hear about your safe return."

"News sure travel fast. And how did you know that I was at the Association."

"We had planted our employee at the west gate since the day before yesterday. The employee for today found out about Lecan's arrival this morning at the west gate. We have dispatched another messenger to Shira-sama's house."

"Sounds like a lot of trouble. So what do you need."

"Eifun, or the man also known as Marakis has died. He was killed inside the jail in the lord's mansion."


"You don't look too surprised."

"Nah. I'm quite surprised at how incompetent the lord's subordinates are."

"Well well. And also, the branch manager of Zaikaz Company's Vouka branch, and the beast user man called Bito, two who were also held in the same jail had been killed as well."

"The lord must have lost his face completely."

"Exactly. All three assassinations were carried out on the 18th this month, or in other words, the night before Lecan-sama and his party departed the town."

Lecan suddenly recalled Zack Zaikaz's words.

<This man Eifun... It's a great shame that this has gotten to a point for such a man to have to die.>

As well as Dovor's.

<Vouka Branch Manager died because of you.>

<And we have also lost eight people, valuable forces due to your actions.>

The two knew about the death of Eifun and the branch manager. No, Dovor killed them. Dovor and Gido.

Lecan had goosebumps.

Dovor had executed his own father. It was probably Gido who carried it out in actuality, but it's practically the same. This is what Zack referred as <Settle things>.

<Eight valuable forces> must have meant Marakis, the four assailants, Busuz, Jiba, and Bito. The branch manager was probably not counted in <Forces>.

Taking Marakis out of the jail would have been far more difficult than just killing him after all, and with him missing his right hand, he must have been quite weakened, but still, to think he'd kill his own father.

That's probably the meaning of punishment if you fail your mission. Hence, Dovor detested Lecan for making Marakis fail.

Dans continued on as Lecan was horrified.

"And on the 19th, lord-sama's soldiers performed a search in Midosco-sama's mansion."

Midosco is a cousin of the lord's wife, a knight who was scheming to take over this town. The lord and Chaney had been racking their brains trying to eliminate Knight Midosco. And Apothecary Shira surely had offered them her assistance in some way.

"They found something that should have not been inside Midosco-sama's mansion, the lord immediately apprehended Midosco-sama and put him into a confinement. Then at his trial, many more evidence and witnesses came forward, and after it was clear that he had been plotting a rebellion, Midosco-sama was executed. That was on 24th, the day before yesterday."

"Hou, they finally did it huh. That's some quick execution though."

"It's because House of Avanklein would have intervened if it got dragged out."

Avanklein would be the family name of the lord's wife. Lecan has no idea which noble house and what kind of power does it have. Neither is he interested to find out.

"My master would love to talk to Lecan face to face regarding this master. However, it's not something that requires an urgent attendance. That will be for another matter."

"Hou. Let me hear it."

"Ceres Temple has decided to accept Eda-san into the temple. There is a possibility that she has received the blessing of god Ceres as I'm told."

"What's this blessing?"

"In short, they have deemed that she's a bearer of <Recovery>."

"Has Chaney Company's intelligence network caught a whiff of what caused that verdict?"

"There is this adventurer by the name Gyom. His wife found out that he had been cheating on her with multiple women and stabbed him. Apparently he was on his way to the Adventurer Association to borrow a red potion when he passed out. That was when Eda-san passed by him and healed his wound in no time. That was on the 18th."

"That man's a real piece of work."

"He's not known for good behavior indeed, but he's popular with women. He took an escort quest with his three companions and left the town the day after that. Many speculate he probably won't be back until his wife has calmed down."

"How did the temple know about Eda healing him."

"Gyom sold the information to the temple. He received some pocket money for it as it seems. And there were also several witnesses present. She healed someone who was bleeding profusely and on the verge of death in the blink of an eye and then went off like it was nothing. This quickly became a huge rumor. The day after that, the temple launched an investigation to confirm all facts."


"On the 20th, their priest brought temple soldiers with him to visit the inn of which Eda-san is a regular at, and the Adventurer Association. They've been visiting both places every day since. Ordering them to turn Eda-san in if she came. Even threatening to punish them if they try to hide her."

"What? Is the temple allowed to punish people without informing the town lord here?"

"It's customary in this country for the temples to judge crimes committed toward temples."

"I see. Shira's house didn't get roughed up. Did that priest fellow not come to her house?"

"We can't say about that either. However, it appears that the priest never visits the inn Lecan-sama regularly uses."

"Got it. Anything else?"

"That was all we could inform you at the the moment."

"Did you really plant an employee at the gate just to tell me this."

"Had Eda-san got back to the town without prior information, chances are it would breed trouble. My master considered that would be most unwelcoming to Lecan-sama and Nike-sama."

"Tell Chaney. Lecan said his thanks."

"I certainly shall."

"I've got some info for you myself."

"And what would that be?"

"A man by name of Dovor, temporary branch manager of Zack Company's Vouka branch that had just assumed office very recently was on board the wagon that departed Vouka on the 19th. Together with a coachman called Gido. These two were extremely adept in the art of assassinations."


"They died after the wagon arrived at Kogurus and the quest completed."


"Dovor was Marakis's son. No mistake about it."


"I met Zack Zaikaz at Kogurus."

"Did you now."

"The wagon was transporting something of value to Zack. Zack also said that there are still stores with connections to Zaikaz Company here in this town. Not just one but several."

"...Is that right."

"That's about it for now. I'll consult with Nike how to deal with the temple."

"Oh and also, Lecan-sama."

"What is it?"

"My master has something to talk about with Shira-sama. Would you happen to know where she is?"

"Won't tell you that."

"Pardon me. We'd be glad to have Lecan-sama visit master once you're free. If you would also please inform Shira-sama that master would like to meet her as well."

"Got it."

"Well then, if you'd excuse me."

"One last thing."


"Will the guards notify the temple if I, Nike and Eda pass through the West Gate?"

"That will never happen. The bad blood between the lord's soldiers and the temple's couldn't be any worse."

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