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Okami wa Nemuranai 19.8_9_10


Lecan stopped himself just when he was about to reflexively shoot a <Flame Spear>.

Because Eda had swiftly dodged to the right, missing the magic beast's fangs.

The magic beast couldn't change its course in the middle of its leap.

Instead, it used its left leg to attack Eda.

Eda parried that left leg with her short sword held in an overhand grip. She's supporting the short sword with the part of her left arm that's covered.

Even though she managed to skillfully kill the majority of the momentum, she still took a direct hit from an attack with the magic beast's weight behind it yet she didn't lose her balance. Her physical strength has improved so much, incomparable to her former self.

The Silver Wolf landed and quickly turned around.

Eda had already gone around it from the right.


Eda went around in the same direction the magic beast turned around.

Thus it lost Eda for an instance.

Eda presses ahead as she goes around.

(Don't get reckless!)

The magic beast sensed what Eda was doing and turned its body even further with its fangs going toward Eda for the kill.

Eda slashed at its snout. She swung her short sword to the right from the left.

The short sword Lecan lent to Eda is only as sturdy as average store-bought swords, it's not that sharp either.

However, that one hit cut quite deeply even though she didn't put that much weight behind it.

'Gyan', shrieked the petrified Silver Wolf.

Eda's short sword has been thrust into its neck from right above.

Eda quickly jumped away.

Silver Wolf furiously writhed.

Both sides stopped moving.

The Silver Wolf fell down.

Eda has prevailed.

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Lecan was fretting so much and yet the battle was quite one-sided.

Eda's class as a warrior already far exceeds common Silver Wolves.

If you think about it, she's someone who's survived through many battles against dungeon depths' magic beasts.

In a one-on-one fight against a magic beast above ground, it wouldn't even be a match unless the opponent was a high-ranking magic beast and an especially strong individual.

Eda is gasping for breaths while looking down at the foe she just beat.

Rather than physical fatigue, it's more like a reverberation from a fresh experience of fighting a powerful magic beast.

Eventually, Eda turned around toward Lecan.


She ran up to him and hugged him.

Lecan gently caught her.

After a while.

"Put away your short sword."


Afterward, Lecan drained the blood out of Silver Wolf and put it in a <Box>.

Heles gave several <Boxes> to him saying that those <Boxes> she bought for exploring the dungeon were unnecessary now.

Lecan and Eda silently bowed at the site of battle before leaving back to the town.

It was evening, but Adventurer Association was still open for business.


"My, Lecan-san. And hello there, Eda-san. Did you need something?"

Lecan showed a <Box> on his hand.

"Got it done."


"We finished the quest."


"Turned out it was a Silver Wolf. Thus we exterminated it."

"You're, lying right?"

"We've brought its carcass with us. Should we take it out here?"

"No, please don't do that here. Over here please."

Led by Aira, Lecan went to a dismantling and mats purchase spot behind the association and took the Silver Wolf's carcass out of the <Box>.

An elderly man wearing dirty work clothes spoke in amazement.

"Well dang, ain't that a Silver Wolf. And quite a big one at that. Don't seem like it's old either. Musta been strong. And this thing was right outside the town eh. Aira. Your intuition was spot on."

"I can't believe you defeated it so quickly. How did you find it?"

"That's a secret. By the way Aira."


"It was Eda who defeated this magic beast. I only helped draining the blood."

"Yessss? No, that can't be, no way. You're, lying, right?"

"What's in it for me to lie."

"...No. Lecan-san doesn't speak lies. Then, Eda-san truly did it, against this powerful magic beast?"

"The wounds are all from a short sword. I only use big swords."

"Hard to believe, but it's true. When did she get so strong."

"Eda and I conquered Dungeon Ninae."


"There's more reward if we defeat the Silver Wolf, right. We'll come back and get it later. Well then."

Passing through the dumbfounded Aira, Lecan and Eda went back home.

Arios was preparing dinner inside. Portions for three even.

"Whaaa, Arios-kun! You made dinner for us! Thank you!"

"Welcome home. Please bear with it as I can't cook as well as Eda-san. Lecan-dono, a messenger from Chaney Company came by."

"I see."

"They will come here by noon with two carts. With large <Boxes> stuffed on them. However, they will send a messenger in the morning that could reschedule it for another date if tomorrow noon is a bad time for you."

"Got it. Tomorrow noon is fine. Let's get to eating now. No. Should take some bath first."

Fetching a large quantity of materials from Lecan's house is a huge undertaking.

Would have been much easier if Lecan brought those mats there himself.

However, doing that means making Lecan's <Storage> capacity known.

Using <Storage> in dungeons in front of members in the same party was unavoidable, but Lecan has no intention of disclosing this ability to anyone else.

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