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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 335

Chapter 335 Strongest Sage, Deploys Personal Spell


"...Quite a violent one, aren't you. That darkness dragon... a companion of yours huh."

Zadokilgias jumped diagonally backward to dodge the incoming claw while murmuring that.
Iris's claw missed its target, gouged the earth and blew away the surrounding buildings.

『Then how about this!』

Iris used her tail to mow horizontally along the ground.
Stone buildings are getting blown apart like they're made of paper as it's coming closer to Zadokilgias.
With the gigantic tail thoroughly mowing down everything on ground, Zadokilgias has no way to escape there.


Zadokilgias jumped up into the air to dodge the tail while clicking its tongue.
However--lifting your feet off ground means losing foothold, destabilizing your posture if only a bit.
No way I would miss this chance.

I rushed out at once using magic and slashed at Zadokilgias.
Zadokilgias invoked a barrier below its feet using the momentous opening, stabilizing its posture.
However, I won't let that.

Zadokilgias deployed another barrier to divert my sword like earlier--but I had anticipated that.

I deployed another barrier beyond that barrier to alter my sword's trajectory even further.
After hitting two barriers, my sword is now moving toward Zadokilgias's center of gravity--the hardest spot to dodge.

『Iron Slash『Sharpening』『Mana Strike』--.
I enhanced my sword with magic right before it hit Zadokilgias.
It's got enough power to cut Zadokilgias in two if it hits the target.

"Way too slow."

Zadokilgias blocked my sword with its own.
This demon fights with both swords and magic, just like me.
I had only deployed one barrier to alter my slash.

However, my action of diverting my sword with barrier isn't entirely pointless.
If I hadn't done that--this demon's sword would have been used to cut me up instead of blocking mine.
By leading its effort into defending, I had destroyed any chance of counterattack.
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--It's going as I've foreseen so far.

I invoked more magic as my sword got flicked away.
『Instant Lightning』, a lightning magic.
It's quick to cast but with little firepower, a simple magic.

However, a clash between techniques is where simple magic shines.
There's no point in super powerful large-scale magic if it doesn't hit its target, even simple magic could be used to make an opening that would lead to enemy's demise.

My aim is Zadokilgias's legs.
Dodging this means destabilizing one's stance, hence it's an extremely effective mean of attack.


Zadokilgias cast 『Supercooled Waterdrops』 while blocking my attack using defensive magic.

Supercooling--a phenomenon in which water retains its liquid form when cooled to absolute zero temperature in stable state.
Water in this state changes form on impact.
Just as the name suggests, this magic sprays a huge amount of supercooled waterdrops on enemy.

It's not enough to directly kill your opponent--but since the water changes into ice the moment it hits, it will slow them down.
A fatal spell in this situation.

I dealt with that--by casting 『Impact Blade』 magic.
Shock waves got generated out of my sword and diffused in the air.
All the 『Supercooled Waterdrops』 in air turned into grains of ice, losing their effectiveness.

『Supercooled Waterdrops』 and defensive magic.
I thrust my sword forward at this opening created from it casting two magic at once.
Zadokilgias attempted to block my sword--but the moment our swords met, I invoked a personal spell on mine.

--『Resonant Sword』.
By adding specific vibrations to my sword, it will resonate with the enemy's bones.

If one continues to get hit by this, their bones will vibrate due to resonance, destroying them from the inside.
On top of requiring some time to cause the resonance, it doesn't have the power to demolish bones--but even little cracks on bones will turn the tide to my favor.

However, Zadokilgias seemed to understand that.
Zadokilgias pulled the hand blocking my sword and twisted its body away before the resonance could get more intense.
However, it failed to dodge it all as my sword landed a shallow cut on its shoulder.

I was going to push more--but unfortunately, the flight time is over.
Zadokilgias who regained its foothold on ground immediately ran out of Disqualified Crest's range.

"You bastard, just who are you!? Where in the world did you learn that..."

Zadokilgias opened its eyes wide in shock from a distance.

"Beats me."

It's only natural that Zadokilgias is shocked.
After all, this [Resonant Sword] was the spell that led to Zadokilgias's defeat in the past.

Breaking enemy's bones through their own sword, this [Resonant Sword] may looks like a very handy spell at a glance--but it's actually quite a flawed one.

It has several flaws.
First, it simply lacks firepower.
Its power is barely enough to create cracks on ordinary demons' bones, and completely ineffective against high-ranking demons and monsters. It will transmit irritating vibrations through their arms at most.
And for opponents in which [Resonant Sword] works against, much simpler magic would be enough to kill them, unless they possess extraordinary skills.

In other words, this [Resonant Sword] is only useful against those with [Extraordinary skills, yet are weak against this]--very rare foes, there were only several of them even in the past era.

Nevertheless, this is the spell I developed in order to defeat Zadokilgias.

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