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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 333

Chapter 333 Strongest Sage, Raises Vigilance


"...She's as big as ever."

Iris's dragon form looks quite awe-inspiring from this distance.
It's still Iris on the inside regardless of her form though.

"A... A dragon outside town!"

"Wha? It's really... A dragon..."

"Any experienced adventurer here?! ...You're a rank B, aren't you? Do something about that!"

"Are you crazy?! Like hell anyone could beat that! ...let's hurry up and run!"

The sight of Iris caused a stir inside the town.
There are even people who fainted while frothing on their mouth due to excessive fear.

Dragons are feared as unstoppable calamities in this present era.
Though dragons themselves are barely around anymore... Their gigantic size and overwhelming powers are truly a symbol of fear.

And the townspeople are correct for fearing Iris.
After all, she's quite a high ranking darkness dragons amongst her dragon peers.
Were Iris shot her [Dragon Breath], this town would have vanished without a trace with Zadokilgias as the sole survivor.

"Oy, you there! You better run too!"

"It's a dragon! A giant dragon unlike anything showed up! Everyone, run!"

"Over here! Hurry! Adventurers, help carry children the elderly!"

Just as planned, they've promptly starting evacuation.
I'm a bit worried if the elderly and children would get away in time... But the guild and adventurers seem to be lending their hands.

This town's populace appears to have a strong bond between them.
Judging from Mana Reactions... I don't see anyone lagging behind.

While I was thinking that... Iris shouted out loud in dragon language.

『Oooh! My body feels so light! Mathia's treatment really works a miracle!』

I see that she's delighted at the state of her body.
Iris's body--especially her wings and magic circuits were all tattered after she got rolled up in Magic Fusion Reactor's meltdowns.
I had been treating her damaged magic circuits during our journey together all this time... Glad to see it's working.

『I can shoot [Dragon's Breath] just fine now! Thank you so much!』

Iris said her thanks to me even though we're on the eve of a battle.
Her voice--caused a panic in the town.

"T...the dragon's mad!"
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"What's a dragon doing here!"

"HIIIIIIIIIII! I-it's all over!"

Apparently Iris's jolly voice sounded like enraged roars to the townspeople.
They rushed out of town in a fluster.
Half of the town on Iris's side has been completely deserted already.

I talk to Alma and Ruli while watching that.

"You two, go wait at the planned spot... We're going with that plan we discussed on our way here."


"Gotcha! ...Man, it's a huge responsibility!"

Afterward, Ruli and Alma ran out of town.
After confirming that, I headed to the guild.


I murmured in my mind when I saw Zadokilgias.

Zadokilgias is walking slowly among the fleeing adventurers slightly behind other evacuees.
Its movement is unlike the townspeople who's seized with fear.
It's full of calculations and alertness of its surroundings.

This evacuation isn't necessary to Zadokilgias.
Even a [Dragon Breath] doesn't warrant that much vigilance since it's easily dodgeable so long you pay attention.
Iris by herself is no menace to this demon.

Zadokilgias is on the lookout for possible demon suppression units lurking among the populace.
Zadokilgias would easily perceive people trying to besiege it when it was staying still in the guild.... But that's not the case at the congestion of people trying to get out of town's entrance.

Encircling Zadokilgias in a crowd is a simple matter.
In previous era, a suppression unit that excelled in stealth were capable of disguising themselves as common populace beyond recognition.
If Zadokilgias focused only in pretending to escape and mixed itself in the crowd of evacuees, such a suppression unit would easily encircle it.

To Zadokilgias who boasts an overwhelming advantage in skill set yet falls behind in pure power, getting besieged is a huge disadvantage.
It would surely try to avoid getting driven into a situation where it gets squashed in a barrage of brute force where skill means nothing.
In reality, that kind of suppression unit doesn't exist in this current era... But Zadokilgias isn't aware of that right now.

And yet, not taking shelter here would mean disclosing itself to the suppression unit, rendering its human disguise pointless.
As such Zadokilgias purposely lag slightly behind the other evacuees to avoid congestion.
Yup, it's all going as planned.

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