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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-48

17-48. Reinforcements


Satou here. Without even mentioning western tropes, reliable reinforcements rushing in to save the protagonists from a predicament is one of the moments to enjoy in a story. There are times when they can't be relied upon though--.

『We're here to help--』

Three men clad in orange, blue and yellow colored lights--god Heraruon, Garleon and Zaikuon--rushed into the room.

Well now, I didn't expect this group.

I already knew from the dots displayed on my Map that it was neither the girls or enemies, but I never would have imagined it would be these gods.

『Where are you, Parion!』

I see, their objective is rescuing Parion.
They're wearing gaudy armor, seemingly not against fighting Demon God as well.

『Prohibited from getting too far apart. Karion said so too.』
『I didn't. But, agreed. You'll get Impurities encroaching you if you're too far.』

Young female gods clad in indigo blue and vermilion colored lights--Urion and Karion--showed up along with fussy voices.
I thought god Tenion would come along as well, but I don't sense her presence.
Looks like she's house-sitting this time.

"--So noisy."

Demon God solemnly got up his throne.
Even Demon God can't afford to stay sitting against the seven gods, it seems.

『Don't go ahead on your own, Zaikuon! No choice, assist him Garleon!』

The male gods ran through Demon God's chamber in an instant.
Their armor brightly shone with their personal colors.


I'm situated right between Demon God and these male gods.

『Hold it, you three!』
『Satou would get dragged in your attack!』
『Who cares!』
『Small sacrifice for a great cause.』
『Die like a pawn you are.』

Karion and Urion tried to stop them, but the male gods paid them no heed and kept charging forward.

I see that they fully intend in killing me along with Demon God.
Demon God himself has started collecting nearly-black dark purple lights in an attempt to intercept them.

--Oh crap.

Divinity-charged moves of the male gods and Demon God are a bit too much for the current level 1 me to bear.
I could get away to somewhere safe with sight-based Unit Arrangement, but judging from the enormous divinity they have, even the shockwave alone would likely prove fatal.

In fact, the barrier I've put up using Primeval magic is getting shaved down as we speak. It's rebuilding itself immediately, but its destruction caused by a storm of primary colored lights is faster.

As I was losing my cool, Divine Dancing Armor floating near Demon God got caught in my sight.


Using Primeval magic's help, I hacked Demon God's Divine Dancing Armor to make it into my own and barely managed to protect myself from the primary colored lights and impact.

Just when I thought I was saved, the clash of enormous divinity between the gods and Demon God went past critical point and blew up.
I somehow managed to avoid getting instantly killed by hurriedly setting up several pieces of barriers with Primeval magic and Divine Dancing Armor, but I got blasted away to the wall nonetheless.

I can't move my body, likely due the blow I suffered.

Afterimages burned my eyes from the flash earlier, but I got my eyesight back after a while.

A fierce clash is unfolding between Demon God and male gods plus god Urion in the center of the room.
God Karion is focusing on supporting them in the back.

The gods are getting pushed back by Demon God who's in a sub-optimal condition.

Partly because the gods have been unleashing lots of flashy and brute force-focused moves but mostly due to Divine Sword's high performance.
It broke apart vermilion barriers enhanced by god Karion in one slash, gods' weapons and armors got smashed into smithereens when used to block it.

Of course the gods had also realized the danger of close quarter combat and tried to get out of Divine Sword's range, but they would get pulled back by Dimensional Blade and got forced to engage in close quarter every time.

The numbness assailing my body won't get away, I take an Elixir out of my Storage.


My hand couldn't grip well due to the numbness and dropped the elixir bottle.
Magic Hand would have taken care of this, but I can't use it right now.

I drink down the content of Elixir through Storage.

--It won't recover?

Apparently, this numbness isn't merely due to bruises.
I watch over the fight behind Divine Dancing Armor I snatched while treating the numbness with Primeval magic.

This clash between Demon God and the gods truly demonstrated the importance of Authorities and weapons, despite the gods gaining the upper hands many times through sheer force, Demon God would overturn it with his Authorities and even turn it on them at times.
The blade of Divine Sword finally reached the gods, lights of each god's personal color got scattered around instead of blood.
Even though one slash of Divine Sword isn't enough to kill these gods, the lights enshrouding them would weaken with each slash.
The seven gods will definitely lose at this rate.

I still don't get it though.

Why won't Demon God use Divine Sword's <<PERISH>>?

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Arisa's voice echoed in Demon God's chamber.

Looks like the golden members have arrived.

『Arisa, over here.』

I told the girls to come along the walls through Familiar Link since even Nana's [Paladin Domain] won't be enough to protect them from this clash of gods.


Arisa teleported along with everyone next to me.

"Oh good! Master's presence suddenly burst and spread apart into nothing, so I thought the worst!"

Arisa clings to my chest while weeping.
Looks like she had sensed my death from Familiar Link.

"Sorry sorry, got my level and skills deprived by Demon God. I was in a bit of pickle."
"Geh, you're level 1!"

I didn't want to get her any more anxious than this, so I decided not to tell her about my death.

"Mwu? Won't recover."

Mia cast healing magic on me, but my wound wouldn't recover just like with Elixir.

『That's due to excessive usage of Divinity.』

God Karion's voice got transmitted in my head.
It kinda feels like Familiar Link.


I'm a human though?

『Primeval magic are miracles realized by way of divinity. Your human body used up too much of it.』

God Karion spoke like she was admonishing me.

Well, I would have died in the clash between gods and demon gods earlier if I didn't use it though.

『Karion! Protect me better!』
『Zaikuon carelessly got too far ahead. You should coordinate better with the others.』

God Karion's focus shifted away from me.

A moment later, Zaikuon's right arm and both legs were blown away as he fell on the ground.
Zaikuon who went ahead on his own dropped out of battle ahead of everyone else.

Right after, Garleon lost his right hand, Heraruon and Urion got wounded all over before dropping out as well.
Karion tried to protect them with stacks of barriers, however those barriers were already on the verge of getting destroyed by Divine Sword.

I forced my body to move and checked the condition.

"I should be fine soon."

Demon God's attention is fully focused toward the gods.
I should be able to find an opening now.

"You can't move yet, Master. I mean, you don't even have a weapon with you."
"I have this one."

I took Holy Magic Sword, Pendragon, out of my Storage.
A lonely sword who went back on its own when I presented it as an oblation.

"I could feel amazing powers from it sure, but it's not a match to that black sword, is it?"
"Yeah, it's not a match in its current state. But I have a plan."

Besides, my objective isn't defeating Demon God, but to expel Impurities off him.
That's what Kagura wishes as well.


Tama's eyes went wide open in surprise.

Ahead of her sight is--.

『Well done, Parion!』

Heraruon shouted.

The scythe that was protecting purple little girls in a barrier sprouted out of Demon God's chest.
No, it pierced through his chest.

『What are you doing Parion.』

The one who attacked Demon God with that scythe is the young goddess with a melty 'poyayan' face, Parion.

『Slaying god.』
『You were, a traitor?』
『Traitor? I don't really get it.』

Demon God's contour collapsed and turned into dark purple mist which then got sucked into the scythe.
A way too disappointing end.

『Great job, Parion.』
『You must have broken free of Demon God's imprisonment on your own.』
『Now that Demon God's God Core has been broken to pieces, he can't be revived.』

The male gods praised Parion's deed one after another.

God Parion picked up the Divine Sword Demon God dropped and walked toward the seven gods without responding to them.

『Parion, this great me, the strongest god, shall look after that dangerous sword.』

God Parion walked toward Zaikuon who held out his arm, and--.

Stabbed him with Divine Sword.

Zaikuon vanished into yellow light particles with a 'why' look on his face.
The light got sucked into Divine Sword.


God Parion warped in front of god Heraruon to kill him.
However, a vermilion light prevented her act.

『Cuz, unkillable?』

God Parion tilted her head with a 'poyayan' face at god Karion's question.


Right as god Parion destroyed the vermilion barrier with the scythe, god Garleon jumped at her.


As Divine Sword blocked god Garleon's blue sword, jet black and blue colored sparks scattered around.

『--Strongest Blade (Nothing that cannot be cut)』

The scythe clad in blue light reaped god Garleon's neck.
That was the Unique Skill hero Meiko often used.

『--Unrivaled Mobility (Nothing can hit).』

Parion dodged an orange light Heraruon shot out without moving.

『Got them tempered.』

At Karion's word, god Parion proudly puffed out her chest like a child.
Looks like she's been giving heroes Unique Skills--Authorities in order to have them tempered.

God Parion tried to stab the headless god Garleon's heart with Divine Sword.

『I won't let you.』

God Karion deployed a vermilion-colored barrier.

『--Strongest Lance (Nothing that cannot be pierced)』

Divine Sword clad in blue light pierced through both the barrier and god Garleon's heart.

That was a Unique Skill hero Hayato used.
It seems like god Parion is capable of employing all Unique Skills used by heroes.


His God Core thing seemingly destroyed, god Garleon turned into blue light particles before getting sucked into Divine Sword.

『Three gods left.』

God Parion turned her line of sight toward her next target.
God Karion's barrier blocked her advance, but it was immediately smashed open by Divine Sword and the scythe.

『With this, I'll get even stronger.』

God Parion held up Divine Sword aloft.

--I won't let you.

I moved right in front of god Parion with Unit Arrangement, and blocked her attack with a rainbow-colored sword.

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