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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-50

17-50. Innocent God (2)


Satou here. [Coward who breaks the rule gets defeated in a frontal fight] or [Too strong an adversary gets defeated by exploiting a loophole in the rules], despite their contradicting natures, both are classics in tales.
I like either development, however I think someone who follows the rules to a T in real world is just setting up their own defeat flag.

"Turn into fodder."

God Parion instantly closed in on us with her Authority, and swung down the <<PERISH>>-clad Divine Sword in an attempt to cut god Karion and god Urion along with the spaceship.

--Unit Arrangement.

"I know that already--Sight Seizure (Everything in my hand)."

The large spaceship got pulled in right before god Parion just as I warped it away.

"Wargod Trample."

--Oh no.

Enshrouded in blue light, god Parion made a fierce charge as she cut the spaceship in half.
I managed to get us away from the ship barely in time, but since the two little goddesses and the purple little girls weren't considered my units, we got separated away.

"Arisa. Sorry but just to be safe--"
"--if you're telling us to take shelter, I refuse."

Arisa declined while I was mid-sentence.

"Arisa-chan is right! This is the part where we triumph over through the power of effort and friendship!"
"Master, we would like to be of use to you."
"That's right nanodesu! Pochi and Tama will do their very best nanodesuyo!"

Following the beastkin girls and Arisa, the other girls also state their intentions to fight together.

"Satou, from where we stand, god Parion isn't that much different from Demon God."
"Listen to Karina-sama. I have my reservation in rebelling against god Parion, however, stopping someone who has committed the grave sin of deicide is my duty as a miko."
"I think so too! Besides, I believe the nimble Satou-san will surely put a stop to Parion-sama."
"Un, Master Satou will be fine."

Zena-san and the other girls put their near-faith-like trust in me.

"Satou, Wand Ship."

I took out her wand ship as urged by Mia.
Looks like she wants to fight god Parion using the real anti-god magic, not the lesser ones.

"Master, gimme mine and Hikaru-tan's too."

In addition to the two's, I also fetched Nana's shield ship and other heavy-duty support equipment.

"Arisa, I've designed these three wand ships strong enough to withstand your Unique Skill. However--"
"I know I know. I'm just gonna barely touch the line, for the sake of our love life."
"Please don't touch that line if you could help--"

Parion made her move.

Looks like she's discovered god Urion and god Karion who were hiding themselves with Authority.

"Core Two, retrieve those pink little girls."

I passed over a small spaceship equipped with dimensional submerge functions to Core Two and Unit Arranged away before she could reply.

"Divine Ruin Fist."
"Unrivaled Mobility (Nothing can hit)."

God Parion used her Authority to dodge the rain of vermilion-colored bullet hell god Karion unleashed.

"--Strongest Lance (Nothing cannot be pierced)."
"That shan't be done."

God Urion neutralized god Parion's finishing move.

Arisa and the girls offered me their participation through Familiar Link, but I told them to wait for a chance.
God Parion will surely launch a counteroffensive the moment she gets hit by the wand ships' assault, thus finding the right timing is crucial here.

"Master Wizard."


God Parion used Demon God's Authorities to deploy Divine Dancing Armor and Dragon Rending Slash.
She blocked my light attack with the armor and stopped us from coordinating with the slash.

"--Strongest Blade (Nothing cannot be cut)."

Finding an opening, god Parion shook me and god Urion off and tried to cut god Karion in two.

--Oh crap.

I warped god Karion to my side right before Divine Sword cut her.
It went well even though I used Unit Arrangement reflexively. Looks like both god Karion and Urion are now considered my own units, likely because of our joint struggle.

But really, she's strong.

We're full on the defensive even though she's up against a united front that includes two gods fully wielding their Authorities.

"I hate that."

God Parion appeared before my eyes with her sword swinging.
I somehow managed the flurry of Dragon Rending Slashes followed by the Divine Sword.


God Karion's scream reached my ear just as I dodged god Parion and her Divine Sword.

God Urion's head has been lopped off.
Reaped by god Parion holding a scythe.

What's going on?

God Parion is right in front of me.
It's not a fake. She's holding the Divine Sword and even using her Authorities.

The one holding the scythe is also god Parion, who's rushing for god Karion's neck now.

--I won't let you.

I teleported in with sight-based Unit Arrangement and parried away the scythe.

"Urion must go back to life!"

God Karion stuck god Urion's head and body together and prayed for her revival.

"Won't happen."

The Divine Sword-equipped god Parion went for the two little goddesses.

I shook off the scythe god Parion with sight-based Unit Arrangement and put myself between the three gods.

"Perish together."

<<PERISH>>-clad Divine Sword is drawing closer.

I'll sacrifice the holy magic divine sword and--.

--No, I've got another card in my hand.

Eye-blinding flashes, roaring and shockwaves blew away god Parion and the Divine Sword.
I just used [Demon God's Attack Magic] that had been stored away in my Storage.

The second god Parion came out of the explosion while staggering.
It's probably not enough to defeat her, but it must have dealt some damage.

"You won't hurt Master, so I report."

I've been wondering why the scythe god Parion isn't attacking, turns out Nana and the beastkin girls have been keeping her at bay.

"Out of the way."
"Cicada Shell no Jutsu~?"

Nana who was going to get cut up along with her Paladin Domain got saved by Tama's ninjutsu.

"Sure Hit Blade (Never Miss)."

God Parion took throwing swords out of [Unlimited Armory (Endless Swords)] and launched them at the girls on the front line.

"Phalanxus~ nanodesu!"

Pochi flicked away the throwing swords with her Phalanx.
It couldn't manage to completely stop the attack however, broken pieces of throwing swords and Phalanx's vestiges blew Pochi and the girls away.
Since Tama had picked her up, I'm sure Pochi is fine.

And, making best use of the chance Pochi and Tama gave.

"--<<Dragonic Penetrator Hexa>>"

Throwing away her powered exoskeleton as she propelled herself forward, Liza rained down [Pierce All] Dragon Spears upon god Parion.

"Unrivaled Mobility (Nothing can hit)."

God Parion dodged her with Unique Skill.


Liza forcefully altered her course by shooting magic edge cannon out of her tail and drove a finisher I had never seen before on god Parion.

"Dragonic Penetrator Infinity."

A barrage of attacks intense enough to make her afterimages look like mist assaulted god Parion from all directions like a wide area attack.


The Divine Dancing Armor protecting god Parion broke apart, leaving several scars on her body.

"I hate that."

I pulled Liza to me using Unit Arrangement to rescue her from god Parion's assault.

"Well done."

I praised Liza even while fiercely clashing with the other god Parion.


Powered up by Zena-san's [Saint Prey] and Raka's super strength, Lady Karina unleashed down a kick at god Parion from high in the sky.

"Won't get hit, anymore."

God Parion's Unique Skill easily dodged her.

"Raka-san! Now's our chance!"

The instant lady Karina passed by god Parion, the light wrapping her dispersed into a flash.



As the flash of light blinded her, giant golems controlled by princess Sistina manifested around god Parion.
Arisa must have teleported them there.

Those golems clad in emerald-colored lights charged at god Parion all together.

"Why can't, I dodge?"

I could feel divinity coming from the giant golems.

"Tenion's doing... Everyone is a big meanie."

Looks like god Tenion has joined the fray through Sera.

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"Urion must go back to life--"

God Urion's voice could be heard.
Looks like god Karion managed to revive god Urion with her magic or Authority.


The dots displayed on my radar are increasing in number.

As I turned around, I was greeted with the sight of god Urion and god Karion having their hearts pierced by blue swords and spears.
Those blue-colored weapons are brandished by three god Parion.

The scythe god Parion is blocking my way, the Divine Sword god Parion emerged out with a light and sucked in the two little goddesses.

"Gods are omnipresent."

That appears to be the mechanism behind these five god Parion.

We had a hard time fighting two, five would be too much.
To top it off, god Parion's Divinity increased every time she slew a god. Those gods look like they got sucked into the Divine Sword, but their Divinities seem to flow into god Parion.

We're gonna need a miraculous reversal here.

『Master. Above, after three seconds--』

Arisa contacted me through Familiar Link.


I moved above with sight-based Unit Arrangement.
Along with the girls of course.

God Parions are hounding us with their eyes.

"Mythology Down."
"<<Mythology Extinction>>."
"Mythology Eater."

Three anti-god magic swallowed the five god Parions.

"Oho? She didn't dodge that."
"Un, that was surprising."
"Lacking learning ability."

The one getting pushed down by the golems aside, I didn't expect all five to get hit.
She probably never imagined that other members besides me could deal her a crushing blow.

"What a terrifying destructive power."
"Yes, Liza. I can't see myself taking that head-on."
"Huge win~?"
"Our embeepee are Arisa, Mia and Hikaru nanodesu."

Pochi must have meant MVP there.

"You two, save celebrating after we've confirmed her defeat okay."



One god Parion showed up blowing the explosion away.

She's lost one of her arm and part of her body, cracks have formed on her skin, dark bluish lights are getting discharged out of her body in place of blood.
Her halos are blinking, her voice is cracking.

"...Got careless."

Apparently even god can't get away from an ambush coming outside her cognizance.

"But I won't get careless anymore."

As she psyched herself up, her broken body returned to its original state like it was rewinded.

In addition, the dark blue aura gushing out of her body transformed into make-up and dress armor, an indigo blue halo and a vermilion halo got added behind her back. The blue halo that was floating behind her moved to her head, making it look like a cap.

"No way, even that didn't do the trick?"
"Okay now this is bad."

Yeah, never would have thought she could instantly restore herself back after eating three anti-god magic directly.

"Divine Retribution."

God Parion's attack magic flew toward the spot Arisa and the girls were.
Foreseeing that, I pulled them at the optimal timing with Unit Arrangement and then sent them together with the other girls to a safe zone--the small space ship Core Two boarded.

The Wand Ships that were left on the spot got instantly evaporated.

God Parion herself doesn't seem invested in the removal, she's not checking whether it was a success or not.

"Tenion next."

God Parion murmured unfeelingly.

"But, before that--."

God Parion emerged right before me.

"--Gotta remove the annoying Irregular."

Incoming <<PERISH>>-clad Divine Sword.

I moved hundreds of kilometers away with Unit Arrangement.

However, god Parion showed up before me in less than an instance.

"God is omnipresent."

Meaning she can appear anywhere huh.
No wonder she didn't stop me with Sight Seizure.


The holy magic divine sword Pendragon I used to block her attack creaked before tragically breaking down.

--This is bad.

"Got you."

God Parion's scythe was about to reap my neck.

Jet black and rainbow-colored sparks flew.

A rainbow-colored sword has blocked the scythe.
Holy Divine Sword Excalibur made from a fusion of holy sword Excalibur and a Dragon God's fang.

"I see, there were two fangs."

Parion nodded.

Creak, a crack formed on the rainbow-colored sword.

Now that she's absorbed the two little goddesses and got her Divinity boosted, god Parion has gotten multiple time stronger.

"But, it's over now."

Holy Divine Sword Excalibur broke into pieces after a few clashes.

"I'll take you in together with Demon God."

God Parion's sword and scythe drew near.

I blocked the Divine Sword and the scythe with the two broken rainbow swords.

The rainbow swords' grips broke down and fell on Netherworld's ground.

They gouged down the purple soil before stopping deep inside the land.

Faces of the girls crossed my mind.

No, not the revolving lantern please.

This time I had a flashback of the Bridal Knights' members.

--Two pieces of schedule table.

How come this image is--.

Hoping for a miraculous reversal, I look at my Storage.

--Found it.

Then there is a way out of this.
I communicated what I needed at a minimum through Familiar Link and moved away using Unit Arrangement.

On the upper deck of the large spaceship god Parion sank.


God Parion caught me up instantly.

"It's over now."
"Yeah, it's over now."

I operate my Storage with my thought.
One luminous dot is my lifeline.

"Obedient. Obedience is a good thing."

God Parion nodded.

"I'll make your death painless. Any last words--"

Last words?

I'm controlling a string of Divinity using Primeval Magic.
So meticulously in order to slip past god Parion.


What I need to say--.

"--it's checkmate."
"Checkmate? I know that. Learned from heroes. Your checkmate."

God Parion raises her scythe.


Parion tilted her neck in confusion and then noticed the string of Divinity coiling around her lower half.


God Parion swung her sword to cut the string.

Right at that moment, a rainbow fang broke through the spaceship's deck and pierced Parion's body from behind.
The girls lurking in the ship have pushed out a [Pierce All] dragon god fang I had taken out inside the ship.


God Parion's body is blinking intensely.

"Parion, thinking that I was all alone is your undoing."

The real reason for her loss is a duplicate bug of my Storage though.
Just like how the Bridal Knights' schedule plan handwritten by Arisa became two, the originally only two [Dragon God's Fangs] had also been duplicated. The latter is probably Dragon God (Kagura)'s doing though.

"Not yet. I haven't lost yet."

Even after having her God Core's damaged by the Dragon God's fang, god Parion clung on to life without giving up.


The yellow halo transformed into an arm and grabbed god Parion.


Orange, green and purple halos also turned into arms and grabbed god Parion's body and face.
Looks like the gods' consciousness have remained inside their robbed Divinities.

"So noisy. Shut up."

The vermilion and indigo halos shined and raised Parion high up into the sky.

Looks like Urion and Karion realized what I was trying to do.
In the sky, Parion tore up the arms and threw them away. The vermilion and indigo halos remained as are.

"Not yet. I haven't lost yet."

God Parion is breathing heavily.

With her God Core damaged, she's lost a lot of Divinity, her whole being is destabilizing.

"Nope, it's your loss."


"I have--"

I look up into the sky.

"Declared my victory (checkmate)."

Netherworld's sky gets split apart as a star comes down the starless sky.

"--I don't wanna!"

Parion teleports away.

The star vanishes along with her.

"It's futile."

Authorities are miraculous powers wielded by gods.

Meteor Shower has been pumped with enough Divinity by the strongest Dragon God herself to kill herself, an exceptional disposable Divinity.
Nothing can defy such power.

I shut my eyes.

Images of falling stars come up in my mind.

Stars fall onto the young goddess' back.

Stars fall onto her as she escapes to the human world and to the Realm of Gods.

The moment she stops moving due to exhaustion will be her last.

The stars mercilessly broke her body down, gouged down the Realm of God's land, demolishing even those divine grounds.

> Title [God Slayer: Parion] Acquired.
> Title [God] Acquired.
> Skill [God Slay] Acquired.

> Job Restriction has been Liberated.

> Special Ability [Unit Creation] has been Liberated.

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