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Okami wa Nemuranai 10.5


"My oh my, I was completely clueless to the fact that Lecan-san is the first conqueror of Golbul Dungeon."

Dovor had undergone a 180 degree change compared to yesterday as he affably talked to Lecan with all smiles.

They're at the entrance to a mountain path off the beaten roads. The group is currently taking a break now.

"But you must have some dependable companions with you, don't you. Did Nike-san accompany you in your conquest?"

"Naw, I wasn't with him then."

"Hou. Which means, you have other companions, where would they be now?"

That he just nonchalantly removed Eda out of the realm of possibility might be rude, but he's exactly correct.

"Who knows."

Lecan has an idea about the reason for Dovor's sudden shift in attitude.

Lecan obtained a certain information during the get-together yesterday. There were records of Bufuz the <Crushing Hammer> diving into Golbul Dungeon. He hunted a huge amount of Wrinkle Man on floor 21, and Creeping Ivy Trees on floor 22. Those are some tough magic beasts, one has to posses incredible fighting prowess to hunt them so readily.

Bufuz attacked Chaney Company's wagon Lecan was escorting to Vantaroy. According to Chaney's information, the raid must have been instigated by Zaikaz Company.

Lecan had a hunch.

(Zaikaz Company got in contact with Bufuz at the dungeon city.)

Hiring an adventurer capable of diving deep in dungeons requires a huge amount of money. However, those same talents are also a necessity in other facades. Especially for merchants who dabble in dirty works for enormous gains, there will be many facades where their skills are needed.

The reason why Dovor believes that Lecan has companions and want to know about them is most likely because he wants to form a tie with skilled adventurers who can be of use when the time calls for one.

Dovor is very good at faking smiles. Lecan would have surely thought of him as a good person were he saw this side first.

Suddenly, it hit upon Lecan whom Dovor is similar to.

But then, if that's really true, why would he act cordially to Lecan.

Would someone in the position of a temporary branch head of Zaikaz Company's Vouka branch not know that tidbit.

"By the way, Lecan-san. Zaikaz Company may have withdrawn from Vouka Town, but of course that doesn't mean that any connection we have with the town has been cut off. Many business there have great relationship with us. I believe there may come times when we will ask you for another job through those. We hope for your continued patronage in the future."


Since Lecan is a Golbul Dungeon Conqueror, his fighting prowess is authentic. He must be thinking that he could use Lecan as a potent pawn when the time comes.

Everyone surrounded the same campfire on this day. Dovor even treated all of them to meals. Dovor also instructed all six to participate in the night watch.

"Eda-san. The skill you showed to finish off that Spider Monkey (Lind) was awesome."

"So that's the rumored Magic Bow huh."

"Sorry but couldcha let me take a look at that magic bow for future reference."

Nozz, Ritz and Numes were asking to be shown <Bow of Isya> that night.

At first Eda refused, but she got carried away by Nozz's flatteries and took the magic bow out of storage.

"Eda-chan. <Bow of Isya> is a property of Lecan. You're only borrowing it from him. You've got to ask Lecan's permission first if you want to show the bow to others."

"Eh? Ah, oh yeah. My bad, Nozz. Go ask Lecan for permission."
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Nozz's villainous face shifted to a dumb-looking one. Ritz and Numes were also at a loss for words.

"E-err, so uh hey."

Nozz attempts to speak to Lecan. Lecan puts bloodthirst in his right eye.

"N-nah. It's nuthin'."

He gave up. Lecan hasn't demonstrated his fighting prowess to these bunch yet. But they're not thickheaded enough to miss the intense pressure coming from Lecan and most importantly, they've begun fearing him after knowing about him being a Dungeon Conqueror.

The next day, they camped in the mountain at night. The trip is going well, hence this will be the last night.

This day, the three night shifts were done in pairs, Nike and Numes, Lecan and Eda, Nozz and Ritz. At first Nozz suggested him be paired with Eda, but Lecan rejected the idea.

That day Nozz and his gangs excessively came into contacts with Lecan and co. all while keeping profile so low you could call it servile, they would continually flatter and praise Lecan and co. all day.

And sure enough, Nozz and Numes crept over when Lecan was pretending to be fast asleep. Ritz was coming for Nike.

Lecan nonchalantly blocked the down-swung daggers with his <Overking Bear> overcoat.

And just as the daggers got flicked away, he grabbed his two assailants' arms.

"<Bright Light (Teraparm)>"

As Lecan recited the spell, the surroundings got filled in a bright light.

Looking at Nike, Ritz is staying still like a statue while still in the pose of swinging a dagger in his hand down. It's <Petrification (Gast)> magic.

Lecan appraised the daggers. They've been lacquered in poison as expected. <Flat White Snake (Urasurin)> poison.

"Dovor, wake up."

Lecan called him, yet Dovor wouldn't open his eyes. Of course, Dovor is awake. A question popped up, why did Dovor who was trying to form a connection with Lecan not stop Ritz, but he probably thought that if Lecan were to die, he would get his hands on unimaginable treasures inside Lecan's <Storage>. With no idea that only Lecan is able take things out of his <Storage>. Or maybe he wanted to see how Lecan and co. would deal with Nozz and his gang's attack. Either way, it's an extremely unpleasant way of doing things.

Lecan grabbed Nozz by his neck and put his face in the campfire.

Nozz let out a fierce scream as if this world had ended.

"Keep it quiet please."

Dovor gave up pretending to be asleep.

"Nozz, Ritz and Numes attacked me and Nike with poisoned daggers. Mind if they die?"

Dovor surveyed the surroundings without answering Lecan.

"Bright Light magic is it. Simply splendid. Lecan-san. So you can use magic."

Dovor knew that it was Lecan who recited the spell. This is also an admission of him being awake, but he probably won't acknowledge it.

(I see. This guy wanted to ascertain my ability.)

You can call it his nature as an assassin.

Once an assassin has caught sight of a tough opponent, they would go out of their way to find out their traits and weaknesses even if they're not to be their target. Of course he probably didn't have even a shred of confidence in Nozz succeeding in the attempt.

"It cannot be helped. Kill them."

Killing Nozz and his gang without first getting permission from Dovor would have afforded him a reason to censure Lecan. He might even be accused of crime.

Lecan might find a way to blame Dovor as their employer were he spare Nozz and his gang's lives. But that would take time and effort.

Lecan disliked either. Since it's bothersome.

By dawn, Nozz, Ritz and Numes had their lives taken by their own poisoned daggers. Eda who couldn't understand the situation made a bit of racket.

The party departed before magic beasts gathered.

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