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Okami wa Nemuranai 10.10_11


He opened his eyes at the sound of crackling fire.

A campfire.

A forest.

It's bright even though it should be night.

Multiple <Lamplights> are floating about.

There are humans. Two of them.

It's Nike and Eda.

"You came to? Lecan! You're awake?"

It's Eda.

What a noisy woman.

That noisy woman is clinging to him while bawling out.

"Thank goodness. Really what a relief. You were about to die and I, I."

"Quiet down."

"Just what on earth happened. You don't lose to anyone ever right? You're stronger than anyone right? And you're also hateful, and impudent."

"You're heavy. Get off me."

"Always acting so aloof, unwavering no matter what's going down."

"Don't use my neck to wipe your snot, you."

"Trampling down any enemy coming your way, no matter who they are."

"I rarely ever do that."

"Puffing out your chest proudly no matter how painful it is, you refuse to change your way."


"I. I've always envied you."

"I'm telling you, get off me."

"I wanted to be a strong adventurer just like you. And then, even I."


"And then, even I'll live my life without getting mocked by anyone, without getting pushed around by anybody."

"...I see."

"And besides, you're kind."

"I'm cold to you though."

"There's thoughtfulness within that outward coldness. You won't do unfair or unjust things."

"That's a misunderstanding."

"You never look at me with obscene eyes."


"You're a man among men. You're how an ideal adventurer is like. So I thought, even I could probably change if I stay where you are."


"I'm so glad you're alive. So so glad."

Eda clung tighter on Lecan's neck.

He could feel her wiping her tears.

The situation he was in was very uncomfortable, but even Lecan wouldn't forcefully tear Eda away here.


It's Nike's voice.

"You've really got to thank Eda-chan this time."


"You got done in by a Curse-laden Graced item and were on your deathbed."

"Curse...  You said?"

That's weird.

Lecan had the silver ring equipped. The ring has been enchanted with <Abnormal Status Resistance>, <Posion Resistance>, and <Curse Resistance>. It should be hard for curses to affect him.

"It's Curse Resistance Purger and Poison Resistance Purger curses, y'see. Along with a coat of venom. <Five-headed Serpent (Gavanurin)> venom. It's an awfully rare deadly venom that costs a fortune to get."

"I see."

The <Curse Resistance> on Lecan's ring was incapable of resisting that <Curse Resistance Purger> then. When objects of opposing forces clash, the more powerful one will win. It's only natural.

"The Graced dagger is attached with a thread of <Spotted Spider (Hadrin)> to a black instrument. What a repulsive weapon. Mastering it must have been pretty tough though."

"Hold it. Eda saved me who was afflicted by a curse?"

"Yup. She kept desperately casting <Recovery (Kirim)> over and over on you."

"You told me that <Recovery> won't lift curse off though."

"Yup. Ordinary <Recovery> cannot undo a curse. But there is one case when it does."

Lecan felt like not listening to what was coming. But he knew he couldn't just shirk this out.

"In what case."

"In case the user has a talent in <Purification (Fira)>. When such a user frantically cast <Recovery> on a patient afflicted by a curse, the effect of <Purification> will be added to their <Recovery>. It's really rare though."

Nike should be able to use <Purification> herself, but she would perish if she did.

Which means, Lecan would have died were Eda not here and her latent talent didn't awaken.

"Oh and the venom too. I made you drank a green potion I had, but Eda-chan's <Recovery> was probably more effective toward the venom. She's really such a wonderful girl."

Green potions are antidote. But Eda's <Recovery> had a bigger hand in this case. <Recovery> is effective on symptoms caused by poison, but it has no power to erase the poison itself. It's thanks to <Purification>.

"Lecan. Even an adventurer of your caliber will die when they're killed. Graced Goods can have some strange effects on them, you can never let your guard down against one."

"I'll take it to heart."

"Why did you fight assassins in a grove of trees."

"...Right. I should have lured them out to a more open space."

"Since you seem to have a high precision detection ability, and quick on your feet, you must be good at melee in a cramped space, no?"


"That confidence will be your undoing."

"Nike-san. Isn't that enough. Lecan is reflecting on it already ssu."

"Since Eda-chan told me so, I guess I'll let you off tonight."

"I owe you one ssu."

"I'm starving over here. Why don't we get some grub."

"Oh that's nice ssu."

Lecan thought about the necessity to freely wield <Flame Spear> with his left hand while his mind was still a bit vacant. Thinking again, there's no merit in being able to use both swords and magic if he can only shoot powerful <Flame Spear> from his right hand.

He also needs equipment to resist curse. He's got to obtain one ASAP.

Equipping <Guardian Jewel of Zana> will give him <Curse Annulment> effect. Considering the jewel's power, it's most definitely highly effective. However, Lecan intends to temper himself in daily life without relying on the jewel. Hence, he desires for another equipment to resist curse.

In the world Lecan came from, curses were something that take time and effort to cast, and in most cases, he would notice it before getting afflicted by one. The effect was not that dreadful either. At the very least, the curses that Lecan knew were like so.

As such, he wasn't too eager in pursuing equipment to resist curses. In fact, the silver ring was the only equipment intended to deal with such he had before he got here.

However, it seems these stuff are a bit different in this world.

Curses with instant effect exist aplenty, and the effects themselves are dramatic.

But he would have never imagined that <Curse Resistance Purger> curse even existed.

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Lecan only lost consciousness for a short while.

Nike and Eda immediately rushed to him right after the battle ended, and his treatment didn't take too long either.

His cheeks and the inside of his mouth really hurt for eating. Putting his hand on his cheek, he found a huge scar left on it. But it should have been torn off worse, with his shaved bone on display, yet the wound isn't that serious now.

"It's all thanks to Eda-chan, you see. She carefully and gently healed your cheek over and over again."

"I see, Eda. Thank you."


"You should regularly heal him over the course of the entire day tomorrow. The scar will most likely disappear completely. It'll be a good practice for Eda-chan too."


"I suppose Eda-chan is already better than Lecan at <Recovery>."

"Ehehehehe. Ah, right. Please hear me out, you two."

"What is it, Eda-chan."

"I've been thinking, it'd be nice if this party got a name."

"Ah, that's a nice idea."

"What do you even need name for."

"You can use party's name instead of individual's for accepting quests. It's handy in all sort of ways."


"So, Eda-chan. Have thought up a good name for our party?"

"What do you think about this."

Eda carefully took a small bag out of her chest pocket. And from inside a bag, came out small small pebbles.

"Those are, <Rainbow Stones (Wyllard)>."

"They're <Rainbow Stones of Happiness> ssu."


"Meaning Wyll <Stones (Ard)>."

"I get the stone part. But what is Wyll?"

"It's that seven colored rays of light phenomenon you see in the sky after a rain."

"Ah, I see. Rainbow (Wyll). <Rainbow Stone (Wyllard) huh. I got it."

"The white milk stone and the red, and green crystals can be bought on store. You've got red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, a nice set here. With white, it'll be seven colors. Hmm. They're quite unusual, these stones."

"They're <Rainbow Stones of Happiness> ssu."

"Just what are those?"

"Good things happen if you carry these stones with you."

"Did someone give you those?"

"Dad gave it to mom, then mom gave it to me ssu."

"So did your father, mother and you find happiness?"

"We did. Dad got to marry mom. Mom gave birth to me. Then I got to meet Lecan and Shira and Nike."

That may seem like three, but it's actually only two persons, thought Lecan but he said not out loud.

"I see now. These stones sure have a good history behind them. Sure then, I don't see a problem. From now on, <Wyllard> is our party's name."

"Yeay! Yaay ssu."


"Un? What is it, Lecan."

"How old are you?"

"Eh? I'm fourteen."

"Eeeeh? Are you telling the truth, Eda-chan."

"I am ssuyo."

"I thought you looked 15 at most, but it was 14 huh."

"Wait a minute. You can't get Adventurer Badge issued if you're 14, can you?"

Nobles are considered an adult at 14, commoners at 15.

"Ah, I told Adventurer Association I'm 15 ssu."

"Dearie me."

"Your father has passed away already, hasn't he?"


"Is your mother still among the quick?"

"The quick?"

"Is she alive?"

"No. Mom died, then that idiot son of village elder tried to force his way on me, so I walloped him real hard and left the village."

"You took the quest to escort Chaney's wagon with me, didn't you."


"How many quests have you taken by that point?"

"That was my first quest!"

Why are you throwing out your chest.

Lecan felt a bit of headache.

"Humm. Eda-chan's stones might very well be stones that bring good fortune for real."

This ignorant 14 year old young girl with no power, no knowledge, no support who left her village by herself has managed to gain an ever increasing footing as a competent adventurer without getting tricked or meeting with a disastrous end along the way. She got a magic tool <Bow of Isya> and a magic mentor. What can you call that beside good luck.

"So you think so too ssuka! It must be true then!"

"You must have absolutely no clue what it means."

"That's okay! It's because I'm lucky that I'm happy now."

"That's right. That's what important."


"My head hurts. Gonna sleep."

"Ah, Lemme cast <Recovery> on you before you go to sleep."


Lecan thought while sleeping.

What was that attack about really in the end.

Zack made Dovor present in the same room while he had a meeting with Lecan.

In order to inform Dovor about Lecan being his father's nemesis.

As a result, he assaulted Lecan together with Gido.

Did Zack let Dovor in that room to instigate the attack.

Or perhaps, Zack wanted Dovor to have the resolve even after knowing that Lecan was his father's nemesis, otherwise he wouldn't make it in the future.

Lecan doesn't get it.

He doesn't have enough lead to draw a conclusion.

What's clear is that there is no more obstacle for Zack to hire Lecan now.

Zack Zaikaz does not make decisions based on likes and dislikes but purely on loss and gain. No matter what kind of history there is between him and Lecan, Zack would pay Lecan fittingly so long as Lecan could prove useful to him.

Or perhaps, he found Dovor to be too much to handle after the death of Marakis and used Lecan to get rid of him.

In any case, it's an exceedingly heartless approach.

But as an adventurer, a heartless client isn't all that bad. As conversely, even though passionate clients may be fine if you have a good relationship with them, they would turn to be extremely troublesome when you don't. While heartless people will keep their promise regardless of the change in situation and relationship. As it's a relationship bound purely by promise.

He's got a strong inclination toward Zack Zaikaz to begin with. The man has a strong emotional attachment toward prospering his lands and fortune. Humans with strong emotional attachment will occasionally take actions that go beyond reason at time.

It's not that Lecan likes Zack. He probably won't ever accept a quest from Zack either. However, he's understood Zack enough that he probably wouldn't mind taking one or two quests from him depending on rewards and as long as it doesn't directly harm Chaney. At that point, Zack will probably pay reimbursement fee for Dovor's attack this time.

That he managed to make Lecan understand that is a sign of victory for Zack in this chance meeting.

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