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Okami wa Nemuranai 19.11_12


The next day, both Lecan and Eda slept until just before noon.

His body felt very sluggish when he got up.

He thought of drinking a red potion, but stopped short when he recalled Shira's words.

According to Shira, people grow by fighting wounds and fatigue their body suffers, but drinking potions would erase those fights altogether.

Lecan ate the lunch Eda prepared and took out the spider materials.

He stacked them up in the house's cramped garden, which wasn't enough and so he put the rest in two vacant rooms full, as well as six <Boxes> he got from Heles before he got them all out.

There were 24 Octocular Great Spiders worth of mats, but looking again, lots were damaged, and only around half were in perfect state. Some spiders had their abdomen leather taken away, some not, but due to its inherent volume, there's quite a lot. Most of the heads have one eye crushed, on top of it, the middle parts are squashed flat, so these probably won't fetch much. As some of the venom sacs were smashed, there were only 18. They still got quite a lot of spider thread from floor 20 and below as well. They forgot to sell this one when they sold mats at Town of Ninae.

Two horse-drawn wagons arrived just when he was done taking out all the mats.

"Lecan-sama. We're truly grateful for your patronage."

It's Dans.

He's a head clerk of Chaney Company, quite a high ranking one on the employee ladder.

He had two bodyguards, two coachmen and also four employees to help loading and unloading the luggage. The two coachmen and four employees were unfamiliar faces, but Lecan knew the two bodyguards.

Swordsman Vandam and mage Zeki.

"Hey, Lecan. It's been a while."


"So I heard you went to Dungeon Ninae depths."


"That's mighty impressive. Hey there, Eda."

"Good afternoon, Vandam-san. I was there too you know."

"Oh did your speech change? Eh? What? You were there? You can't be tellin' me Eda went exploring to Dungeon Ninae depths too!"

"Un. Ah, good afternoon, Zeki-san."

Zeki was as taciturn as ever, he only bowed lightly at Lecan and Eda.

"Ah, and we didn't just explore the depths, we went and conquered the last floor too."



Vandam and Zeki were shocked.

"No, but. Don't take me wrong, Lecan's one thing, but Eda's... Hold it. Come to think of it, been hearing rumors about <Thousand Shooter Eda> being a mid-level <Recovery> user."

"Eda is a high level <Recovery> user."


"She's also an expert archer. Someone who's conquered all 45 floors of Dungeon Ninae, Eda is quite an adept combatant now."

"Well damn. That's nuts."

"Once that fact is widely known, there should be less people attempting to mess with Eda."

"I see where yer' going. Got it. I'll go spread the rumor."

"Sorry about this."

Dans went inside and opened his eyes wide in surprise when he saw the amount of materials.

"My goodness, this is. There's so. So much of them."

Lecan did tell them about him bringing 24 Octocular Great Spiders back, but it seemed they didn't think it would be spiders whole.

Thinking again, they should be able to estimate the amount of materials Lecan's party brought from Ninae, so these two wagons and two bodyguards are their way to show the utmost respect to Lecan.

Dans instructed the employees to stuff the mats into the large <Boxes> they brought and loaded them on the wagons.

When empty, a <Box> is flat and foldable, but it swells up as you put more things inside, and once it's reached it limit, it won't swell up anymore.

Multiple <Boxes> quickly got filled to capacity, and getting loaded onto the wagon.

After a while, the first wagon has been fully loaded.

"Chiko. Deliver this wagon to the store. Once you get there, get as many large <Boxes> as you can and bring them back here with the wagon."


"Vandam-san, could you escort the wagon."

"Got it."

"Dans. There's mats inside these six <Boxes> too. Two of those are 10x capacity, and four are 50x."

"Eh. Yes. Thank you very much. Oy, Chiko. Bring two wagons. Get two wagons here."


"Lecan-sama. As for your order of light armor, am I right to believe you want them made from these materials."

"That's right."

"In that case, my master Chaney would like to consult with you after he's seen the materials, would tomorrow noon be a good time for you."


"As we will need to measure your sizes, it would be great if we could perform that at the store."

"That's fine."

"Thank you very much. And your orders are for three, which are."

"Yeah. It's for me, Eda, and the man over there."

Lecan pointed at Arios who was watching the loading work.

"A light armor for Arios. And also boots."

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Lecan left it to Eda and Arios to watch over the loading and went to the weapon store he bought <Sword of Rusk> at.

"Oh, that you sir. Was gonna ask how d'ya think of <Sword of Rusk>, but what's up with that giant sword."

"<Sword of Rusk> feels nice to wield. Fits well in my hand."

"Good to hear. Thought it would be about time for maintenance."

"I got it sharpened at a certain weapon store recently. Also bought this sword there."

The storekeeper took <Sword of Agost> Lecan handed him and then slightly drew the sword out of its scabbard on top of the counter.

"Ain't this, is this, <Sword of Agost>?"

"It is."

"Eeh! So this is the sword eh. I see this one's."

"Might be a bit chipped since I used it to fight in Dungeon Depths."

"That, it is. Hm. I see lots of fine scratches. They'd turn into bigger chips if you leave these alone, weakening the sword, it might even snap eventually."

"Can you resharpen it."

"Got it. Lemme at it."

"How many days would it take?"

"Gimme seven days. Can't do the usual way with something this heavy."

"Got it. And also."


"Does this store accept custom orders for short swords?"

"Hmm. We got some blacksmiths here in this town yeah, and they accept custom orders. But none's got the zing to smith a short sword that can measure up to you sir."

"Guess you don't have a single-edged short sword for sale."

"Actually I do have one. Hold on a bit."

The storekeeper brought back a short sword sheathed in a hard vermilion-lacquered wood scabbard.

Drawing it out, only one edge is sharp, and it's even slightly curved.

Lecan pushed the blade against his finger to have a feel.

Too sharp a blade chips easily, but this one doesn't have such a dainty air to it.

In fact, this sword looks like it can be awfully sharp depending on the way you wield it.

It's shorter than the short sword Lecan is lending to Eda, but heavier. A nice heavy feeling to it.

To Lecan's eye, this red sheathed short sword looked exceedingly sturdy. No doubt it must be excellent at rotating around in your hand.

He thought of asking the storekeeper to let him <Appraise> it, but he decided against it.

The meaning of sturdy varies, Lecan's present state of <Appraisal> can only unfold one part of many. Which would become an extraneous information instead.

Not to mention, how good it is at rotating in hand is not something that can be <Appraisal>-ed.

"I'm taking this one. How much."

"It's two gold coins and one big silver coin."

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