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Okami wa Nemuranai 19.5_6_7


"See ya now."

"P-please wait a bit!"


"We have an extermination quest, it's posted on the quest board as well."

"Aren't there always?"

"We have received a report about a sighting of a Silver Wolf (Saraje) in the vicinity of Rumoi village."

"Silver Wolf? First rank of Wolf Ogre, it's a powerful magic beast. Do these kinds of magic beasts often wander around here?"

"As far as I know, no. However, it's said that Silver Wolves did occasionally appear around this area before this town was built. By the way, what do you mean by first rank?"

"Hm? That's what written in Dungeon Golbul's handbook."

"Ah. Is that right. That's the standard at Dungeon Golbul. I believe other dungeons have their own ranking systems as well, which also get their own criteria to determine the ranks."


"Adventurer Association do not adopt such ranking system. Magic beasts can vary depending on the regions they appear after all, and there's so many types of them, categorizing them is an endless work. A magic beast that's called something in a region sometimes get called another in another region. Just when you thought a certain magic beast is the strongest among its kind, an even stronger one emerged, that kind of cases pop up occasionally."

"I see, then that means a party of Silver-ranked adventurers with proper equipment can defeat this Silver Wolf."

Chaney Company's personal bodyguards, Vandam and Zeki were Silver ranked adventurers. Supposedly they're capable of defeating a Silver Wolf with their skills and equipment. The Silver Wolves Lecan fought were on lower stratum of Dungeon Golbul, he has no idea how strong the ones that emerge above ground.

"However, this quest is designated as rank Copper."


"The quest isn't exactly for an extermination, you're asked to confirm the sighting authenticity and report back, and if possible defeat it."

"I see. But won't you get forced to fight it if you encounter one."

"The Assocation's top brass has judged that the possibility of a Silver Wolf actually being around to be low. Fortunately, no one has taken on this quest in the past two days."

"But you believe there is a Silver Wolf."


"Your basis."

"My intuition."

"I see."

"Telnis had been saying that he wanted to take it on. I persuaded him not to because it would be dangerous if a Silver Wolf was truly there. But, it looked like he would anyway. He might take on the quest if the quest tag is still on the board tomorrow."

"The reward?"

"Two silver coins for confirming the magic beast's identity. You will get more if it's really a Silver Wolf and if you defeat it. How much will be decided in the aftermath."

Lecan has had Chaney send a messenger.

If he's not present, that messenger would come for nothing.

"Got it. Bring me the quest tag. <Willard> will take on it."

"Thank you very much. This is the spot where it was witnessed."

Aira pointed at a spot on the map.

"That's close. We'll go right away, but the investigation might start tomorrow."

"Thank you and good luck."

Rumoi village is located to the south of Vouka. There's a forest further south of Rumoi, but the sighting spot was to the northwest. Not far from Vouka's west gate.

"By the way, Lecan-san, did you buy a house?"

"Just borrowing."

"Please tell me the address."

Lecan almost reflexively gave it to her, but it would be annoying if she comes visit and presses some quests onto him. Would be quite a bother if he got called when he was relaxing.

"I refuse."

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Eda hadn't returned yet when Lecan arrived at their home.

Focusing on <Life Detection>, he managed to find red dots which appeared to be Eda and Arios.


(I've gotten better at distinguishing Eda's red dot.)

However, she was with Arios this time, the condition was more favorable than trying to find her when she's alone. In addition, there was only a few people who possessed mana around Eda this time, thus pinpointing her was easier. He's got to practice more if he wants to distinguish Eda for certain.

"We're back. Oh Lecan, you're back ahead of us."

"Pardon me."

"Eda. Extermination quest."


"Got a sighting of Silver Wolf near Rumoi. Would be bad to leave it alone."

"Silver Wolf! But that's way out of my league."

"You'll be with me. No problem."

"Would it be fine if I accompany you two."

"No. Arios, you stay in this house. A messenger from Chaney Company should be coming soon. Wait here and listen to what they have to say."

"I understand."

"Lecan. What about dinner?"

"We've still got enough food for another night of camping."

"Eeh. Camping again? We just got back home though."

"That's just how it is with adventurers. Let's go."

After leaving Vouka through the west gate, Lecan moved his <Life Detection> range forward, probing for Silver Wolf's location.

There were only low level monsters around this vicinity, the presence of a Silver Wolf would be obvious.

There it is.

It's really there.

A strong blue dot.

A magic beast that emanates such a strong light so close to Rumoi village, it's a miracle no one has fallen victim yet.

"Eda. Halt."

"What's wrong?"

"A thousand steps forward, there's what seems to be a Silver Wolf."


"You go ahead of me from here. I'll give you directions from behind."


"Fight with your short sword once you come in contact."


"Arios taught you defensive forms, didn't he."

"U-un. But he never teaches me offensive forms, you know?"

"Show me how good you are at defending. Try attacking if you think you can."

"I-I got it."

From there, Eda proceeded ahead of Lecan.

"Alright, halt. What seems to be a Silver Wolf is 200 steps ahead. I'll give you a hand if it looks bad, but fight as if I'm not here."

"Got it."

"Then, go."

Lecan felt anxious as he followed behind Eda.

He jolted when <3D Perception> caught the enemy's shape.

Excluding the tail, it's as tall as Eda.

Even though it's still smaller than the Silver Wolves Lecan beat in Dungeon Golbul, his anxiety flared up when he saw its actual form.

(This thing's jaws can bite Eda's head off.)

A few wounds could be healed with <Recovery>.

However, lost limbs cannot be cured.

There's no turning back if she dies from one hit.

(Perhaps it's too early to let her go against a Silver Wolf.)

However, on the other hand, this fight is Eda's test. If she managed to fend it off for a while without suffering serious injuries, she could seriously work as an adventurer.

As he slowly walk behind Eda, Lecan raised his right hand, its palm facing forward. Ready to shoot a <Flame Spear> anytime.

(<Flame Arrow (Veyart) is faster, but I can't blow away a Silver Wolf with anything less than a <Flame Spear>.)

Wonder if Eda notices a magic beast is lurking inside the bush ahead of her. Lecan is fretting as he watches over Eda's advance.

Magic beasts of Wolf Ogre kind are good at hiding themselves. Perhaps Eda hasn't noticed.

Right in that moment, the magic beast jumped out of the bush and ran toward Eda at blistering speed.

Then it leaped.

With its huge mouth wide open.

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