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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Strongest Sage, Reminds the Past


"I can move no problem. Doesn't seem to be a jamming type magic... Just what'd you do?"

Zadokilgias asked while taking a stance with its restored arms.
However--I just kept swinging my sword wordlessly.

"...No response huh. Fine, I'll have those women responsible for the magic stones spit it out once you're dead."

Zadokilgias blocked my sword while saying that.
I didn't deploy [Resonant Sword].

Zadokilgias didn't use [Reflective Strike] either. Or more like, it couldn't.
I have some spare rooms, magically speaking, due to not using [Resonant Sword].
Using [Reflective Strike] in that situation would only get it blocked by me.

A sound judgement.
However, this match is my [Checkmate] already.
Doesn't matter what kind of plan Zadokilgias is cooking, its death is certain.

I poured specific mana into my sword the moment our swords clashed.

"...What the heck is this?"

Zadokilgias let that out right as our swords crossed.
And a second later--Zadokilgias's fingertips began to crumble down like they were dissolving.

Seeing that, I pulled back my sword and fell back.
However, Zadokilgias's fingertips won't stop crumbling away.

The crumble even gradually expands to its whole body.
Zadokilgias's limbs are crumbling down into sands that get blown off by wind.

"What have you done?"

Zadokilgias sounded perplexed as it watched its body turning into sands.

"It can't be stopped even if you get the answer to that."

Thus I replied.
In fact, the crumble wouldn't stop even if I wished for it.
No matter what anyone does now, the only fate awaits Zadokilgias is death--no, annihilation.

"...It can't be, my soul?"

Zadokilgias murmured as its decay progressed.
...It realized huh.
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Zadokilgias's soul always had a deep wound to begin with.
It's because the magic it used to reincarnate itself wasn't flawless.

I saw through that fact from its mana reaction mixed in Dragon Veins.
Thus, once the altered mana was in, I sent specific mana into Zadokilgias when we crossed swords, stimulating the altered mana in one dash.

The stimulated altered mana wrenched open the damage on Zadokilgias's soul.
And this is the result of that.

"Yea. Told you didn't I? Nothing can stop it."

Magic that can manipulate souls are all complex.
And reincarnation spell is among the hardest even compared to the rest of that type.
Such that even the past me which specialized in production type magic needed several hours to construct a personal-use magic circle.

Perfectly constructing magic of that scale is a daunting task even for a race that excels in magic like demons.
Even Zadokilgias is unlikely capable of such feat.

And that's not all.
In order to perfect my reincarnation, I built the spell formula to off myself and chose death on my own volition.
Dying by my own magic was the reason I could pull the perfect death for reincarnation.

On the other hand, Zadokilgias had set up a reincarnation spell that would activate upon its demise.
And then it eventually got bested by me, and died.

Back then, I defeated Zadokilgias by firing off a high-powered spell that utterly annihilated it without leaving a trace after destroying its arms with [Resonant Sword].
And there's simply no way to reincarnate a complete soul in an environment polluted with so much noise from that high-powered magic I fired.

As a result, Zadokilgias got reincarnated with a damaged soul.
Well, I suppose you could say it was lucky enough to even reincarnate.

"...Looks like it."

Zadokilgias invoked multiple recovery spells in an attempt to heal its body.
But none of the spell showed any effect.

Your body naturally breaks down when your soul suffers a fatal wound.
Especially since demons possess a proportionally larger amount of mana in their body, the breakdown manifests this way.

"Answer me this at least. Just who in the world are you? I know none who possesses such level of magical skills."

"Oh really? It might very well be a familiar name to you."

Zadokilgias knew the past young me.
There's a chance it might have forgotten about me... But I doubt it would forget the human who killed it.

"Familiar? ...I wouldn't have let someone this monstrous alive had I known--."

Zadokilgias's eyes opened wide midway.
Then it threw a question while agape.
Even with lives of hundreds magic combatants and thousands of civilians on its hands, Zadokilgias must have remembered the very enemy who killed it.

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