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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.8


"The morning after, we were going to look for the enemy's hideout, and Zeki-san asked if there's anyone good at scouting, so I told him I can use <Detection>."

"Yep good. That kind of stuff is better left announced."

"Zeki-san asked, how far could that cover, I said, around 60 steps. Then I went to scout out the area with Zeki-san and confirmed the hideout's location and the number of bandits there. There were 22."

"Then we went back, and Zeki-san and commander Ritton had a discussion to decide the plan. We would split into six groups and encircle the hideout, then once Zeki-san cast his magic to reduce their number, we would charge in. Then I told them I could cast <Sleep> remotely."

"That's quite a feat, Eda-chan."

"But commander Ritton wouldn't believe it. Who would believe something as absurd as casting <Spell> from a distance, he said."

"Is that commander something a mage?"

"I don't think so. He had no smell of mana on him."

Lecan was a bit surprised. There's no way to tell whether someone who doesn't emit mana at all is a mage or not even if you're a mage yourself. Yet it appears Eda is able to sense it through this smell of mana thing.

"Then Zeki-san said, it doesn't matter even if it doesn't go well, just let her give it a shot, so I got grouped with Zeki-san and commander Ritton."

"Did the <Sleep> work well?"

"Since there was someone on the lookout, I put him to sleep first. Zeki-san asked what about the preliminary casting, I told him I never learned how."

"I don't remember teaching you that for sure."

"Then as there were two people outside the huts, I put them to sleep too. There were three huts, with six, four and eight people inside each. Since I could tell their positions with <Detection> even though I couldn't see them, I put them all to sleep one by one. It turned into an uproar by the third guy, and they started peeking out of the huts from inside, but I didn't mind and just kept casting sleep."

That can be done by combining <Detection> and <Sleep> huh. But that's only possible because Eda can alternate between two spells successively, it's not something anyone can just mimic.

"Nicely done there."

"But then there was one guy that repelled my spell. Zeki-san told me to ignore that and just keep putting the other guys to sleep. So I did."
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"The bandits must be clueless as to what was going on."

"Then it happened after around the 18th guy I think. The guy who repelled my magic rushed out of his hut. It was a really big man."

"Hmmm. He was probably wearing an equipment that resisted your magic."

"Un. Zeki-san told me about it later. He had an armor that could repel magic on him."

"Hee? That's quite an amazing piece for a mere bandit."

"Just when Zeki-san started a preliminary casting for some spell, that big man began charging toward us. So I shot my arrow at his leg to stop him. Then Zeki-san's magic landed on him, commander Ritton ran out and cut down the man."

"Nice coordination."

"Then the remaining bandits tried to run away but other adventurers kept them in check, I put them to sleep one by one."

"That's one operation done."

"Un. Then everybody tied up the bandits. I was gonna wake the sleeping guys up but decided against it. Cause Baa-chan warned me not to use magic to rouse people in public."

"I did say that. Great job remembering that. Good girl, good girl."

"Hehe. Then since we had to wait for those guys to wake up, we ended up staying the night in the huts. And since we couldn't travel quickly with the captives, we camped along the way and just got here today."

"Well done. I'm proud of you. We've got someone with a twitching nose over there too."
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"My nose is not twitching."

"You just don't realize it yourself."

"Zeki-san sent his regards to you, Lecan."

By the end of month three to around the beginning of month four, Lecan, Nike and Eda escorted a wagon to Vantaroy. Along with Zeki and Vandam. They were attacked by <Crushing Hammer Bufuz> and <Evil Eye Jiba> along the way. Lecan took care of them both. Their equipment were sold once they arrived at Vouka and were split to everyone, nine gold coins and nine big silver coins each. Zeki got the same amount of money supposedly, thus it's only natural for him to see Lecan in high regards.

"Ah, and then, Lecan."


"The head of Adventurer Association was waiting for us when we got back here, he talked about something with commander Ritton and then asked me to come there tomorrow with you Lecan."

"To Adventurer's Association?"


"I've got no business there."

"I've gone and told them we'd go."

"It can't be helped then."

Eda left Shira's house saying she wanted to eat something and went home.

Lecan cast spells on his potpourris.

At first, Shira coached him on it, but by the time he was done with half, she would say nothing.

"You're doing good. You've mastered how to make potpourris now."

"Have I. I owe you one."

"And now you should let them dry out for about ten days. I'll teach you how to make stamina restoratives on the 26th."

"Got it. But I'd like to learn <Accelerate> so I'll be dropping by sometimes."

"I wanna sleep. You're barred from coming here unless for a very pressing matter."

Can one really sleeps for ten days straight. It's curious, but the entire being of this old woman is a lump of mystery in itself.


When he got home, dinner was already prepared.

He had his fill, enjoyed his liquor in peace and went to bed.

The next day, Lecan got up at his pace, had breakfast at his pace and then went out to Adventurer Association with Eda.

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