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Okami wa Nemuranai 14.6_7_8


"Hmm. It's been Fixed."


"Yup. Your left eye, Lecan, has been fixed into your default state. It's different from <Overwritten>. Something of magically higher level fixed the state of your left eye. Unfortunately I have no clue what that something is right now."

It might be due to the Greater Restoratives, thought Lecan.

Greater Restoratives in his former world were very hard to produce, to the point that Lecan had no idea where to even begin. It takes so much work and expensive ingredients. As such, even one of those has an eye-popping price attached to it.

He's got four of those restoratives left currently, but back in his former world, he had used three in total. Perhaps, those three uses have brought about this 'Fixed' state of his left eye.

So he hypothesized, however, there's simply no way to be sure. Handing over one greater restorative he has to Norma might give a clue, however he's not interested enough in the why to reduce his stock from four to three.

Lecan isn't a researcher to begin with. Simply knowing that Eda's <Recovery>, <Purification>, Large Red Potions and Greater Restoratives cannot cure his left eye more than suffice to him. There's no merit in knowing the reason anyway.

"So can a <God Cure> heal this left eye now that it's been fixed."

"Well, I believe it would. My father had collected many documents regarding <God Cures>, you see. And from what I gathered, it's probably gonna work just fine. But, since neither me or my father have ever witnessed the effects of <God Cures> in person, I can't really say for sure."

"I see, also, in case of wounds like this one, which is more effective between <Recovery> and <Purification>?"

"That depends on the cause. <Recovery> would be a better choice for mere wounds. While <Purification> works better on wounds entwined with poison or curse. That's about it."

"Got it."

"Norma-sama. Your carriage is here."

"Okay. Now then, Lecan, Eda. We're making house calls today."


They made six house calls that day.

Not sure what kind of deal was made in advance, the first house call sent a carriage that proceeded to escort them to the next house.

Both were of wealthy families.

They didn't get straight to treating the patients.

They would be served tea, and made to wait.

During that time, Norma would teach the two about human anatomy.

After examining the patients, Norma would state her findings in detail and appointed either Lecan or Eda to cast <Recovery>. Of course, she would explain how to cast it in detail as well.

After the treatment, they didn't leave the house right away most of the time.

First, the patients would be delighted at the <Recovery>'s effect and started talking about many things. Afterward, either their families or servants would ask about the patients' condition and hope of recovery.

Hence, it was completely dark out by the time they finished the last house call.

Out of the six patients, the fifth one was an elderly man, the first one was an infant.

The moment Eda saw the sleeping baby suffering in the bed, she ran in.

"Doc! Please let me cast <Recovery> on this child."

Thus Eda wished, however Norma appointed Lecan.

Eda was dejected but she didn't complain.

(She looks worried enough to invoke <Purification> by chance.)

As a matter of fact, Lecan was actually just as concerned.

At any rate, Norma's way of medical examination is truly a learning experience.

Bone structures was the first surprise.

Bones make up human's basic structure, movements of body and fingers, everything moves with bones. In other word, to fight is to perfect your bones. Lecan is learning the mechanism and ways to treat bones.

Next up are how to breathe in and out, how the food you eat support your body, and the mechanisms of various entrails.

All of it teaches Lecan where to prioritize in order to maintain his fighting strength, and which part he needs to heal first.

Up until now, Lecan had never taken up to studying.

Norma's teaching could be said to be his very first systematic knowledge ever.

They went to buy ingredients for dinner on the way back. They bumped into a middle-aged neighbor housewife in front of their house. Eda had a long chat with that housewife while Lecan went in ahead.

As he was tasting a strong liquor bit by bit, Eda got back.

"Hey so you know, looks like someone is moving into that vacant house to the left."

"I see."

That was nothing of interest to Lecan.

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The next day was work at the medical center. It wasn't as crowded as the day before yesterday, yet there were still more people coming than the usual.

That day, Norma would ask for Eda's and Lecan's opinions after every examination.

Lecan would give answers such as what entrails gave this and that problem, or the location of bones responsible for it, thus Norma gave him a passing mark, but it was just terrible in Eda's case.

She would say something like the coughing was because a problem in mouth, or that the cold fingers were because of problems on the fingers. In short, she has learned absolutely nothing in regard to illnesses and the causes.

Consequently, when Norma asked her what herb to give to a patient, she would give a horribly incoherent reply.

The day after was another round of house calls. This time they went to visit families living modest lifestyles. Lecan didn't keep count, but it was more than twenty in total. Every one of them asked for <Recovery>. They must have collected the payment overtime for the sake of their parents, wifes, husbands, and children suffering from chronic or protracted illnesses.

Eda produced a blue light in one of the cases, Lecan stopped her midway and cast <Recovery> himself. Apparently, Eda would end up casting <Purification> if she lost focus.

Once they got back to the medical center that day, Norma spoke to the two of them.

"It hasn't been long since you two came here, yet here I am finding myself astonished at Lecan's giant leap. Your knowledge in <Recovery> usage alone already at a mid-level medic."

"All thanks to you."

"And, Eda."


"You've learned mostly nothing about illnesses, their causes, human's body structures and functions from me."


"However, you've learned how to examine a patient's body before casting <Recovery> on them."


"And you put that into practice in an extremely effective manner. In fact, your <Recovery> is prodigious, you always intuitively select the most appropriate way to heal a particular patient. Even a veteran medic has nothing on your <Recovery>."


"The patient that made you almost cast <Purification> had symptoms that wouldn't have gone as well without <Purification>. Hence why you unconsciously ended up casting <Purification>."

"S-so that's how it is."



"You're graduating."


"To tell you the truth, there's nothing more I can teach you."

"Glad for you, congrats, Eda."

"Eh? Eh?"

"Can I still come here?"

"Yup. You've still got things to learn, Lecan. I think you should still come by for a while more."

"Please. Well then, we'll excuse ourselves today."

Lecan and Eda went back home.

They brought ingredients for dinner on their way back.

"Ah, Lecan, looks like someone's moved in that house to the left. I see lights in."

"Hou. Seems so."

Whoever moved in the neighboring house has nothing to do with them.

Or so thought Lecan that night.

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