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Okami wa Nemuranai 15.1_2


Lecan's party arrived at Ninae on the 24th of the fifth month.

Even though distance-wise it was as long as Vouka-Kogurus, arriving in four days is still quite speedy even if they took care not to take a detour.

Arios and Eda were completely exhausted as a result though.

It was evening by the time they got there, Lecan's group paid the town entry tax and headed for Adventurer Association.

According to Shira, Ninae has a large-scale Adventurer Association, and they have rules that oblige you to sell magic stones and potions obtained in the dungeon there. This association hosts an abundance of information regarding the dungeon. Lecan was thinking of purchasing maps and info about magic beasts there.

Ninae's Adventurer Association is in a huge building with a great number of adventurers crowding inside.

Lecan passed by counters that had <Magic Stones>, <Potions>, <Gathering Quests> signs put up, proceeding toward a counter with <Dungeon's Information> sign.

Just right when there's no queue.

"I want dungeon maps and information about magic beasts that spawn inside."

"They're split for every ten floors. Which one's ya want?"

"All of them."

"All of 'eeem?"

The man behind the counter said that with a raised eyebrow.

He should be past 40, almost an elderly, but the aura emanating from him carries a significant pressure.

His bearings leave no opening. This elderly man is most likely an ex-adventurer. A skilled one at that.

The elderly man curtly declared the price after taking a piercing glance at Lecan.

"Two gold coins."

Eeh, Eda let out a small yelp behind.

Lecan fetched two gold coins and handed them over.

The elderly man put a bundle of parchments on the counter.

Lecan took and unfolded them.

"These are some awfully simple maps."

"Those are good enough for the dungeon here. White dots are up stairways, black dots are down ones, X marks are spots where giant variants often spawn. With some slight variations. A friendly reminder, only hunt giant variants if you need to get the <Marks>. Also, stay in the corner if you're camping on ground floor."

"I don't see anything about magic beasts on floor 45. The maps also only go down to floor 44."

"Information about dungeon boss is undisclosed."

"What are these <First Rank> and <Second Rank> about?"

"Sorry, but ya should take that to porters."


"Those guys gotta eat too. Detailed information 'bout magic beasts and stuff have always been a source of income to porters."

"Got it. Know a place that serves good food?"

"That'd be <Jade's Restaurant>. About 200 steps to the right down this street. You'll know the restaurant by piles of ale barrels in the front."

"Tell me a cheap inn for a night rest. One that's around 2000 steps away from the dungeon."

Lecan left Adventurer Association once the elderly man told him the inn.

"Oy, Tott-san. Isn't <Vega> at <Jade's Restaurant> right now?"

"Eh they'd be fine."

That conversation could be heard from the direction of the counters.

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Despite being a solidly built old-fashioned building, the front door of <Jade's Restaurant> alone looks strangely newly built and cheaply made. Marks of a restaurant for adventurers.

Lecan went into the restaurant. Eda and Arios followed after him.

The inside is relatively spacious.

There's a group of guests already.

Two round tables have been adjoined, with dishes covering the entire top of the tables, five men and one woman sit around those. All six are enjoying their drink lively.

They're the only group of people inside the spacious restaurant. No one else is sitting on any other table.

Lecan took a seat in the back.

"This Longbodied Pork (Kashisa) Roast is the best! Bring me 'nuther three!"

A big bearded man with a conspicuously good build asked for seconds.

Lecan spoke to a waiter who had come to take his order.

"Two cups of ale and one cup of tea. Also, that Longbodied Pork Roast for two, four plates of other stuff and one set of today's special."

The waiter quickly brought their ale and tea.

Then the clamoring big bearded man stood and walked up to Lecan's table.

"Yer' a new face here?"

The big man boasts a stature that surpasses Lecan, with a far bigger width. An owner of a burly body.

However, his lacks a bit of tightness compared to Lecan's buddy, Boudou's. Boudou was not only huge, he also had folded steel-like muscles, possessing an intense pressure that would not lose to even an Overking Bear.

Still on his seat, Lecan turned his face right and looked up at the big man's face.

"Yea. Just got to this town today."

"You did eh. Oy, put those drinks on my tab."

Said the man to the waiter bringing Lecan group's drinks.

"And bring me my ale."

The big man turned at Lecan.


"I'm Lecan. My party's would be <Rainbow Pebbles (Willard)>."

"Yeah? The name's Cozwolth. Of party <Vega>."

Cozwolth raised a big mug the waiter brought high up in the air.

"Here's for triumph to <Willard>."

Lecan responds.

"Here's for glory to <Vega>."

"Cheers (Jo Joud)."



Cozwolth, Lecan, Eda and Arios raised their mugs high.

Four people sitting on the table apart also raised their mugs, thus Lecan also raised his to match theirs.

Both Cozwolth and Lecan drank down their ale in no time flat. Swayed by the moment, Lecan told the waiter.

"One glassful to everybody here. On me."

At first he was going to let Cozwolth treat them, being newcomers and all, but Lecan ended up blurting that out.

Cozwolth laughed heartily when he heard him.

"UHAHAHAHA. Yer' quite an alright dude. Dunno where ya been dungeoneering out there, but this is one nice town. Go have a blast!"

"Thanks. I'll make sure I do."


Cozwolth laughed all the way back to his table.

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