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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Budding Ones


In the beginning, I Air Bind-ed some mushroom monsters mid-air and let the girls gang up on them, but once they gained some levels, Oltea said this.

"Nobu-niisan. Come on, let us fight the moving ones too."

I lured one monster toward them while feeling slightly worried about it. I've got 『Provocation』 skill if things are looking bad and they've got Full Protection on, so they should be fine.

My worries turned out unfounded though. Like, my eyes almost popped out watching their incredible teamwork.

A fist sent the monster flying after a whip struck down its legs. Then Tino-chan and Mashu's wind magic delivered the finishing blow.

Another monster got its legs Wind Bind-ed, then Oltea proceeded to beat it to a pulp on a mount position. Savage, just savage. Meanwhile, Gana and Tino-chan lured in another monster. Oltea welcomed them back with an enraptured look on her face.

They kept gaining levels afterward. I let Mashu took some breaks along the way since I hadn't used Differing Souls on them yet, but once Tino-chan learned Spirit Magic, the pace went up dramatically. Aren't you girls already competent enough to work as adventurers? Was what crossed my mind.

"Wind Spirit-san, feed on my mana and tie that monster up!"

A D-Lostshroom flailed on the ground like a caterpillar.

That was when Gana with a rapier and Oltea with a club, or rather a bat, beat the crap out of it. A monster I and Tama-chan once struggled hard against. Don't think anyone could blame me for having a distant look for a bit here.

Whoa, a Stealth Bat is creeping in on them from behind. Looks like they don't notice it?
I put my hand on Lunar Cat before immediately drawing it.

"Martial Art - 『Magic Blade - Severing Slash』."

A slash flew off Lunar Cat, cutting the Stealth Bat in two.

I only realized later on that my Katana skill level had gone up right before I was knocked out during my mock battle against Temuro-san. This is the weapon skill I learned.

『Magic Blade - Severing Slash』
Flying slash. Converts all kinds of things like mana, fighting spirits, life forces into flying slashes different from wind cuts.
Koji Hermett is said to be an ancestor of samurai. He is said to massacre a sentient iron giant-like foe with this technique honed to the extreme.

Thank god. Finally an ordinarily usable weapon skill!
And a very flexible one at that. A ranged attack for a situation where magic usage is not possible, awesome. I'm not gonna comment on that last part though!

Tino-chan and Mashu were surprised to see a Stealth Bath suddenly falling behind them.
They glanced at me but went back to focusing when I pointed at the monster. Mitama would have shoot down the Stealth Bat with her intuition, Futsuno-san would have a barrier to defend herself. I suppose this is a difference in combat experience. That said, this is their first real battle after all, they've made a good progress all things considered. I was much worse when I just started out after all.

"Nobu-niisama, thank you so much."

"I messed up. Thanksies Nobu-oniichan."

"Yup, I may be watching your back but don't let your guard down."

I'm actually in the middle of a certain training myself right now.
Per Sefi-san's suggestion, I keep constructing magic compositions while watching over these children. And not just one or two magic.
When I consulted to Sefi-san about how my magic got easily canceled in my match against Temuro-san, she told me, 'Nobu-chan's magic kinds of feel like it's brute forced through sheer amount of mana. It's like you're forcing your way to make it happen~. I'd suggest training your mind to process multiple things in parallel here~'.
At any rate, composition of my magic will get better if I just persevere on this training, apparently.

Whoops, looks like the girls are done exterminating all monsters around this area while I wasn't looking.
Let's see here now, how strong you girls have gotten.

Name: Gana - Gender: Female - Age: 11 - Race: Vampira
Class: Vampira Lv15 (up!) - State: Healthy
Title: None
Grappling Lv2 - Whip Lv2 (new!) - Rapier Lv2 (new!) - Small Shield Lv1 (new!) - Darkness Magic Lv2 - Life Magic

【Unique Skills】
Levellit's Protection (Large Serving)

【Racial Skills】
Bloodsucking Lv2

By the way, I've lifted the curse off Gana. According to her, the people who caught her put the curse on her to prevent her from acting out. Thus, I modified Dispel Curse spell into a curse back magic [Retribution] to return the curse back to its caster. Since I put a stupid amount of mana into it, it should turn pretty grim on that side.

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Name: Oltea - Gender: Female - Age: 11 - Race: Ogrefolk
Class: Ogre Lv15 - State: Healthy
Title: None
Grappling Lv3 - Club Lv2 (new!) - Magic Ball Lv1 (new!) - Body Reinforcement Lv2 (up!) - Life Magic

【Unique Skills】
Levellit's Protection (Large Serving)

She's learned some weird skills. Balls she throw would make a curve before hitting monsters. I don't get the mechanic, but that's just how the weapon skill works apparently. As a sidenote, techniques hailing from the east are called 'Bugi' (martial art), while all others are called Weapon Skills.

Name: Mashu - Gender: Female - Age: 10 - Race: Hakutaku
Class: Hakutaku Lv13 - State: Healthy
Title: None
Wind Magic Lv2 (new!) - Two-handed Cane Lv1 (new!) - One-handed Cane Lv1 (new!) - Alchemy Lv2 (up!) - Pharmacology Lv1 - Flora and Fauna Lv1 - Life Magic

【Unique Skills】
Levellit's Protection (Large Serving)

【Racial Skills】
Well of Wisdom Lv1

Yup, Mashu's normal. Please grow up well. That'd put my mind at ease.

Name: Tino - Gender: Female - Age: 10 - Race: Elf
Class: Pharmacist Lv15 (up!) - Miko Lv12 (up!)
Title: None - State: Healthy

Dagger Lv1 (new!) - Archery Lv2 (new!) - Spirit Magic Lv2 (new!) - Agriculture Lv1 - Compounding Lv1 - Life Magic - Flora and Fauna Lv2

【Unique Skills】
Levellit's Protection (Large Serving)

Tino-chan has learned spirit magic. From what that gentleman lolicon Gerukkun told me back then, apparently elves can borrow powers from spirits by feeding them mana. Tino-chan seems to have the aptitudes for wind spirits and water spirits. For the time being, these are the only two people(?) she can borrow powers from.

『Levellit's Protection (Large Serving)』
Additional protection bestowed by Levellit, goddess who governs over growth and talent. Gives plus rate to experience and skill points gained, in and out of battle.
『Can't win against temptation of tasty stuff. No regret.』 from Goddess.

Regret a bit! Geez, fine I'll offer her an extra serving of soy milk pudding and honey syrup when I get back later. I-It's not like I'm doing it for you!

Like anyone's excited with my tsundere-ness.

Nevertheless no-goddess's protection notwithstanding, these girls' growth is pretty fascinating. They've been devising up new ways to beat monsters with each encounter. I feel a bit jealous since I was all alone when I trained here.

Then, while I was thinking our plan next, a shrill scream and an abnormal-sounding voice reached us.


"kikikiki, ill, ill, ill, ill, kill kill kill kill kill, let's kill kill kill 'em alllll"

The children are looking at me with frightened looks on their faces, not knowing what to do.

"I'll go take a look, you girls go hide behind something with Tama-chan. Don't get too close, okay."

They all nodded together.

I invoked Space Camouflage and ran toward the source of the noise.

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