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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.9


"So I heard Eda did great during the operation. I'm really proud to hear that."

This brawny big bald man, the Adventurer Association's chairman is in good mood today.

"The commander, Ritton made light of Eda at first, ya see. He was shocked when he found out she knew <Detection>, <Sleep> and <Recovery>. Especially when she put all those bandits to sleep from afar, guy's got struck dumb. Told me he had no idea the level of adventurers in town of Vouka had shot up so much."

"State your business."

Being told that, the chairman immediately fell silent with an unamused look on his face.

"Geez. Okay okay. I'll state my business. Once the bandit leader was defeated, and the whole gang captured, Zeki whispered to commander Ritton. That's <Thigh Torer Merda>."


"Merda is a gold rank adventurer designated by Vantaroy's Adventurer Association."

"So what."

"Do you put that attitude toward just about everybody? Bah you must be. Ritton consulted me when he got here, and it was decided that he would advise the town lord to endorse yours and Eda's promotion to gold rank, as well as head to Vantaroy to deliver Merda's head."

"I don't see where this is going."

"Ah. Yeah, you came from afar eh. Gold Rank adventurers are heroes of a town, that town's faces. Adventurer Association may designate them but in reality it's the town lord who gets the pick. It's akin to a declaration to the town's populace and outside, hey look our town's got these powerful adventurers on our side."


"An adventurer designated as a gold rank adventurer in Vantaroy was leading a bandit gang, that fact would make Vantaroy's town lord lose face. It's gonna be harder for him to exert his influence in and outside the town. Just all around bad."

"I see."
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"So if his death is kept confidential and that head gets delivered in secret, Vantaroy's town lord will owe a debt to Vouka's town lord."

"Got it. But how does that necessitate calling me and Eda."

"Commander Ritton is headed for Vantaroy for sure. He's probably gone off already even. Once he gets back and confirms that it's truly Merda's head, your gold rank promotion will get fast tracked. Publicly Eda's achievements would be for Silver Wolf extermination and bandit gang suppression, but in reality, it's mostly due to the stuff with Merda. I hope you understand."

"The bandit gang was suppressed by joint efforts of Zeki, Ritton and all members of the suppression force."

"It would have turned into a chaos if not for Eda's <Detection> and <Sleep>. Heck, it's a bandit gang led by that Merda. The operation might very well have failed. It's thanks to Eda that everyone was unharmed by the end. How her arrow shot through Merda's leg was splendid as well. Both Ritton and Zeki gave their highest praise to Eda."

Eda played a major role in the operation this time indeed, but using that as a pretext to promote her to gold rank seems a bit forceful, thought Lecan. However, since Eda getting gold rank is preferable to him, he's not going to talk back.

"Oh right. Almost forgot. Our branch got a notification and an inquiry from Ninae's Adventurer Association. A party that called themselves <Willard> conquered Dungeon Ninae on the 22th of month six, they're looking for information about that party."


"This branch replied back right away. This town has a party by the name <Willard>, members being Nike, Eda and Lecan."

They did introduce themselves as <Willard> in Ninae. They never asked this town's Adventurer Association to keep their party a secret, nor would the association listen even if they did anyway.

"Nike wasn't with us during the exploration of Dungeon Ninae."

"Yeah, you mentioned that before. A swordsman called Arios, and another local swordsman you got acquaintance there, right. They're not related to this town. What's important is how a party that registered and is active in this town has conquered Ninae."

Looks like Dungeon Ninae's conquest is the decisive factor for Eda's gold rank promotion. Moreover, Ninae's Adventurer Association even expressly named <Willard> as the conqueror. The town lord here must be eager to boast about having such a mighty party in his town.

"Every members of your party is a gold rank. I've never heard of such a thing before. You guys are the pride of this town."

"Get Eda to Gold Rank. I'll stay Silver."

"That won't do."

"Does it matter to you."

"Very much so."

Lecan was about to rebut further, but since the association's chairman himself affirmed that it does matter to him, it probably is personally, so Lecan refrained.

"The town lord wishes to meet you and Eda to talk about the promotion as well as for other matters."

"I'm not selling <Dagger of Harut>."

"Where'd that come from. I've passed on your stance about that. The town lord isn't going to be unreasonable. He won't want to worsen your mood."

"When do we have to go?"

"If possible today, or tomorrow at the latest. I'll come with you if you're going now."


"Hm? What's wrong."

"We've got to take a bath and dress up if we're going to meet town lord-sama."

"Dress up? Ah, right. Gotta get our equipment in order. You don't know what's waiting for us there after all."

"Oy, Lecan! What the hell do you think you'll be doing at the town lord's mansion? War?"

"Depends on the other party."

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