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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Sea Vacation (5)


In short! I'll swiftly get there and search its body while keeping Repulsion active on me!

Haahaahaa, always with the cannonball plan. I'd better start devising magic with better utility next time...

Alright, now that it's decided, time to move out. CLAP, I fired myself up by clapping my cheeks.

With Space Grasp permanently active, I grasp our positions. Deploying Repulsion, defense all green. With [<<Air Thruster>>] active outside Repulsion sphere, I'm approaching the High Kraken at high speed. Umu, it's like jet ski. This is so fun, oh keep that a secret.

As for the High Kraken... Oh, it's in the middle of eating something, ignoring me. It probably won't ever be satiated no matter how much it eats. I circle around while dodging its reflexive tentacle attacks.


I could feel something slightly weird. Trusting my intuition, I search the spot and... Bingo!
What the heck's that thing!? So gross. A 50cm big amoeba-like something that's both yellow and golden colored. It's sticking on the area near the High Kraken's respiratory organs.

???? ????

Uwaaa, Discerning-sensei is bugging out!?

From the few readable words, it seems to be a parasitic slime mold? The meat wall it's sticking on does looks like it's been assimilated a bit.

Hmm, I'm scared it'd get to me if I touch it carelessly. What should we do here...

Clack clack clack clack


I got it!

Parasitic mold! Mold. Won't that work then? And  as a bonus, I wouldn't have to touch it if it destroyed itself.

After some prepping, I tried to turn Mana Clad into tentacle shape and extend it out. Umu, it moves better than expected. And now to pour magic in it.
I approach High Kraken's respiratory organs while dodging its tentacle assault. It's gonna get all tangled up. Would be nice if it did, just gotta extend mine then.

SHUAAA, the High Kraken turned its attention toward me as it ran around in the sea. At the same time, my son, I mean my mana tentacle is getting closer to its respiratory organs. Gotta be extra careful here.

Then I stretch out my tentacle at the parasitic mold... Hit!
The parasitic mold sticks itself to my tentacle. Ha told ya so, it's really sucking up my mana. Poison included though!

Whoa, it's sucking up so greedily. This could mean trouble if it proved ineffective.

The parasitic mold eventually slowed down its sucking. It's writhing agonizingly instead now.
Its body is withering down like a dead branch from end to end before eventually falling off High Kraken.

Aw yeah, it went well.
I had piped through Poison Mist from within the mana tentacle there. And as a final blow, I also tried putting on Mold Destroyer title, and it was a huge success.
Back when this title made a mess of my bread dough, it affected stuff that I didn't touch directly so I was wondering if the mold destroying effect extends to my mana itself.

Once the parasitic mold is gone, the High Kraken is standing by calmly inside the sea like it was all a lie. Ah, that's Uzume next to it, she must be explaining things.
Then, I'll go ahead and heal High Kraken with High Heal. It appeared surprised at the sudden magic, but once it realized it was getting healed, its tentacles started swaying around in jolly.

Once they finished discussing (?), the High Kraken seemed awfully distraught at the fact that it was causing trouble to the sea cats. According to it, the parasitic mold creped into its dwelling from somewhere and stuck to it. Its memories was hazy during its rampage, it just kept eating in order to escape from fear.

It asked the sea cats to come back so it could atone. 'I'm awkward, this is the only thing I can do', so it said. Uzume would go talk with other sea cats first, she told the High Kraken to rest for today which it agreed.

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It's already evening by the time we're back at the beach. There's no evening since we're inside a dungeon tho'.

"I'm back, I did it somehow."

"""""Welcome back."""""

Back at the beach house, everyone greeted me each with their own outfits instead of swimsuits.

Apparently they bought those outfits themselves without my knowledge.

"...We got these ordered with our recent earning. Everyone picked the one Nobu would love."

Mitama's is a teacher style with glasses. Her suit-like adult dress paired with a tight skirt and stockings, dunno how they even made those, bewitchingly emphasize her rear and legs. Really, how'd you even made these, Maniwa-san? Ah, I do love glasses girls.

"Maniwa was quite ecstatic, ya see. He gladly took up our orders, see?"

Futsuno-san is in miko outfit. Fox ears and miko are a match made in heaven in Nobusada's gauge.
It's the red and white version you see a lot in Japan. The armpits aren't open, okay. Doesn't seem like she's wearing sarashi, those have been swaying around freely, highlighting their existence for a while now.

"Milord... um, love clothes with a lot of exposures, do you not? So I thought of putting one."

Kagura-san who's turned back to her normal state is in gym bloomers. Maniwa-san, just what have you brought into this world. I-it's seriously no joke. Due to her tall stature, she looked like an adult onee-san trying to dress up, but that's also good in itself!

"Ufufufu, Nobu-chan sure likes these things~. It's a bi~t different than the temple's ones, just where'd you even get the idea from I wonder~."

Sefi-san is in nun's habit. Her monocle brings about strictness to her image, outwardly that is.
The habits in this world are color coded in accordance to each temple, but the one Sefi-san is wearing is the black and white sister habit you often see in manga. Outrageous, simply outrageous. What is you ask, it's as you've imagined!

"I picked this one because I heard it's from Nobusada-san's hometown, what do you think?"

Eleanor-san is in yukata. Since we're in summer and all, she looks really nice.
She's probably the one that looks best in yukata among these girls. Where, I won't say. I won't.
Her blond hair is bundled up with an ornate hairpin. By the way, that hairpin is the hairpins I created as a practice in Metal Carving, everyone got one. Yup, she's beautiful. Her nape looks so sexy.

"You all look so good in those. I'm such a lucky beggar."

The smile I have now probably competes for the first or second spot I have ever had in my life. And I'm probably making the leeriest face I've ever made right now. No way in hell I could keep a straight face here!

Oh man, what a sight to sore eye.
And now it's time to return the favor by making the best dinner with this happiness intact!

First of all, sashimi. Underbelly tuna, medium fatty tuna, and red meat dished up. The rice go with the leftover into tuna bowls.
The collar bone meat is grilled, while I make the tail in steak fashion with garlic.
In addition, I combine carpaccio, seaweed miso and fruit into a sherbet so they won't get bored.

As for the kittens, I offered them the entrails I was going to make into fertilizers, cooked in a pot.

Since the ban on alcohol was lifted, it turned into a party. I managed to somehow stop Futsuno-san who was going to undress herself, saying it was too hot. I'll do that myself later! Don't deprive me of my fun!

After meal was another party. The grudge of getting all stickied up by High Kraken manifested into extra viscous face lotion for a slimy hyahha session. Naturally I was in charge of washing the used clothes later.

Tettere~♪ Great Nature leveled up.

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