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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 300

Chapter 300 Strongest Sage, Back to Capital


"Oh and also, there's a talk about creating Rank S right now!"

"Rank S?"

"It's a rank above rank A! It's just a rumor making rounds for now though."

Above rank A huh...
Well, it's got nothing to do with me.

Either way, we probably won't go out of our way to get to rank S unless we've got a reason to.
I'll leave the serious adventuring to the aspiring adventurers from Second Academy.

I accepted the guild card while thinking that.

"I'll be cheering on you guys! Please do your best!"

"Yeah, thanks."

Thus we left the guild.
Now then... Time to go back to the capital.

A few hours later.
We're back at the capital, and are headed to the Second Academy.
On the way there... I heard a voice.

『That [Genesis] and [Eyes of Heavens]... That was Gaias-san right?』

It's Grevil's voice.
Looks like he noticed us and talked to me through comm magic.
Doesn't seem like the girls are included as recipients in the magic.

『You realized huh.』
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『Of course I did. Even in my era, the only one who could use those magic was Gaias-san... So, is the one returning right now... Gaias-san?』

Grevil asked me with a serious tone.
I see. He went and used comm magic to confirm me that huh.

『Nah, it's Mathias... Gaias only got resurrected for six seconds.』

『Six seconds... is it.』

『Yeah. Since nothing left of my previous body, I did the revival through my soul... But resurrecting only my power proved impossible with this body of mine.』

An instability had occurred centered around Crest.
Were my Crest the same as my previous life, the revival could probably work permanently.
My reincarnation would have been meaningless if I got the same crest as my past life though.

『R-revival via a soul!? That's... Wouldn't that kill you?』

『Of course, I would have died if I made even a tiny mistake. Hence the six seconds time limit.』

『You're doing these dangerous stuff again... I believe Mathias-san will be fine, but please take care of yourself more. If you were to die now, this world's mankind will most likely go extinct.』

Extinct huh.
Even after the Mana Fusion Reactor meltdown catastrophe that resulted in a huge decline of civilizations, humanity still survived somehow.

So I feel like they'd probably somehow manage by themselves even if I were to disappear... But even I am not willing to die without reincarnation magic.
I won't be able to fight anymore if that ever happens.

I tell Grevil while thinking that.

『We'll be heading there for now. Pretend that you have no clue about the revival of the past me.』

『I understand... Revival magic goes against common knowledge of magic. It's a good idea to pretend as if revivals through [Broken Stars] never existed.』

『Yeah. Let's go with that.』

The core of revivals that I and Anmorr brothers employed, [Broken Star] is [Supra-natural Art], a fundamentally different thing than magic.
But there's no guarantee that the present world is able to accept that fact.

Propagation of chantless magic is slowly happening in this world right now, the once-lost magic is now usable.
And if revival magic were to come into the picture then... it might give birth to a misunderstanding, [Magic can be used for revival].

Anyone would have someone they would want to revive.
There's a possibility many would go on a fruitless labor researching on it if they were led to believe that.
Hence, it's better to put a zip on the revival things.

I arrived at the Second Academy while thinking.

"First thing first, let's report to Grevil... Also we should not say a word about revival magic."

"Not a word?"

"Yeah. That 『Supra-natural Art』... is an entirely different thing altogether from magic. If the existence of that becomes well known, it will only delay progress of magic development."

"I mean I guess the idea of reviving the dead would make people go crazy..."

I knock on the door to Grevil's room while conversing.

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