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Okami wa Nemuranai 14.12_13


That day was work at the medical center.

They had a lot of patients again.

Surprisingly enough, five patients asked for <Recovery>.

A rumor had been spread about Lecan going away in the near future, thus many people took the chance while they could.

Most of those couldn't afford to pay five silver coins in cash. Proof of Lecan's <Recovery> being seen as worth shouldering a debt.

That fact didn't make Lecan any more enthusiastic in particular, however. He just casually kept casting <Recovery> as instructed by Norma.

Lecan had a huge interest in the act of examining a patient's body by wrapping a wand with mana. He would ask Norma whenever something he didn't know came up. Most of his inquiries were cleared up right then. Norma would tell him the things that couldn't be answered on the spot later. Which were mostly things that shouldn't be heard by the patients in question.

"At the rate this is going, the majority of patients that couldn't be cured by my power alone should finish their treatment in a few days."

Norma was delighted.

So did Lecan. He believed the stuff he learned here would prove very useful. Just not in the meaning of saving others, but for the sake of saving himself from crisis and for inter-personal combats.

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"Eda. What's that man doing inside here."

"Eh? I mean, Arios-kun hasn't got a reply from you about his apprenticeship. I can't decide that on my own, can I? So I thought, why not have him help me out with the cleaning and dinner then."

"Didn't you see me kicking this guy's sword away."

"Un. I thought that was horrible. But Arios-kun was moved by that. And when I heard why, I was moved too, like, Hee, so that's how it was."

"Moved? What was so moving about that?"

"Lecan-dono. I've made a huge mistake."


"I implored you to take me as your apprentice in order to break free of my shell and grow up as a warrior. And yet, your act of kicking away the sword I offered took my by surprise, numbing me from taking any action."

"That's a normal reaction."

"By the time I heard the door closing behind me, I realized that was your way of teaching me."


"Unpredictable situations may arise during a battle. You have taught me exactly that."

This guy is a big pain in the ass, thought Lecan, but then he realized he could make use of this reasoning.

"That was a test. You failed. Go home."



Eda was also surprised for some reason.

"Le-Lecan. Isn't that just way too cold?"

"What's this got to do with you?"

"U-unn. I mean, like, I've got nothing to do during the day while you're out training at Norma-san's place, right."

"Weren't you going to Shira's house."

"Yeah, I went there today too. She said I'd be able to cast the magic soon."

"Good to hear."

"But I can't exactly go there every day. I'd be a bother to Shira-san."

Lecan was a bit astonished to hear the word 'bother' coming out of Eda's mouth.

Then it hit on him.

"Arios, was it."


"Can you wield a dagger?"

"I have never fought a battle with a dagger. I can wield a Kodachi, however."


"It's a short sword."

Eda's main weapon is a bow, but she needs a sub-weapon.

Lecan was planning to make her use a dagger.

Daggers offer a superb handling, excellent sharpness and a good penetrating power.

Between all other short-bladed swords, that one is not easy to bend due to its thickness, the blade doesn't chip easily either.

It can be used to land a finishing blow on magic beasts, or to skin them.

Archers having a dagger for use in a close quarter combat was a normal practice in Lecan's former world.

A short sword has a less practical use than a dagger. As a weapon, it's half-assed.

But if it's the style Arios wields, it must be pretty good.

Lecan himself can use a dagger, but his style relies on brute forcing his way, not something that can be taught to Eda at all. Just when he was wondering what to do, Arios came forward about his short sword experience, so might as well have him teach her.

"Alright then. Arios. I'm giving you another test."


"I still have some business to do for the next four five days. Go teach Eda how to use a short sword in the meantime."

"In four to five days?"

"Just teach her the basic."

"In that case, I shall undertake this test."

"I'll decide whether to accept your apprenticeship depending on the results."

"Yes. I understand."

Of course, he's fully planning to fail him. Lecan had no intention to take in any other pupil besides Eda, nor had he any clue how to teach one anyway.

As they were sitting around the dining table, Arios spoke to Lecan.


"I'm not your master yet. What?"

"Would you like to witness my skill with a short sword?"

Arios is looking up at Lecan with a gentle expression on his face, yet a strong light dwells in his eyes.

The corner of Lecan's mouth was raised as he faintly laughed.

"I'll have a look."

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