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Okami wa Nemuranai 15.3_4


The Longbodied Pork roast was truly superb.

It's crisp yet soft yet also chewy in part.

Its sweet and sour flavor goes really well with ale. The slightly charred sections brings about a surprising aroma to it, forming a perfect harmony with its taste, a true gem of culinary.

The sensation of biting off a piece of meat and then gulping down ale is unlike anything.

The food in this restaurant is the best.

It's reasonably priced too. They would pay every time a plate comes out, but each only costs three or five silver coins. Yet the food worths more than the asking prices.

The first two plates ordered weren't enough at all, he ordered six more.

It's quite lively at <Vega>'s table.

"Oh man, <Vega> is such an awesome name."

"Eda. Do you know what <Vega> means?"

"Eh? It's that right, look. The underworld's? The hound that guards the gate of hell."


Then <Vega> must mean the <Hellhound>.

Just as Lecan was switching his drink from ale to liquor, a man opened the restaurant's door violently.

"Magic beasts have vanished! Someone's beaten the boss!"

The restaurant immediately fell into silence.

"Which party did her in?"

A woman dressed in mage-like attires, a member of <Vega> asked.

"Well you guys are here, and <Dark Constellation (Alcariz)> just got out of the dungeon this morning, so."

"<Sharp Rocks (Jaira)> then! How many times would this be?"


"I believe this is their third time conquering."

A bald-headed man of <Vega> said that.

Cozwolth laughed out loud.

"WAHAHAHAHAHA. They're really goin' at it eh. Guess they got some request for the Queen's venom or somethin'? Anyway, this calls for."

He drank down the inside of his mug and continued.

"Party time! We're drinkin' ourselves dead tonight! Gimme another cup!"

"Coming right in!"

The waiter positively responded.

"Oy, Lecan!"

Lecan turned around at Cozwolth.

"What is it."

"Ya heard that 'rite! The dungeon's closed up! And you just got here, too bad! The next five days belong to this guy."

He spoke while waving an empty jug around.

Meaning, this dungeon's dormant period is five days after its boss is killed. Its magic beasts will spawn back in five days time.

Then they don't have enough time to go back to Vouka.

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<Vega>'s bunch drink a lot and clamor a lot like nothing holding them back.

A sense of nostalgia wrapped Lecan.

Returning from life of constant danger inside a dungeon, he'd drink and make a lot of noise.

That's adventurers.

It's the one thing that never changes no matter the world.

Before long, <Vega> members started fighting among themselves.

Plates, jugs, stuff are flying everywhere.

However, Lecan keeps on drinking without minding.

It's really been a long time since he could relax and enjoy himself like this.

The fight in the back has grown more intense.

Arios and Eda looked pretty shocked at first, but after watching Lecan's looking so composed, they decided to keep enjoying the superb meals.

An ale jug came flying.

The food on Lecan's table would go to waste if it were left on, thus he caught the flying jug with his left hand without looking back.

A little bit of booze inside the jug sprinkled down a plate in front of Lecan.

Lecan grinned.

He's all for additional seasoning on his food.

His <3D Perception> caught a slender man looking at him, thus Lecan threw the jug back at him.

The slender man nicely caught the jug, waved at Lecan's back, and whacked that jug at Cozwolth's head. Splashing booze everywhere.

A man in thief clothing hit the slender man who was laughing hard from the side.

"You look like you're having so much fun, Lecan."

"Hum? Really?"

"I was wondering why was such a good restaurant so devoid of other guests, but I think I get it now."

"Hou? Why?"

"Do you even need to ask. Can anyone have a peaceful meal with that bunch on the side?"

Arios continued his speech after dodging a flying plate.

"Or rather, it would be life threatening to ordinary men."

They're quarrellings among themselves tonight, but someone else may end up picking a fight with them. That someone could wound up dead.

"It doesn't seem like this restaurant's staff is going to stop them either."



"Dungeon-diving adventurers earn their keep by putting their life on the line."


"Times out of dungeon alive are times they cut loose for a bit."

"I see."

"This restaurant is built in a fine building, yet the door and tables are cheap no?"

"Now that you mention it."

"Them breaking is part of the business."

"Haha. So that's just how it works."

Lecan himself made a lot of rackets whenever he came out of dungeons with Boudo back then. He'd get in a fistfight with Boudo, destroy an entire shop, destroy an entire building and have everything he made in a dungeon taken away.

(That was fun.)

Lecan gulped down his liquor while grinning.

Perhaps adventurers go in dungeons in order to feel alive.

After life of constant flirting with death, the times when they drink booze outside of dungeon are when they feel most alive.

The food he'd eat then.

The booze, are all oh so good.

Lecan drank up the liquor before him while imagining the taste of liquor he would get to drink several days later.

"Another bottle of this liquor."

Lecan asked for seconds while hitting down flying debris of broken tables with his sheathed sword.

Right as his order came, the slender man and the bald man kicked Cozwolth out of the restaurant, breaking the door along the way. Immediately after, Cozwolth tore off the remaining wreckage of the door before rushing back into the restaurant.

Lecan drank his booze directly from the bottle.

The rich mellow flavor stimulated his nostril, burning his throat.

The breeze coming in from the now door-less entrance felt good.

"What a nice night."

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