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Okami wa Nemuranai 14.18_19


The next day, Lecan spoke of the stuff he discussed with the vice head temple when he arrived at Norma's medical center.

"I had no idea. That reminds me though, I've been seeing something weird going on lately here as well."


"New patients from faraway places have been coming to this medical center lately."


"I've also been getting requests for house calls at some really distant locations. Mostly to places where the wealthy lives."

"Sounds like you've got a reason for not looking pleased with the booming business."

"That I have. Some of those patients were supposed to be under other physicians' care, see. No, I probably just didn't notice that we had snatched quite a lot of patients from other medical centers already."

"Patients have rights to choose their physicians."

"Lecan. Do you know how many physicians are in this town right now?"

"No clue."

"Excluding the temple's clinic, there are eight. Every one of those only has one or two stand by physicians at most. They're small in scale. We're talking about <Recovery> users who failed to get hired by noble houses."

"Oh really."

"Okay now, how many physicians do you think this town need?"

"No clue at all."

"I believe around 20 all at the same level of what we have would be appropriate."


"But I think more people should go visit medical centers. Infants especially. If we include them, we would require 50 medical centers. It's only a rough estimate, but that's what I believe."

"Think that's way too many."

"If medical centers could get close to people, both physically and physiologically, and if they would consult to a physician whenever they don't feel too well, we would see a huge decrease in sick people."

"I see. I get your line of thinking."

"If this medical center becomes the only one left standing in this town, there's simply no way we can handle all the cases in this town even if Lecan and Eda exclusively work here, not to mention those coming from elsewhere. I won't have time for my research or tea time too. Give me a break on that."

Lecan realized something.

Vice temple head told Lecan about how Bazrig was bad-mouthing the temple.

Among those who found out about the slanders directed at the temple, some might develop animosity toward Norma. Worse, some might even believe she's infringed upon their wellbeing.

Lecan doesn't think physicians who were robbed of their patients would resort to unscrupulous means, but ill wills will accumulate. Those ill wills would eventually join up together and swallow up Norma.

It might come in the form of violence or something more devious and threatening. In any case, Lecan can't possibly take all the steps needed to deal with that.

"But really, the temple sure has got quite the network of information. I mean, it's only been two days since we started this stuff. It's also so kind of them to inform us. Lecan, make sure to thank them."

"Got it. So what do now."

"Let's stop offering your <Recovery> service. However, we've got four house calls we have to take care of no matter what tomorrow, let's make those the last. I'll tell those who request <Recovery> that the users have departed this town. I'll also tell them that even though these users haven't decided to resume their service, each treatment would cost one gold coin if they ever did."

"20 times price hike huh."

"No. It's true that both your and Eda's <Recovery> are way too cheap at five silver coins. To the point that people misunderstand we put that price up to steal their patients."

"Really. Tomorrow will be the last then."

"You and Eda have been such a great help. I can't thank you enough. I've got my hands on some good data as well. And also. Feel free to drop by again and ask me anything you need anytime."

"Same here, it's been a good learning experience. The stuff you taught us will see its use, no doubt."

There probably will come times when the things they learned here would save Lecan and Eda's lives, or perhaps somebody else's. However, more than anything, it will definitely help him kill his foes more effectively.

Lecan wondered if this wise researcher was even aware that he was harboring such thoughts.

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The next day, Lecan made house calls together with Norma. There were only four, but all of them were far apart, thus it took some time.

All four wanted to make an appointment for the next session of <Recovery>. However, Norma declined, told them that there would be no next time, and even if there were, each session would cost one gold coin. Every one of them reacted negatively at her declaration. But that's fine.

They returned to the medical center, then Lecan studied about many ways to use <Recovery> from Norma.

When they were done and Lecan was about to head back, Norma seemed hesitant as she was trying to say something to him.

"Lecan. About Zepus, you see."


Lecan thought, Zepus who? for a second.

Zepus was a grandchild of Prado Goncourt, Norma's cousin.

And the person whose head parted from his body by Lecan's hand a few days ago.

"I personally had no good recollections of that person myself. However."

Norma's face warped sorrowfully as she spoke.

"He did love his grandfather, Prado-san, in his on way. He was truly concerned of Prado-san, cared for him."

That doesn't give him the right to abduct Eda and try to make her his slave though.

And yet Lecan isn't going to deny Norma's feelings of wanting cover Zepus.

"I got it."

Both Norma and Jinga saw Lecan off as he left the medical center.

Afterward, he went to Shira's house and managed to deploy <Lightning> around his body.

He was told to hone the spell in real life for the rest and to come up with his own way to use it.

The day after and the next day after, Lecan went to the orphanage successively.

He was completely worn out by the second day.

Finishing him off was the vice temple head telling the children that it was Lecan's last day visiting, so they all clung to him in tears.

He almost ended up making promise to come by again, almost.

Anyway, his nine day service finally ended. Ended for real.

The next day, he slept through the whole day besides for meals.

The day after, Arios said this to Lecan.

"Eda-san has learned three kinds of defensive stance. She is yet to master them, however from this point on, she should polish her skill in real combat."

Afternoon of the same day, Shira spoke.

"Eda-chan can now send out <Sleep> pretty well. This is one really versatile spell if she can master it. Now, all she needs is a real life practice."

The day after, they did some shopping and had some rest, then on the 20th of fifth month, Lecan, Eda and Arios departed to Dungeon Ninae. With Shira telling them to come back on the 30th of sixth month at the latest.

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