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Okami wa Nemuranai 14.4


"Lecan. Can we get back on topic?"

What's going on here.

That Eda asked Lecan to get back on topic.

Eda, that master of derailment.

Lecan sunk into silence due to the huge shock as Eda continued on.

"And then, in the end, Kanner-san said that opposing Zepus-san's disinheritance was a mistake, that the little brother should have been the heir instead, and that he bore the responsibility for failing to educate Zepus-san, after that, Lecan lopped off his, err..."

"His head huh."

Eda nodded.

Norma shut her eyes and contemplated for a while.

"Zepus-san would use polite speech whenever he spoke to me, but I could always sense contempt in his words. I guess that was it was all about."

No one answered her. It was a rhetoric question.

"I was awfully taken aback when I heard about Zepus-san's death, but I've calmed down now after talking about knights stuff with Lecan, curiously enough."

Norma suddenly stood up and bowed to Lecan and Eda.

"I beg for your forgiveness. You were put in danger because of me. Perpetrated by my mother's family at that. I understand it's not something an apology could settle, but I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me."

"Oh, oh no. It wasn't Norma-san's fault at all. We should be the one apologizing for killing Norma-san's cousin instead."

"We are in your debt. Nothing you have done warrants you to apologize. We'd like to keep studying under you if possible."

"I should be the one asking you two that. To tell you the truth, things have gotten a bit complicated."

Jinga stood up and left the room. He must have gone to deal with the clatter coming from a crowd formed at the waiting room and the entranceway.


"What is?"

"Err well, remember you two treated a few patients while you were here? That garnered an awfully good reception, causing a huge influx of people coming here to have a medical exam and people requesting house calls."


"You mean there's more emergency patients and injured people coming here?"

"No. Emergency cases aren't somethings that would suddenly spike up, and none would go out of their way to a medical center just because they had slight wounds or caught a cold. Most aren't about emergency cases. And you don't have to mind about the people coming here. We can just treat them during our opening hours. The problem is house calls."

"What's the problem with those?"

"We've gotten an upsurge in requests from patients who have only asked for house calls once or twice before, and from those who never requested one before. All of which suffer from chronic illnesses."

"I see. I got it."

"I don't get it all."

"Simply put, patients who didn't see immediate results from my house calls or those who couldn't be cured at other medical practitioners are now asking for our house calls."

"Fumu. Is it okay for us to treat those people."

"Eh? Is there anything wrong with treating people who need treatment?"

"That's the problem Lecan. There'd be no end to it if we did, and it would hinder the operation of my medical center. As such, I've decided to ask for five silver coins for every <Recovery> spell cast by Lecan and Eda."

"I see."

"Eeeh? Pricey. That's too pricey.

"Eda. Five silver coins are nothing for <Recovery> by the two of you. Besides, five silver coins for a cast is the lowest fee the temple here asks, asking for any lower than that could potentially invite trouble."

"I heard medical practitioners' <Recovery> are cheaper though."

"That's only true for practitioners who can only use a very weak <Recovery>."

"I shall abide by your stance."

"Then, then, I'll comply too."

"Thank you."

"However, you will have two out of those five silver coins."

"Eeh. No, I can't do that."

"We are technically learning how to use <Recovery> from you, using it on a patient is like a kind of field study. The students can't be the only side getting rewarded."

"I see. In that case, I'll gratefully accept. By the way, Lecan. Are you fine with Eda casting <Recovery>?"

"Telling this girl not to use <Recovery> is akin to tell her not to sympathize with others, which is impossible. Hence, we should let her do it under our watchful eyes."

"I see. Okay. Then we need to teach Eda how to distinguish between <Recovery> and <Purification>."

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"Have you ever recited <Purification> spell before?"

"I-I never ssu."

"Okay then, let's have a test here. Take your wand out and cast <Purification>."


Eda took her wand and turned at Lecan.

"Lecan. Crouch down."


Lecan crouched down, Eda pointed her wand at his left eye. She focused her mind and distinctly recited the spell name.


A gentle blue light lit up on her wand and swelled out greatly before wrapping up Lecan's head.

"Ooh. What a huge <Purification>..."

Lecan experienced an unprecedented sense of ease.

It feels more like being soaked in viscous oil than a light. That oil soaked deep into him. The wrapping light softly breaks into small pieces, melting down unpleasant things and every bad objects that hinders his bodily functions. And then, then yet unknown energy and bliss spring up from deep within his body.

Even after the blissful light had vanished, its lingering wave appeased Lecan's inside for a while.

"This is amazing. I didn't realize it would be to this degree. I can sort of understand how people get addicted to having <Purification> cast on them now."

"No no, Lecan. I don't believe you could comprehend just how it feels to the elderly. As well as their emotion when they receive <Purification>."


"Lecan, I'm sorry."


"I couldn't heal your left eye."

"This is incurable. I would need a <God Cure> if I wanted it healed, or so said Shira."

"Lecan. Lemme take a quick look."

Norma enveloped her wand with her mana and examined Lecan's left eye.

"It gives no reaction of being damaged or aberrant. Your body has completely accepted the state of not having left eye."

"Is it because of <Overwritten> phenomenon?"

"I think this is a different case. But I have no idea how couldn't that <Purification> earlier heal your eye either. Eda, try to cast <Recovery> this time. I believe you've got a grasp on what <Purification> is like, so try to keep this <Recovery> from turning into <Purification>."

"I'll give it a try."

Eda carefully kneaded her mana.


A green light wrapped Lecan's head.

A mild delightful warmth soaked into Lecan.

"It's not healing after all."

"Norma-sama. It has been quite some time since our opening hour."

"Ah, whoops. Lecan. Eda. We're heading to the treatment room."

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