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Okami wa Nemuranai 19.4


"Shira. Is life force strength?"

"It's one basis of strength. Those who keep fighting mighty magic beasts and powerful foes have a largely boosted life force, thus those whose life force exceeds a certain amount are usually strong."

"Is it even possible to have a large pool of life force yet stay weak?"

"It depends on the meaning of 'strong' there. For example, you brought someone who could only use <Recovery> on an expedition to dungeon depths. That recovery user will have their life force boosted even if they themselves don't fight. In other word, they won't budge to feeble attacks."


"However, if they had no offensive power in the first place, there won't any boost in their offense."

"Ah, I see. That's how it works huh."

"Conversely, Eda-chan is an archer as well as a short sword user. That Eda-chan conquered a dungeon, small it may be, and was even in a party that exterminated 10,000 magic beasts found on the lowest floor. Eda-chan's life force and offensive power have surely seen a huge increase."

Come to think of it, Eda's presence is unlike before now, indeed.

"Eh? Baa-chan. I did deal damage with my bow, but I didn't use the short sword much."

"Then your skill with short sword didn't get better. However your strength has gone up. Things like attentiveness, reflexes and agility went up as well, I'm sure."

"Ooh, okay."

Which means, taking Eda to the dungeon, exposing her to danger were worth it in the end. However, Lecan has no idea just how much she's grown for real.

'We'll go hunt some magic beasts in the near future'. Lecan decided in his mind.

"Well anyway, life force is one basis of strength. However, the size of one's life force do not necessarily correspond to their skill."


"Adventurers of your caliber can sense the strength of your foe, can't you. You're capable of judging your foe's overall life force and skill in combat by instincts. It's a better method to measure your opponent's strength."

"I see."

"However, a magic tool that can reliably measure life forces, or aggregate amount of one's life, like the one the Royal Knights possess also has its use. Knowing your growth rate is a good encouragement to train harder, and you can have a rough idea how many magic beasts you need to fight. You can also make a connection between life forces and strength among those who train under the same regime."

Lecan had no interest in finding out his own life force. However, he's not necessarily uninterested in comparing Eda's life force before and after the dungeon excursion. That said, there's no way to know that now.

"Oh yeah, Lecan. Yacklubend has been wanting to meet you."

That's the name of a magic engineer who invented that nasty <Stun Stick> magic tool.

And also the short wands that shoot out fire magic.

Lecan's instinct tells him that's someone he'd better off not get involved with.

"I'm not going."

"She's really curious about wanting to see your overcoat in person."

"You spoke about this overcoat?"

"I'm sorry. Blurted it out without thinking."

A round trip to the royal capital supposedly takes one month.

They could probably communicate through letters, but would she just blurted out something like that in a letter.

Shira and Yacklubend probably have some means to carry a conversation even while apart.

"I don't plan to go to the royal capital, nor do I want to meet Yacklubend."

"Is that so. I guess there is no helping it then. But had you got something you need to do at the Royal Capital, do spare some time to visit Yacklubend."

"Got it."

Later on, Lecan would come to bitterly regret this 'got it' he said this time.

"Now that you mention it, Lecan-dono's overcoat. It should have a big hole opened on it, yet there's not even a trace of that hole now."

"Don't ask."

"I understand. My master sure keeps so many secrets."

"Your master?"

"Yes. Shira-sama. I am receiving instructions in the way of sword from Lecan-dono."

"Oho, my my. So you took the initiative to care for someone else? I wonder if it's an omen to a <Great Outbreak> now."

"Shira. Tell me something."

"What is it?"

"To tell you the truth, my physical ability has also risen after conquering Dungeon Ninae. And I believe my mana too."

"That's only right. That's the entire reason adventurers go in a dungeon."

"I've got a better grasp on space now as well."

Lecan's physical condition was oddly excellent after the conquest of Dungeon Ninae.

After hearing about life force boost from Heles, Lecan inspected himself, and made his power up clear.

His stamina and agility have somewhat improved.

His mana pool has seen a huge increase.

<Life Detection>'s range was around 1000 steps before, and went up a bit.

<3D Perception> which was originally covered 50 steps around him is now double that range.

<Mana Detection> was normally five steps to 20 steps at most also got larger, double that or even more.

"I fought enemies stronger than magic beasts on Dungeon Ninae's lowest floor in my former world. However, I've never experienced a boost in life force, mana and all kinds of ability this obvious before. What does this mean."

"Uun. Though I can't say I know why for sure. It might be because the difference in types."

"What's difference in types?"

"Your life force won't increase if you just keep killing the same type of similarly leveled magic beasts. But it will if you kill a different type of higher leveled magic beasts."


"The growth of your life force might have been in saturation in your former world."


"It's like being filled to the brink in that environment."

"You mean it hit its growth cap."

"That's right. I'm not sure if I get it right however."


"This world's magic beasts are the types you had never killed before. Hence your life force's growth is getting recalculated again. That's what I think."

"Does that mean I can get stronger if I keep diving in even deeper dungeons in this world."

"I believe so. It'll plateau out again eventually though."

Lecan can't believe it.


He's got to explore dungeons.

Lecan noticed Arios staring at his surprised face and recalled something.



"You said you're going elsewhere for about one month."

"Yes. I plan to sleep at home tonight and depart tomorrow."

"I see. I was thinking of making light armor from the mats we got from Octocular Great Spiders in the depths for me, Eda and you."

"Really? Lecan."

"Oh, that would be great."

"If you don't mind, how about departing after making the order, since we need to get measurements and stuff."

"Yes, that would be fine. Haha, this is exciting."

"Lecan. Come here tomorrow or the day after. I need to consult you about herb gathering."

"Got it. "

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Lecan wrote a letter to Chaney in Shira's house and headed out for Adventurer Association alone. Eda and Arios have gone back home ahead.

As for the letter's content, first he wishes to sell 20 carcasses of greater Octocular Great Spiders from Dungeon Ninae's floor 40s, turned over at Lecan's house. And about the making of light armor for three.

Someone called to him the moment he stepped inside the association.


"Long time no see, err."

"It's Aira. Where have you been all this time. You never showed your face again ever since your party was officially formed."

"Got some business to take care of."

"And thank you so much for going to the orphanage for nine days."

"That was my service to the temple, not a quest from Adventurer Association."

"All the same. The children were truly happy about it."

Lecan noticed something when he saw Aira's smile.

"Are you perhaps, a graduate of the orphanage?"


No wonder she would keep recommending quests from the orphanage.

"They'll be in you care from now on."

"No. I'm not going."

"The children are really looking forward to your visit."

"More importantly, quest. I'd like to have this letter delivered to Chaney Company."

"Yes. We've got just the right kid right now."

Aira called out to a familiar-looking young adventurer, got him to accept the quest and handed a quest completion mark to Lecan.

"This is Telnis, please tell him where your house is, Lecan-san. Please hand over the mark when he reports back to you."


Lecan handed over the mark to Telnis.

"The other party will send their employee to my house once this letter has got to them. They know where my house's at. Therefore, the quest is complete once you've delivered this letter."


"Are you sure you could put so much trust."

"Cause it seems you've educated him well."


Telnis ran out with a happy look on his face.

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