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Okami wa Nemuranai 19.1_2


After arriving at Vouka town, Lecan went straight to Shira to report to her.

Along with Eda and Arios.

Why is Arios tagging along?

"The master who taught Lecan-dono magic? Please, I'd love to meet her by all means."

Arios plans to stay in Vouka town for a while longer in order to put the things he learned in the dungeon into practice.

Arios wasn't born in this town. He wouldn't tell where he was from, but he said he was born in a distant town, and is currently in a journey to expand his views.

He wasn't actually hired as a bodyguard at Goncourt House.

He was referred there by a noble from another town, in other word, he was a house guest.

Therefore, he actually has no more reason to stay in this town, but he insists on accompanying Lecan for a bit more in order to steal his techniques.

"Do as you like."

That was Lecan's answer.

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"Shira-baachan! We're back!"

"Nice to have you back. Lecan too."


"Please pardon my intrusion. My name is Arios."

"Welcome. I'm Shira. It's so rare to see Lecan bringing someone else here."

"We've brought some tea and snacks for you."

"Oh dear, thank you. This is quite a nice tea brand. Must have been expensive."

"Ehehe. I was in charge of picking them up. And for Jericho, here! Assortment of fruit. I've got a lot with me."


"This time I have a souvenir for Shira as well."

"Well now, how unusual. Just what is... Hee. This is one's splendid magic stone."

"It's Dungeon Ninae Boss's."

"I knew it, you got to the last floor. I figured that'd be the case seeing the huge boost in you two's life forces. Thanks for the souvenir. Well, anyway, have a seat everyone. I'll go get you tea."


"Got nothing for you."


"Don't be down. My bad. I'm gonna get you something next time."


Lecan, Eda, and Arios took a seat and made themselves at home while Shira was making tea.

Fatigue had piled up in their bodies, thus even sitting was quite relaxing.

(So Shira is able to see people's life forces.)

Lecan's <Life Detection> can discern strength of humans and magic beasts to a degree. However, it cannot detect life forces.

Eventually Shira brought their tea and took a seat herself.

"The boost seems a bit odd even factoring you defeating the dungeon boss however. Did something happen?"

"Really? Fumu. Might be that. The Dungeon Boss summoned 10,000 of its familiars during our fight with it, we annihilated all of them."

"Oh dear, that one came out huh. That must have been rough. Well done coming back here in one piece."

"It would have been bad had you not taught me <Crawling Flame (Gailvey)> magic. And if you didn't give me that wand. And if Eda, Arios and Heles weren't there."


"A knightess that took on the dungeon together with us."

"Hee? Well anyway, Eda-chan, let me have a good look on you."

Shira stared at Eda.

"Unn. This is amazing. She won't fall behind some random adventurers or magic beasts as she is now. But still, you really overdid it. Even went and conquered the dungeon."

Shira glared at Lecan.

"I believe I told you to go no further than floor 20."

"That's what you said to help her experience a dungeon. However, I wanted to give Eda strength to live her future. Besides, to understand the true severity of combat you've got to overcome life and death ones."

Shira sighed out greatly.

"You. Haven't you forgotten that Eda-chan is still 14?"


It was Arios who voiced his surprise.


"Un! I'm fourteen years old. Guess I never mentioned that?"

"So you're saying we took a fourteen year old girl to a dungeon, to the depths of it even."

"Look there, Lecan. Even this Longlifer, Arios, has more common sense than you."

Arios was shocked, his eyes opened wide when he heard her.

"Longlifer? What's that."

"A race of people that lives longer than ordinary humans. That said, it's only about twice or thrice longer at most."

"That's nothing much."

"Right it is."

To Lecan, it's nothing much since he has Shira here as a comparison. Shira was a witch from a long gone kingdom, which fell more than 300 years ago.

"H-how did you find out."

"Eh, that's obvious at a glance."

"No one has ever managed to find out. To begin with, I have never even encountered anyone who is aware of Longlifer's existence."

Shira squinted and stared at Arios.

"38 year old huh. Quite young."

"Eeh? You know my age? That cannot be"

"I just counted the wrinkles in your mana pleats. It's nothing much."

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