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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 334

Chapter 334 Strongest Sage, Incites Dragon


(...It's about time.)

The town's entrance is the only spot with human's mana reactions left.
There's a congestion of people trying to get out of the town's gate... but it should clear up in time.
During this time... I make my move.

I draw my sword and move into Zadokilgias's blind spot.
Then... I slashed at Zadokilgias's neck while completely hiding my presence.

This slash would instantly kill Zadokilgias that's only as strong as an average demon physically speaking.
--If it hit the target, that is.

"Too slow."

Zadokilgias muttered as it cast a minimum amount of defensive magic to shift my sword away without even looking at my direction.
Even a weak defensive magic is capable of thwarting a sword slash if placed diagonally against the slash.
That may sounds easy in theory... But putting that into practice requires an extremely high magic control capability.

And this demon pulled it off without even looking at the sword...
Looks like Zadokilgias's skill hasn't fallen even after reincarnating.
And here I was expecting it fell a bit.

"...Only one?"

Zadokilgias isn't looking at my direction not because of negligence.
The opposite actually--it's under maximum alert.
Especially against a potential member of suppression unit slipping in among the evacuees.

In reality... Past demon suppression units would hide among these evacuees and launch their attack the moment Zadokilgias turned its attention to my sword.
Its relatively defenseless back would be exposed to attack if I managed to draw its attention away.
That would also mean my early death... However, sacrificial pawns weren't exactly unusual in a fight against demons that couldn't be defeated the frontal ways back then.

"...No reinforcement huh?"

Zadokilgias stood still while muttering that.
But it's not like it's doing nothing.
Maintaining a stance holds the meaning of retaining its highest alert level against ambushes.

On the other hand, I also haven't made a move since I pulled my sword back after it was parried off.
In my past life, the opening of my fight against Zadokilgias could also be summed up as [Motionless Fight].
This quietness is exactly the evidence of a clash of techniques.

Going into the offensive naturally means lowering your defense.
In other word, attacking also means creating an opening.
Small openings created from magic are nothing to worry about in an ordinary battle... But in a fight between those of equal skill sets, one such momentary lapse is a gap between life and death.

Zadokilgias has taken a stance that allows it to counter any attack from any direction at any time.
Anyone that takes the first strike will be countered back.

Against that, I take the aggressive stance.
If Zadokilgias showed a slightest opening, I'd crush its escape path with magic and cut it down right then and there.

Positioned right behind Zadokilgias, I've held the advantage.
However... Zadokilgias just won't show any opening.
Launching a simple attack here would get me countered to death.

A minute passed since this standoff began.
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"No reinforcement... huh."

Zadokilgias murmured once it confirmed all the evacuees had left the town's gate.
Now that there's no need to worry about potential ambushes from demon suppression unit mixed among the evacuees, I'm the only one left it needs to worry about.

It slowly turned toward me.
Without showing an opening in the slightest.

"I see. I considered you were but a mere child... What a huge mistake. I can't find an opening."

Zadokilgias stared at me as it said that.
Yet its glances were directed at my limbs, not eyes.
Not just to watch out for my move... But also to look for any slightest opening so it could immediately shift to attacking.

(...Glad Ruli and Alma aren't here.)

Zadokilgias's mana really is on the same level of an ordinary demon.
However... it's clear from this distance. This demon is simply on a whole other dimension.

Ruli and Alma would be instantly killed had they got close.
Even I would have lost my head the instance I relaxed my guard.

This situation will only wear down my nerves if it keeps going.
The townspeople have finished taking shelter.
Let's get right to the plan.

Zadokilgias had been waiting for the end of evacuation to dispel the possibility of an ambush.
However--Zadokilgias isn't the only one waiting for that moment.

So did I.
In order to allow Iris go wild without minding the surroundings.

"Iris, do it."

『I got you!』

Receiving my instruction, Iris soared up in the air.
Then she swooped down from the sky--and swung down her claw toward Zadokilgias with all her might.

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