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Okami wa Nemuranai 18.25_26


"Well then, this is where we part ways."

Lecan's group is heading north from here.

Heles, south.

There's a town called Bigo if you go to the south a bit, she's acquainted with the son of the town lord there. She plans to ask Bigo's town lord to arrange a delivery of the Queen's head, legs, as well as herself to the royal capital.


Heles turned around.

In her armor, which has faint marks of scratches from the fierce fight, she looks beautiful.

Lecan had taken back the Solid Sacred Silver sword once they were done carving out the Queen, thus the sword on her waist right now is the one she brought from Royal Capital.

It must have been a work of a master craftsman, its workmanship is precise and elegant, it's clearly a valuable object at a glance.

Indeed, looking at her outside the dungeon once again, anyone can tell she's a daughter of a high-ranking noble.

Heles walked up to Lecan and slowly presented her right palm.

She timidly lifted her palm and softly put it on Lecan's left chest.

As if relishing its warmth.

Then Heles put her left hand on her left chest.

Heart-to-heart connected, what does this gesture signifies, Lecan has no idea. But Heles's eyes looking straight up at Lecan were exceedingly clear, filled with kindness.

Arios and Eda are watching the parting rite without a word.

An intersecting happenstance between this wild beast-like man, and a noble knightess that are so far apart probably won't ever occur again.

After quite some time, Heles let go of her hand while still gazing at Lecan, and opened her mouth like she recalled something.

"That reminds me, that insolent man might attempt to harass Lecan-dono."



"Ah, that huh."

"That man called himself a member of Paizalun House of Praie. I shall arrange it with my father so Paizalun House won't be able to harass you in any way."

"Really. That's a big help."

Heles knelt on her right knee, put her right hand on her chest and left hand on her sword to do a salute.

Then she stood up and spoke her parting words.

"Farewell. Lecan-dono."

"Stay in good health. Heles-san."

"Thank you. Eda-dono. And also, Arios-dono. I shall treasure the days I spent with all of you all my life."

"Heles-san. Please send my regards to your father once you're back."

"Eh? Yeah."

"Everyone's sure to be surprised when they see you bringing this amazing present back."

"Indeed. Ufufufufu. I can already picture the look on my uncle's face when he sees this. Kukukuku."


"Indeed. Uncle has always been strongly against me becoming a knight that serves upon that wise person in roundabout ways. He even told me to marry someone he'd introduce instead, because that's my happiness he said."

"O-oh really."

"'If you want to serve them no matter what, do so as a maid', he said, then he finally went and abused his power to get me agree to such an impossible condition. He even exerted his influence on Adventurer Associations at the royal capital and other prominent cities, preventing me from hiring high-ranking adventurers."

"Oh, I had no idea."

"However, I have accomplished nothing short of a miracle. Thanks to Lecan-dono and you guys' help. The condition uncle has imposed on me will now bind him instead. I could just hear him saying 'Guu'. Hahahahaha."

Heles left in high spirits.

The three watched over her as her back disappeared beyond a hill.



"Ah, you're back to calling him with <Dono>."

"Perhaps we--"


"--did something truly unnecessary there."

"Don't care."


Of two bags Lecan got from <Jaira>, one had six white gold coins inside, another had a necklace.

The necklace Veta the mage had on her.

He looks forward to appraising it and finding out what kind of Graces it's got.

(We're finally going home.)

Lecan loves dungeon exploring.

He loves encountering powerful foes, he loves fighting powerful foes, he loves winning over powerful foes. And how he's getting stronger in the heat of battle, it's the best feeling.

However, he felt a bit tired with the dungeon exploration this time.

Too many things happened.

First of all, he just wants to sleep like a log.

Settling down at home, kicking back in peace for a while.

He suddenly realized something after thinking that far.

(Go home?)


Lecan has had experiences of owning houses at times.

He's done staying in a town, making it his base of operation for an extended period of time.

However, those were mere bases, they could be replaced at anytime, they could be gone for all he cared.

What about Vouka then.

That town isn't so bad.

The town lord may be a bit eccentric, but he's a man with convictions and skills to back, the townspeople are living in relative peace. The poor and those who have been wronged do exist, but he doesn't oppress more than necessary.

The temple may be rotten in places as well, but they're also doing their part.

The Adventurer Association is quite nice. So is the quality of the staff.



The people he met during quests.

And, Shira.

Right. That town isn't so bad.

That must be the reason why his steps toward that town feel this light.

Even while feeling a bit bewildered, Lecan decided to accept the first place he could call hometown in two worlds.

"Aah. I can see Vouka town! We're back, we're back home!"

"Yeah. We're back."

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