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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-49

17-49. Innocent God


Satou here. It's said that children are pure and innocent, but those qualities are also what prompt some of them to do something ruthless out of curiosity. If you happen to catch them in the act, it's one's duty as an adult to gently admonish them.


Beyond the jet black and rainbow colored flying sparks, god Parion's childish face warped in displeasure.
Because I got in her way of killing the three gods.

To be perfectly honest, god Karion who's taught me [Miasma Barrier] and the noisy yet harmless god Urion aside, I'm not too keen on saving the haughty god Heraruon, however, since he happens to be one of gods that protect human world from outside forces, I wound up saving him as well.

"What is that? A sword going toe to toe against Divine Sword, weird."

God Parion stared at my rainbow-colored sword.

"This is Holy Magic Divine Sword Pendragon."

It's a sword made from a fusion of Holy Magic Sword Pendragon I made as an oblation at Boreuhart yet somehow returned to my Storage and a [Dragon God's Fang] I had in my Storage, by way of Primeval Magic.

I was unsure if I could even use Primeval Magic without Divinity left, but it turned out just fine in the end.

To begin with, what Primeval Magic requires is a vast amount of magic energy. The reason for my dried up Divinity was apparently because it was compensating for my reduced MP from having my level deprived.
With a supply of MP from Arisa, my familiar, coupled with the MP tanks I got in my Storage, I could use Primeval Magic without any problem.

"I don't know, that sword."

God Parion casually swings down the [Godreaping Scythe].
I dodged that using Unit Arrangement.

God Parion exploited that opening to try and kill the three gods, but I stopped her again using Unit Arrangement.

"Don't get in my way."

Using Holy Magic Divine Sword, I parried away a slash of Divine Sword she swung as she turned around.
Unfortunately, it appears Divine Sword is a bit stronger still.

『--Strongest Blade (Nothing that cannot be cut)』
『That shan't come true.』

As god Urion shouted that, an indigo blue light poured down on god Parion, erasing away the blue light wrapping her scythe.
Even though it couldn't stop the swing itself, the scythe stopped moving after destroying the barrier, stopping god Parion's from destroying god Karion along with the barrier.

"Can't kill."

God Parion stamped her feet in frustration like a child.


Not sure if it's just me or is part of god Parion's blue aura stagnating and the once beautiful rainbow-colored scythe is starting to be clad in jet-black aura like the Divine Sword.

"Why! Parion! Speak, why!"

God Heraruon who had regained his balanced shouted that out loud as he charged in straight toward god Parion.
Alright, let's use him as a decoy and disarm god Parion's weapons during this chance.

"Parion should feel sorry. Karion said so too."

God Urion backed god Heraruon.

God Parion's Authorities are superior to the other three gods', but it's four against one with me joining the fray, thus even she's beginning to feel the heat.

"So many of you picking on me, no fair."

God Parion spoke like she didn't remember what she had just done.

Even though her mouth has formed the ^ shape, her assault hasn't let up as this fierce fight rages on.

We had many close calls, but my Holy Magic Divine Sword and god Urion's indigo blue sword managed to somehow deal with the scythe, then god Heraruon took that chance to grasp god Parion's hand holding the Divine Sword.

God Parion's mouth warped into ^ shape with a sour look on her face.

"This is as far as you can go, Parion."
"Heraruon is right. Parion should let go of these dangerous weapons."

"I, remember now--"

I could see the corner of god Parion's mouth slightly rising with her eyes cast down.


--Oh crap.

The moment god Parion recited the Scripture, I kicked away god Heraruon, grabbed god Urion and Unit Arranged us away to a safe zone.

As we teleported away, I caught sight of god Heraruon having his knee getting destroyed, swallowed in Perish.
God Heraruon scurried away with god Urion's barrier protecting him, but it couldn't hold out even for an instant against the <<PERISH>>-clad Divine Sword.
The barrier broke down in no time, god Heraruon got swallowed in the jet black violence, ending his long life once and for all.

"--Parion, she's"

Next to me, god Urion said so in aghast.

Apparently she was in shock not from god Heraruon perishing by Divine Sword, but from how god Parion had completely transformed.

Well, I understand how she feels.

A jet black aura is overflowing out of god Parion's body, leaving only half of her adorable face while the rest of her body turned sinister jet black. The hollow blue-colored eye and mouth on the half part of her jet black face look especially scary.

It looks similar to Demon God when Impurities were encroaching him.
My baseless assumption would say the impurities Divine Sword had absorbed must have flowed backward into god Parion when she invoked its Scripture.

The scythe she's carrying has also turned jet black like Divine Sword, though the impact from this change has been softened by god Parion's transformation.

"Light Step (Faster than anybody else)."

God Parion instantaneously moved right in front of god Karion and swung down the <<PERISH>> Divine Sword.

--I won't let you.

I got between them using Unit Arrangement and frantically grabbed god Urion while vermilion barriers were getting broken apart one after another.

<<PERISH>> Divine Sword is closing in on me.

Won't make it in time to get away.

No choice, gotta sacrifice the newly made Holy Magic Divine Sword to buy time and--.

God Parion got blown away in front of the flustered me.

"Hehen, that's what you get for ever forgetting Arisa-chan over here!"

Looks like Arisa blew god Parion away with anti-god magic.

I and god Urion also got blown away by the shockwave, generated but we narrowly escaped death together thanks to that.

"Yeah, you tell her girl!"
"Nn, agreed."

Hikaru's anti-god magic hit god Parion in succession, then Mia's summoned Lesser Fenrir bit her down.

Unfortunately, the lesser version of anti-god magic intended for use against demon lords cannot seem to harm god Parion.

God Parion shoved aside Lesser Fenrir with her scythe and destroyed it with Divine Sword.


Her childish eyes glared at Arisa.


God Parion recited the scythe's Scripture.

I pulled the girls to where I was using Unit Arrangement, and god Parion's scythe's horizontal swing missed its target.

--Oh crap.

I Unit Arranged myself and the girls away.

God Parion kept rotating herself even after missing, going for a round lap.
A jet black aura clad in <<CONDEMNATION>> power sliced Demon God's chamber in a circular section.

Both Nana's [Paladin Domain] and god Karion's vermilion barriers were utterly demolished by that jet black aura.


God Urion who failed to escape in time had her lower half erased.

"Sheesh, how's she so strong with that 'payayan' face of her anyway."

I completely agree with Arisa's groan.

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"Core Two, prepare for emergency take off."

I brought everyone to the large spaceship's deck.
Together with god Urion, god Karion and the purple little girls of course.

Even with the Holy Magic Divine Sword as my trump card, going up against Scripture-activated [Divine Sword], [Godreaping Scythe] and Impurities-clad god Parion is a tall order.

Most importantly, there's no reason for me to risk my life trying to kill god Parion.
I probably wouldn't have thrust my neck in this internal dispute between gods if not for the fact that losing any more gods than this would hurt human world's peace.


The girls starting from Tama and Pochi were taken aback when they saw the surrounding landscapes undergoing a complete 180 degree change.

Netherworld mountains are erupting, cracks are forming on the lands below, clouds from the eruptions are alight with thunderclouds and lightning everywhere you see, tornadoes sweeping over.

"Netherworld destabilizing is only natural now that Demon God is gone."
"Agreed with Karion."

God Urion has finished regenerating her lower half it seems.

"Master, all prepped for emergency take off!"
"Commencing emergency take off. Rout all enemies around us with ranged attacks."

Zena-san and Karina-sama who were taking care of stuff outside the ship had also returned to the deck, we demolished the demons swarming the ship as it took off.
Using Unit Arrangement to take the ship to somewhere safe would have been a more reliable choice, but I'm thinking I should save my Divinity for the future.

A distortion in space was generated as we came out of Demon God castle.

"No going away."

God Parion warped in and blocked our way.

"--Expected that already."

I shake god Parion off with sight-based Unit Arrangement.

"Won't let you go."

Figured she'd caught up.
I'm sure she'd go after us even to the human world.

"Hasn't she like, grown big?"
"She sure does."

God Parion is now gigantic enough to hold this large spaceship between her palms.

"Tell me Parion! Why, why are you doing this!"

Sera ran off to the deck and shouted out loud.

Judging from the emerald aura overflowing out of her, god Tenion is apparently borrowing her body.

"This is my mission."

By some sort of godlike power, god Parion seems to have heard god Tenion's voice through Sera.

"Creator God said. Climb up the rank, become a fine god."

God Parion spoke bit by bit.

"Don't you remember Tenion?"

She inclined her head to the side.

"I do remember. But, before that, he also told us to 『Bring up people, nurture piety』!"
"That's a minor issue. People are creatures that generate an infinitesimal amount of Divinity with magic essence (mana) as fertilizer. What Creator God ultimately wishes for is for a god to gain a vast amount of Divinity and climb up the rank."

Tenion faltered.
Looks like she's telling the truth.

"But, even if that's true..."
"And in order to climb the rank, massacring other gods and consuming their souls along with their Divinities are the most optimum."

Parion's innocent face nodded.

So it appears she's doing all this not out of malice but merely as ordered by the Creator God.

"Done going along to buy time."

God Parion turns her arms round and round.

"Got used to it."

Five halos manifested behind god Parion.

Possessing the colors of gods she's slaughtered--purple, orange, green, yellow and her own blue.
The halos have dark-colored outlines, likely due to the impurities.

"That Parion is dangerous. Karion said so too."
"I didn't. But agreed on the danger level. Parion is two rank higher than us. It's hopeless even with Tenion joining."

That much huh....

"Un, Parion the strongest."

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