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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 302

Chapter 302 Strongest Sage, Gathers Info


Codes huh...
I do know few magic for deciphering codes.

But it can take too long to decipher a code depending on its level of complexity.
I also know a magic that can decipher any kind of code in an instant in exchange for an enormous amount of mana consumed, but unfortunately it's not usable to the me right now.

"...Guess I can only hope the codes are simple."

"I have full confidence in Mathias-san being able to decipher it."

"I can't say for sure before taking a look at them... Could you gather the documents in one place for now?"

Number of samples are the most important thing in deciphering codes.
The more samples there are, the easier it is to find a common point and to try out all kinds of angles.

"Yes. I had the same idea so I've arranged them to be gathered... I believe there have been about 10 pieces delivered already."

He sure can get the job done.

"Where are you putting them?"

"Here... In the basement of Second Academy. This building is presently the safest place in the capital after all."

Grevil threw out his chest.
Indeed, this academy makes the top of the safest place in capital list.

I mean, students who have been training in proper chantless magic are walking around all over this place.
Though I'm not sure which comes out first if compared to the royal castle... but there's no doubt the academy is well suited for safe keeping of secret documents.

"Second Academy students and the knights are working together to collect the documents. They departed quite awhile ago, so it shouldn't be too long now until they get back."

"Got it... But is it really okay to let students do the document gathering work...?"

Students' duty is to study and practice.
I'm not sure if getting them to collect documents is the right thing to do here.

"Many students in Second Academy aspire to apply at the knights after all. Many of those which wish to have an internship at the knights."

"Un. My family also told me to give my all experiencing how knights are like when I was departing for Second Academy."

"Me too I've heard about that! ...In my case, it was about how you could undergo many unusual experience and even got money for it, so the competition was tough..."

I see.
Never knew that Second Academy had that system.

To think knight internship would be popular... I had no idea about that at all.
...My father Castor is supposedly an old guard of Second Academy though.

"...I got it. No problem then."

These royal academies are not the same as ordinary [schools] indeed.
They even put the biggest priority in combat-related magic and all... I guess it's like some sort of military academy.

Well, I'm thankful if the academy is helping.
The knights are gradually training in and getting better at chantless magic themselves... But Second Academy students are just more adept at it.
With their adeptness in magic, transporting the documents should take less time than normal.

"As such Mathias-san, please wait a bit more."

"Got it. I'll wait."

It's not my place to intervene if they're already on the move transporting documents.
My soul still hasn't made a complete recovery from reviving Gaias anyway, might as well take it easy till the documents are here.

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Two days after my return to the capital.

"And this one is the last of today's shares!"

"A section of documents from distant territories is scheduled to arrive the day after tomorrow... We're at 70% for the time being!"

Documents are getting delivered into a conference below Second Academy's building.
There are 52 piece of documents that have been delivered in total.
Apparently the remaining 30% will be delivered later... Let's work on deciphering what we have first.

20 pieces of those are normally readable without issue...

...There's nothing of note in documents written in the continental common language.

"Un. It's all obsolete info..."

"They do have locations of those demons written down... But those demons have all died off anyway."

The language we're using is known as Continental Common Language.
Since it's also commonly used in Raginia Federation, I've never been conscious of it as a language in particular.

Information from documents written in this common language were all useless trivia.
Stuff like intimidations between demons like 『** is my hideout, piss off』, to 『Kill Mathias Hildesheimr, he's an eyesore』, to, 『X Day Y Month, a wagon carrying a large amount of cash will be on the move. It's our chance to get our hands on the currency humans use.』, in short, all simple messages.
Demons from these messages are no longer of this world, so they're all pointless.

Which means...

"These ones are our problem huh."

I look at documents written in an unknown language.

There are 32 pieces of documents remaining.
It's in a language I'm not familiar with either... All these 32 pieces of documents seem to be written in this one language.

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