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Okami wa Nemuranai 19.21_22_23


"I sold those to you. How you're gonna use them is up to you."

"That's the part I need to consult Lecan-sama about."


"Purchasing them would mean we have to agree to a price, then I have to pay the agreed price in exchange for the goods."

"Yeah well, that's how it is."

"It's not like our company cannot afford the amount of money needed to buy up all those materials. However, it won't be the most optimum prices for those goods, and it won't be a deal that could extend business arms of Chaney Company."


"I would like to penetrate Vantaroy market using those goods."

"Haven't you formed business connections at Vantaroy already."

"Yes. And it's thanks to Lecan-sama. With the items you acquired in Dungeon Golbul, Chaney Company managed to find new trade partners, and garnered considerable trust. We opened a branch office at Vantaroy just the other day, with Orst assuming branch manager position."

Orst is a clerk of Chaney Company. Lecan's group escorted him once.

"Those materials are not beyond the skill of the artisans here at Vouka. However, the expert craftsmen at Vantaroy are capable of producing items one or two ranks higher out of them."


"I plan to join forces with a certain merchant at Vantaroy and get skilled craftsmen to craft the best products, mainly light armor, there are, and for that, I plan to present it to Vantaroy's town lord."

"Is the lord here fine with that."

"We will gift some to the lord here as well. Naturally. And if the town lord there permits, I'd like to put up new goods on the market and sell materials to new trade partners."

"Then do so. I've got no reason to refuse."

"We cannot put a price on the goods right away if we proceed with this plan. And the payment will have to be deferred for quite a long time."

"I don't mind. I'm staying in this town for the remainder of the year. No need to hurry."

"Thank you very much! I shall take up the challenge now that Lecan-sama has given his consent. This will help forming connections with new business partners and craftsmen, opening a path for goods one, two rank higher. Please accept this."

Chaney put a luxurious small bag on a tray and presented it to Lecan.

"This small deposit is the least we could muster right now."

Lecan took up the bag.

He guessed there were two white gold coins inside from the feels.

Lecan put the bag back on the tray and pushed it to Chaney.

"You're gonna need some liquidity. Save the money for when it's all done."

Chaney bowed his head almost down to the ground.

"Thank you, so very much."

"Well then, can we talk about our light armor orders now."

"Yes. We've called a workman for the measurement. Please consult to the person himself for any requests you have in mind. As it will be made at Vantaroy, we're truly sorry but it will take a month to finish."

"Ah, Chaney-san."

"Yes. How may I help you, Arios-sama."

"I'd like to sell this."

"And this <Box> is?"

"There's a venom sac of Dungeon Ninae boss, Octocular Great Spider Queen inside. "


Chaney was frozen solid on the spot like he got hit by the Queen's freezing attack.

Lecan spoke to Chaney.

"I want you to use the highest quality parts from the materials we gave you for our armor."

"Y-yes. Naturally."

"Also, use this for the armored parts."

Lecan stood up and took a huge mass out of his chest <Storage>.

With a diameter of around a step and a half, a beautiful blue shell-like something.

There's a lone hole on a section.

If you look closer, you'd notice scratches on the lower part.

With a single glance, Chaney realized that it was a mat from a mighty magic beast he never witnessed before in his life.

"That's... That's... It can't be."

"Shell part of the Queen's abdomen."

Dungeon Ninae boss is structurally unique, boasting an extremely tough abdomen.

To the point that a full power blow of Lecan's Perforation skill was unable to open a hole in one hit.

"Eda. You haven't got your share in the Queen's extermination, have you."


"The best part of this shell is yours."




"Make Eda's light armor out of this shell's best part. Use the rest for me and Arios's armor."

"W-we shall have it done."

"You can buy the leftover scraps."

"T-thank you very much!"

Lecan commissioned Chaney to repair his vest as well.

His plain black vest has been with him since way back at his former world. It's made of Thousand Rock Spider's thread, boasting powerful magic defense. However, it's all tattered now, a huge hole has opened on it from the raid at Dungeon Ninae. Although he probably can't find the same material here, some of the mats this time carry similar properties. That said, wearing it under the light armor would make it too thick, so he's probably not gonna wear it when he has the light armor equipped.

He also asked to get his trousers' mended. It's made from a mix of rare materials by a master craftsman. It's all worn out already, but Lecan has grown attached to it. Chaney suggested making fitting underwear, shirts and trousers along with the light armor using the mats this time, and Lecan complied.

Eda and Arios also ordered shirt, trousers and underwear during the occasion, but Eda declared that she might not wear the underwear depending on how comfortable it is.

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The workman taking their measurements was very elaborate, he asked fine details such as the way they fight and their standard equipment.

As Lecan also ordered shirt on top of light armor and boots, he specifically asked for a sturdy inner pocket on the armor to put the <Guardian Jewel of Zana> in, and other pockets if he ever obtains more jewels in the future. He also ordered a holster to hold <Dagger of Harut>, and a belt with a small bag attached to it for putting magic stones that can be readily taken any time. He made other requests as well afterward.

Arios was even more particular than Lecan, asking for specific shapes and functions.

Eda was unconcerned about functions and stuff, she asked for specific colors, shapes and that they looked cute, thus Lecan said to the workman to decide at his own discretions.

Once the measuring was over, it was evening already.

Dans came by and led the three to the usual high class restaurant. Chaney is treating them again tonight. Lecan has never paid a dime to this restaurant.

"Master deeply apologizes for his absent."

Chaney is probably busy going around to create new business opportunities, it's only natural he can't come.

Dans also went back, so the dinner was only with the three.

"Eda. Drink a third of wine glass."

"Sure, but why."

"Here's to Eda's promotion to silver rank adventurer. Cheers (Jo Jood)!"

"Ah, you're right. Cheers!"

"Congratulations. Cheers!"



"We're going out to gather herbs on the 31st. It'll be me, you and Nike."

"Nike-san is back then!"

"She should be here now already. Last time it took around 14-15 days. Get yourself ready with that in mind."

"I shall depart this town tomorrow. I will come back after one and half a month at the earliest, two months at the latest."

"Arios-kun. Be careful out there."

"Yes. You too, Eda-san."

The food was good.

The drink was good.

The three relished on the food to their heart's content that night.

"Oh right. Arios. This is for you. And also Eda."

Lecan handed over two white gold coins to each of them.

He got 6 white gold coins from <Jaira> as an apology for assaulting them. Eda is the victim that almost got kidnapped, and Arios is a comrade who fought together against them then, they both have the right for the money.

Arios thanked Lecan and casually put the coins away.

Eda went stiff for a while.


Lecan jumped out of bed in the middle of the night.

He recalled something important.

"<Light (Teraparm)>"

With the light on, he took a necklace out of <Storage>.

The necklace Jade gave him, an apology from <Jaira>.

It's an equipment worn by mage Veta, a dungeon depths explorer.

He hasn't found out what kind of functions it's got.

"<Appraisal (Abel)>"

<Name: Necklace of Intuador>

<Type: Necklace>

<Graces: Mana Storage, Null Magic Attack>

※ This necklace can store mana

※ Stored mana can be utilized by the wearer

※ Nullifies magic attacks suffered by the wearer by consuming the stored mana

"This is. This function."

How much mana can it hold, and how much mana it consumes to nullify magic attacks need to be checked first.

But it's still an astonishing function.

Does it mean Lecan needs not fear of ambushes by magic attacks if he has this necklace equipped.

Will it completely protect him from magic attacks like the kind that penetrated through his <Overking Bear> overcoat and stomach in Dungeon Ninae. So long as Lecan has enough mana.

If so, this is the ultimate equipment for Lecan.

The herb gathering is a good chance to inspect this equipment's performance.

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