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Okami wa Nemuranai 18.19


When he woke up, Lecan heard something falling out of his breast pocket.

<Guardian Jewel of Zana>.

(Hold it.)

(This jewel had a cryptic Grace on it.)

When Lecan appraised it once back then, he found out this jewel had <Physical Attack Boost (Large)>, <Supplement Mana Usage (Mid)>, and <Null Curse> Graces. He had no idea what <Supplement Mana Usage (Mid)> meant.

To begin with, just having this jewel on you boosts the strength of your attack with sword and stuff, without the need to supply it with mana. Having this jewel on never helps with mana consumption whenever he uses magic either.

Just what is <Supplement Mana Usage (Mid)> even.

Lecan's <Appraisal> should have progressed further since then.

Perhaps he could unravel the mystery now.

Lecan put <Guardian Jewel of Zana> on his left hand, held it in his right hand and cast the spell while wishing to know the mean of its Graces.


<Name: Guardian Jewel of Zana>

<Type: Jewel>

<Graces: Physical Attack Boost (Large), Supplement Mana Usage (Mid), Null Curse>

※ Doubles physical attack power of the user

※ The power doubling effect is (Small) in normal state

※ The effect turns (Large) when supplied with mana

※ Half of the mana supplied will be supplemented back to the mana supplier

※ Once this jewel has been supplied with mana and used, it cannot be supplied anymore for an entire day

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"So that's how it was."

He thought the jewel was already very powerful enough, turned out that was the <Small> effect.

This jewel will demonstrate its true power once supplied with mana.

However, its true power can only be unleashed once per day.

That's the kind of Grace items this is.

Lecan was going to immediately put his mana into the jewel, but stopped short.

(No no.)

(I'll end up using the effect if I do that now.)

(Afterward, it can't be resupplied for a whole day.)

(Depending on how things go from here.)

(We might reach the last floor in less than a day.)

(And yet, I'm not sure about fighting on floor 44 without the jewel.)

(I should put my mana into it right before we charge into the last floor.)

It might be different if Lecan is alone, but they have to reach the last floor without any of the three suffering a serious injury. Potions, <Recovery> and <Purification> are not all powerful. You can't restore cut limbs. That's a miracle reserved only to superlative <Purification> and <God Cure>.

"Alright. Let's get down."




The enemies on floor 44 were tough.

However, Heles did a good job.

Showing off her skill at handling a shield, she would nicely parry magic beasts' attacks and then sliced them up with Solid Sacred Silver sword. Boasting unrivaled sharpness, the sword cut apart magic beasts' legs with every swing.

When it came to actual combat, Heles didn't have any reservation in using the sword.

She's refreshingly swinging it around with all her might.

They got near the exit after three skirmishes.

It might be a bit early, but they decided to camp there.

They put up a campfire, and ate grilled meat and vegetable.

The tastier the food the more energetic your body gets.

Providing strength for the fight tomorrow.

(Doesn't seem like Snow is coming after us.)

Snow said that they have reached floor 44. Dunno which <Mark> they got, but they should be able to go after Lecan's group if they wanted.

(Letting one of them die was right.)

The man who was driving the wagon must have been a member of Snow's party. Losing even one member will deal a huge blow to a party's force. That could be why they didn't chase Lecan's party here.

Or maybe they'd try raiding in the middle of Lecan's party fight against the dungeon boss, but there's no point worrying over that now. Lecan's detection can't reach other floors, same with <Graph Make>.

(Whatever will be, will be.)

"Ah, yeah, Heles."

"What is it."

"You said you wanted proof of defeating the dungeon boss. What is that."

"It can be anything, but to be frank, I would be grateful if you let me take the part that clearly signifies this dungeon boss."

According to Heles, just by reporting in and pledging that she has conquered a dungeon, the other side will believe her, there's no need for proof. Even if they somehow attempt to check the truth through Temple's artifact, it would only bolster her truthful word.

However, for the sake of the personage she will be serving upon, it would be better if she could prove her worth as a knight, thus presenting part of the magic beast that signifies her feat would be best.

The dungeon boss here is of a highly unique color, even down to its eyes, legs and fangs, hence she would be grateful if she could get a section of the fangs or legs, not the highly valuable eyes.

"But what're you gonna do if a treasure chest drops instead."


"No carcass remains if a treasure chest drops. If it comes to that, you won't get this proof thing you want so much."

"No. That shouldn't happen. I've made sure that the dungeon boss here is a Material type."


"As far as I can gather, the dungeon boss here has never turned into a treasure chest. Thus it must be a Material type."

"Material type?"

"Indeed. Dungeon Bosses are classified into three types, Treasure Chest type that turns into a treasure chest for certain, Material type that won't turn into a treasure chest for certain, and Variable type that can turn into either.  The dungeon boss here is a Material type. It was one of reasons why I chose this dungeon."

Lecan learned another new fact.

Now that he thinks about it, even though Treasure Chests are supposed to have a low drop rate, Dungeon Golbul's boss turned into a chest twice. It must have been a Treasure Chest type.

Lecan poured his mana into <Guardian Jewel of Zana> before he went to bed.

By using <Mana Grant>, an ability he got in his former world.

Surprisingly enough, most of his mana got sucked into the jewel.

The jewel let out a dim blue light.

The shine of this light allows him to unleash the strongest blow once.

He could just leave it to his natural recovery, but he drank a blue potion just in case.

He had a deep dreamless sleep.

Then morning came.

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