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Okami wa Nemuranai 14.11


"Lecan. We can't allow Eda use <Recovery> any more."

"I know. No way to predict when <Purification> gets triggered after all."

"True that. Which spell used doesn't matter with how that girl is. Something like this doesn't occur with other spells, but apparently it's not that rare with <Recovery>."


"The difference between <Purification> and <Recovery> is practically nil to the poor. However, if a case that shouldn't have been treatable by <Recovery> gets taken care of, someone is bound to notice sooner or later."

"You're right. I was wondering if Eda's graduation was due to that. You have my thanks."

"Don't mind it. Besides, I'm telling the truth when I said I had nothing more to teach to Eda. That girl is a genius in a sense. Geniuses don't tread on a path built by others."

Lecan nodded. Eda doesn't listen to others. Even if she did, she would interpret it weirdly and dashed in a direction no one expected. Without realizing that there is a road next to her.

"She's an ideal healer in dungeons though."

"No. I don't plan on raising Eda as a healer or anything."

"Eh? Really?"

"I'll look after Eda for the remainder of this year. After that, she will have to choose her calling on her own. The plan for now is to teach her how to explore a dungeon."

"The remainder of this year huh."

"She cannot go independent as a mere healer. I want to rear her up until a point where she can make a choice how to live her life during this half year."

"In that case, all the more reason then. You should really stop her from using <Purification>. Neither temples or nobles would try to forcefully take in a member of a party that explores dungeon depths, even if they're a <Purification> user, but if that's not the case..."

Lecan nodded silently. Norma had witnessed a real life example in her mother. Neither temples or nobles would leave a <Purification> user without any backer alone.

"But you know, Lecan."


"If you're going to let Eda live by herself, seeking out an agreeable noble house to protect her isn't such a bad idea."


"Eda isn't suited to be a medic."

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"A medic has to possess the disposition to be cold."


"Right. Me for example, I have the coldness to see my patients as research subjects, or to decline those who can't pay for my treatment."

"Can medics who don't treat those who can't pay be considered good?"

"I'm not telling you to be a money-monger. It's just that you've got to a draw a line somewhere. Otherwise, you'd end up casting <Recovery> to every patient without limit, use up expensive medicine, have your medical center lose functions and starve to death."

"Ah, I see. You mean that huh."

"And having excessive empathy toward your patients will block you from making the correct treatment, nor can you learn about diseases appropriately."

"I got it (yale)."

"There are independent advanced <Recovery> users that don't belong to the royalty or any noble house, but they are those who have built up the ideal environment to continue their research while sustaining their livelihoods. Eda doesn't have such luxury."

"Nope she doesn't."

"She's also not suited for the temple for the same reason."

"Cause she's too sympathetic?"

"Right. Restraints won't work on her because of that, she's probably going to act against the priests' orders. I can just see it."

So does Lecan.

"Even disregarding that, temple medical centers are swamped with an endless amount of people with awful circumstances. Only those with a deep faith or those whose mind is broken somewhere can endure that."

They can't allow the current Eda go to such a place.

"But a noble house would care for her enough to keep her from falling in that pitfall."

Lecan frowned. Never would have he imagined hearing this from Norma of all people.

"I can't say for sure whether it's true or not, but according to a rumor I heard, a certain <Purification> user has their family live a safe happy life under the noble house's protection, that user is even allowed to see their family if they wish to. And if that <Purification> user comes from a poor family, that family will have their well being guaranteed."

Norma is truly a researcher by heart. She's even capable of making an objective analysis of this stuff despite what she's gone through. Thought Lecan.

Jinga had a complicated look on his face.

Of course he would.

This man is here precisely because he's given up reporting Eda. He has resigned himself from returning to his lord.

And yet, Norma would present the possibility of relying on a noble house as one of Eda's future prospects. Jinga probably wanted to offer his lord's house as a choice himself, but found it hard to say out loud. Must be feeling complicated inside.

Lecan doesn't really care about that. Either way, he has no intention of handing Eda over to Jinga's master.

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