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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Platinum Right Hand


Arriving at the site, Nobusada was greeted with a scene of a boy swinging a sword around like a madman and a girl shouting at him while frantically trying to dodge his assault. Another man of the same age who's probably their party member is lying on the ground, bleeding.

What is this pandemonium.

"Come back to your senses, please Afuro!!"


The expression behind the boy's steel helmet is that of a lunatic, not that of a sane man. Various liquid like drool and stuff are spilling out of his mouth.
Whoa, this isn't the time to to make a commentary. It's situation critical no matter how you look at it.


Even though the girl somehow managed to barely block the sword with her mace, her strength was just not enough against the boy. The blade is pushing closer to her body.

"Kuh aa, I can't"

Just when she was about to yield, a voice resounded out of the blue.

"Air Bind!!!"

A spell Nobusada cast bound the boy. The girl dropped her mace before falling down herself.

"Aah, I intruded in since things were looking bad there, or was it an unnecessary intervention?"

The girl had a face mixed with relief and wariness turned at Nobusada who called out to her with a nonchalant voice.

"N-no, you're a lifesaver. Thank you very much."

"But really, just what's going on here anyway. Mind filling me in? Oh wait, gotta go treat that person first."

"Ah, then let me..."

"Oh it's fine. All in a day's work. High Heal!"

"Eeeeeeeh, no way. High Heal, chantlessly!?"

The fallen boy's wounds closed up in a blink of an eye. His ghastly breathing that sounded like it would stop at any moment stabilized as well. The girl was relieved to see her friend saved even amidst her surprise at the stunt.

"All done. Are you hurt anywhere?"

"N-no, I'm fine. As for your question earlier, I don't have the answer to that either."


"Ah, excuse me. I haven't introduced myself. My name is Chein, I'm a priestess who serves upon Hadin-sama. The fighter lying over there is Brighton, and the restrained boy over there is our leader, Afuro. And then there's another party member, but she went missing..."

"Fumu fumu, ah, I'm Nobusada. A D-class adventurer for once."

The girl leaped up in surprise the moment she heard the name. Her line of sight toward Nobusada turned cautious.

"Eeh!? Um... Err... no, it's nothing."

"Ah, it's fine. I could hazard a guess. You probably won't believe it coming from me, but those nicknames have been nothing but trouble to me. Who even likes to be thought as a man who would indiscriminately assault girls."

"Err... I'm sorry."

The girl, Chein bowed apologetically.

"So, you see. We were walking on this floor to hunt monsters like always when a mage member of our party went missing all of a sudden, then just when we were about to look for her, Afuro turned out like that. Brighton was cut when he was trying to cover me, I was in frenzy afterward."

Fumu. I'm curious about that missing member, but this Afuro boy takes priority for now.
Discerning-sensei, your turn please.

Name: Afuro Ryei - Gender: Male - Age: 15 - Race: General Human
Class: Swordsman Lv18 - State: Cursed
Title: None

One-handed Sword Lv3 - Two-handed Sword Lv3 - Archery Lv2 - Intuition Lv2 - Evasion Lv2 - Escape Lv1 - Body Reinforcement Lv1 - Magic Resist Lv1 - Life Magic

Okay, he's a concerned party alright!
And what's up with this lump of talents!!
And it's another Curse!!!

To whom those successive quips are for anyway.
As I put my finger on my forehead, Afuro jolted.

A moment later, a jewel embedded on the grip of his sword shone.



Air Bind restraining the boy was erased, releasing the insane boy off.

"Tch, these father and son just go break my magic will ya!"

Nobusada got on guard while having a distant look in his eyes.


Afuro is swinging his sword once again while howling out.
The sword was swung down toward Nobusada... which got parried and sent to the ground.
Nobusada immediately elbowed a side of the blade, but instead of getting flicked away, the boy's hand got dislocated instead.
The sword is stuck in his hand? Is it the 『Unremovable Cursed Equipment』 type?

I was planning to try out some things at first, but I guess this isn't the time.


I directly put gravity around the touched blade. No matter how out of control he is, he surely can't swing it around now with this and his dislocated hand.

"Let me help undo your curse, it's gonna hurt a bit tho'. Clench your teeth!"

I recite a spell while holding my right hand with my left.

"Shine, palm of mine! Roar and break this curse!"

Light converges in Nobusada's right hand. Eventually a platinum-colored light dwells in that hand.



The unleashed palm slapped Afuro's left cheek with all its might. A mark from Nobusada's right hand on Afuro's left cheek turned into light. Then a change took place.

The light gradually wrapped around Afuro's whole body. Once it covered his whole body, the sword that was stuck so hard in his hand dropped down just like that. A will dwelt back in his then unfocused eyes, putting Nobusada in sight.

"That hurt, even Maman never hebua"


"Another slap!?"

"A great man once said this. When you got your left cheek slapped, offer your right cheek right away."


The two quipped back in harmony. Well aren't you a pair.
For now I cast Heal on his dislocated hand.
Ah, they're creating a space for their own universe. Yeah yeah, thanks for the treat.

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That aside, I confirm if the sword is really the source of problem.

Treasured Sword Core Minder
Quality: First Class - Enclosed Mana: 3/68
A treasured sword created by Craftsman Anaham. Negate magic the embedded jewel considers to bring harm to its wielder. This sword's grip is twice as long as a normal sword's grip, hence it can be used both as a one-handed or two-handed sword.
Blessings: 【Break Magic】【Lightening】

Temuro-san, that's some equipment you gave your son.
Break Magic must have broken Air Bind apart. Not sure if it could be used to remove a curse, but the user probably needs to will it.

The jewel embedded on the swords' grip is working correctly. However, a blue gem-like thing under the grip which looked like an ornament broke down into sand. No change besides that. Which means, that's the cause huh. I took a look at the leftover sand, it was just normal sand.

"Just what's going on anyway? This person just went and slapped me right when I came to."

"You don't remember? Afuro, you got cursed and cut Brighton down in your delirium. And then, me too, you were about to... That was when Nobusada-san here saved me and even undid your curse."

"I-I cut down Brighton!? And even Chein!?"

Afuro was shook. He took his helmet off and sat down on the ground. His emerged hair is exactly what it says on the tin... it's humongous.
That afro hair makes your serious expression completely go waste.

"Yes, do you feel any abnormality with your body? Any idea how it came to this?"

"The last thing I recall is the time I drew my sword. Oh right, I remember now. A voice filled up my head back then. Go murder, it said."

He looks clearly shaken. He must comprehend the gravity of his deed. If I hadn't happened to pass by, he might have slaughtered his own friends. But, I'm not done fishing for answers yet.

"Where did you get the gem below this grip?"

"Eh? I-I got that from Belchika the mage. It was a charm from a famous fortune teller she said."

Alright, guilty as charged.

"Girls! Capture the girl hiding behind that pillar over there!"

""""SIR, YES SIR~~""""

With Nobusada's signal, the three girls plus Tino-chan jumped out. Caught completely off guard, a girl in mage outfit hiding and watching us from behind a pillar got captured without any resistance. It's very obvious she's been peeking at us from a while ago. I didn't train in scouting for nothing.

"Why are you getting in my way! You even broke the gem fortune teller-sama granted me!"

Nobusada crouched down and threw questions to the girl who were being pressed against bare ground.

"Fortune teller? Did they incite you to do all this?"

"They didn't incite nothing! Fortune teller-sama only gave me an advice. My love will come true if I put this necklace on and let my beloved hold onto that gem."

Fumu? Looking closer, this girl is wearing a mismatched adult-looking necklace on her.

Rimoton Necklace
Quality: First Class - Enclosed Mana: 28/55
A magic tool furnished with a curse that induces the wearer to think like the caster wishes to. It ultimately only induces the wearer's thought process, however, those who fail to resist the curse will be under an illusion that they're doing the act on their own volition.

OH、NO! You're cursed too!
This smells like a giant pain in the rear. What now.

"A~ah, anyway, looks like she's been cursed too, gotta remove it first."

Hnn, I wouldn't want to slap a girl, and we have another actor acting behind the scenes and all, guess I'll just return the curse then.

"Curses, like chickens, come home to roost. Be ashamed of your deed and act, realize the error of your way!"

I converged mana in my palm and chanted. Consuming about 40,000 mana point. The surrounding area is shrouded thick in mana. Chein and Afuro were panicking over that.

"『Curse Return』!"

With the magic cast, a black sphere emerged over my palm.
The sphere floated toward the mage girl and sucked black mist-like thing out of her. It did the same to the necklace which then broke down into sand.
The curse absorbed by the sphere wasn't that of the girl, it must be identifying the spellcaster's mana for the last step of this spell. Now go! Go along with that ominous curse!

FUSHUN, the sphere vanished.
The Curse Return should work if everything goes well. Though folks who would do this kind of crimes are probably also prepared to deal with this.
The spell seemed to have worked, the girl looked around restlessly, ascertaining what she had done.

"Umm, they're heavy, help me please."

Oh, looks like she's come to her senses.

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