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Okami wa Nemuranai 14.1_2


The next day, Lecan and Eda went to the medical center after breakfast.

The one who welcomed them at the front door was Jinga.

Jinga greeted them first before they could.

"Norma-sama is currently enjoying her after meal tea. Please make yourself at home."

They were led to a reading room in the back of the house.

"Norma-sama. Lecan-dono and Eda-dono are here for you."

As urged by Jinga, Lecan and Eda went in the room.

"Eh. Lecan and Eda? Haven't you two gone to the dungeon? Is there something wrong?"

It was a reading room. The bookshelves inside are filled up with an amount of books Lecan had never seen in his life before. Some books are neatly bound. Must be made by professional book makers. As are there amateurishly bound ones. Both must be treasures of equal values to Norma. There's piles of unfinished documents on a side table.

"It's too cramped here. Let's move to the lounge next to the garden."

"Understood. Well then, Norma-sama. If you could please lead the way for the two."

"Un. Lecan, Eda, come over here."

The lighting on the ceiling and desk went off when Norma left the room.

There's a comfortably big chair in the break room. Big enough for Lecan to sit on.

The garden has got a splendid view inside. Tall trees and grass basked in the morning sunlight.

Absorbing the life energy of the earth, basked in blessing of the sun, with the grace of wind blowing over them, herbs are growing nicely into objects which save lives. A cycle of gods' blessings.

Jinga carried the tea Norma left in the study. Along with fresh tea and three trays.

After putting tea cups in front of Norma, Lecan and Eda, he put the last cup on a small detached side table and took a seat there.

Jinga is neither a butler or a servant. No idea how his wages are like, but he's not a mere employee. He's supposed to take care of miscellaneous tasks here, but he's not exactly below Norma in term of standings.

In fact, considering he's got a family name and being a knight, he's likely of a higher standing than Norma who's a commoner now.

It seems Jinga was originally Norma's mother's bodyguard. It's anyone's guess how the little Norma was reflected in Jinga's eyes during his time as her mother's bodyguard.

That mother eventually departed this world and Jinga became Norma's bodyguard.

Jinga probably followed her and her father when they returned to this town. How did Norma's father feel about that, was he glad or annoyed? No way of knowing that now.

However, there's no denying that Jinga's presence is like a reassuring guardian to Norma. Especially after her father died.

Seeing them from a sideline, it's clear how harmonious their relation is. It takes a long time for two individuals to form such a relation, it's not something a stranger should trample upon.

Lecan pondered that for a bit before cutting straight to the point.

"Eda was abducted by Goncourt House last night."

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"Eda and I consulted to Shira about going to a dungeon in the morning. Afterward, Eda headed home, I practiced magic under Shira and went to the orphanage afterward, it was already dark out by the time I got back."

Norma blinked a few times over as Lecan continued on.

"And Eda was nowhere to be found. Her important stuff were left in the house, hence I wondered the possibility of her getting abducted."

"A-and then?"

"I went to look at Goncourt House. And found Eda there. She had been made to sleep through some sort of force. I woke her up with a yellow potion."

"I'm surprised they let you see her."

"They didn't, I forced my way to the room where they put Eda asleep. According to her, Zepus's messengers dropped by our house looking for me. One of them knocked Eda out with a magic tool from behind her while another was talking to her."

"My goodness."

"I brought Eda to Prado's bedroom and demanded an explanation."

"I'm surprised they let you pass."

"Several people tried to attack me. How many was it again? I can't recall the number, but none of them was anything special."

"I could imagine what happened there, slightly."

"Kanner the butler called Zepus over to the bedroom. Zepus had an assassin lurking in the ceiling, trying to kill me. I disposed of that assassin by shooting a <Flame Spear> through the ceiling."

Eda added here.

"This huge hole opened up on the ceiling and the roof."

"Were you trying to go to war with Goncourt House, Lecan?"

"I did toy with the idea of killing everyone there. But after finding out that it was a deliberate act by Zepus alone, I settled with just killing him."


Norma's complexion changed.

"What did you just say. You did what, to Zepus-dono? Please say that again."

"I lopped his head off."

Norma stopped moving with her eyes wide open. Like a statue.

"I made Prado promise two things. One, to never mess with Eda again. And the other, to get rid of Norma's observers. I refrained from killing Prado after getting those promises off him. That's all."

It was Jinga who reacted to this.

"Norma-sama's observers?"

"Yeah. Zepus had people monitoring Norma at all time. That's how they found out about me and Eda training here. They even located our house on the very first day."

"I had no idea. So that was the identity of suspicious presences I sometimes felt."

"Ah, right, forgot one more thing. Norma."

"Eeh. Y-yes?"

"Prado had seen <Purification> during the King's Crowning ceremony. That's how he knew Eda's <Recovery> was in fact <Purification> right away. He also knew how advanced level <Recovery> is like."

"Goodness. That explains it. So, Prado-san had always known from the start."

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