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Okami wa Nemuranai 19.15_16


Morning the next day, Lecan went to Adventurer Association with Eda.

"Ah, Lecan-san, Eda-san. Good morning."

"Good morning, Aira-san."

"Huh? Eda-san, did your speech change?"

"A bit, ehehe."



"Eda-san, for your participation in Silver Wolf extermination and all of your past achievements, you have been promoted to rank silver."

"Really?! Yay."

"Here's your adventurer badge."

"This is, my, silver rank Adventurer Badge."

Eda wrapped the badge in both her hands and pressed it on her chest.

"Lecan-san. Your eye is really gentle when you look at Eda."

"What about our reward."

"Yes. It's three gold coins. Please take it."

"Yea. Go ahead, Eda."


"You took care of the thing. These three gold coins are yours."

"But, if Lecan wasn't there-"

"All I did was watching. You have the right to take the reward."

"...I got it. I'll take them. Thank you (narou) Lecan."



"Won't you look at me with that gentle eye too? ...No, nevermind. More importantly, the association head wishes to personally express his gratitudes for your service with the extermination quest."

"I've got things to do after this. Save it for later."

"Please don't say that, it'll only take a bit."

"Make it quick."

"Please come this way."

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The association head is a brawny robust man with a cleanly shaved head. He's not quite an elderly yet, but he's way past the age of an active adventurer.

"Hey, so you're Lecan. That's some look on your mug. You have my thanks for investigating and eliminating the Silver Wolf."

"No worries."

"We didn't believe the testimony at first, who could have thought a Silver Wolf would show up at that place. It would have been a huge disaster if that was left alone. Thank you."

"We got the reward. Give your thank to Aira who stopped Telnis taking the quest and brought it up to me instead. Is that all you need?"

"No, I need you for something else. Just checking, you're <Overlord in Black Lecan>, aren't you."

"I'm Lecan. I don't remember ever calling myself with that weird name."

"Oh excuse me. You're adventurer Lecan who conquered Dungeon Golbul twice, aren't you."


"How many people did it? There's apparently a record that states the dungeon boss there won't show up if three people go in."




"Hmph. You're some real hotshot. And, is it true you told Aira you conquered Ninae too?"


"Don't tell me you did that solo as well."

"There were four of us."

"Can you tell me those four?"

"Me, Eda, a swordsman by the name Arios, and another swordsman we picked up on-site."

"Arios? Never heard of him, is he in this town?"

"For now. He's leaving soon. He'll probably come back once before going off somewhere again. He travels all over to begin with."

"You aside, I thought it was a joke when I heard <Thousand Shoot Eda> conquered Dungeon Ninae, but seeing her in person like this was quite a surprise. She's like a wholly different person than the one I saw before. I can believe she's really conquered Ninae now."

"Really now. So what's your business."

"The town lord has issued a recommendation for your promotion to gold rank adventurer."


That was when Lecan recalled something. The thing Shira told him. As prerequisites for Eda to live independently, first thing first she needs to aim for gold rank adventurer.

"Eda too?"

"No, it's just for you."

"Nike got the gold rank after eliminating an Octocular Great Spider. Eda took care of a Silver Wolf and also conquered Ninae, yet I who conquered Dungeon Golbul, a dungeon completely unrelated to this town, is getting gold rank?"

"We haven't heard any rumor about Ninae yet. Besides, that Octocular Great Spider had dealt a serious blow to this town's economy and traffics, while the Silver Wolf had done nothing."

"I see. Magic beasts should only be eliminated once they've caused a huge damage. We'll keep that in mind next time."

"Come on now. The town lord has his own standpoints to consider."

"I'm not blaming the town lord. I'm merely asking for your opinion."

The association head went silent for a while.

"We shall report the matter about Silver Wolf to the town lord. As for Ninae, do you have any proof of your conquest?"

"None. The dungeon boss there is a Material Type after all, and I only brought its magic stone back."

"Magic stone of a dungeon boss! Could ya let me have a look."

"Gave it to Shira. As a souvenir."

"O-oh really."

"I'm sure you heard that I'm in a hurry."

Lecan stood up.

"Ah, hold it. The town lord wishes to buy <Dagger of Harut> off you. Calm down and listen now. He'll pay you one whole white gold coin for it. You'll be presenting it to him publicly however."

As Lecan walked to the door, he shook his head.

"That dagger is for my personal use. It's not for sale."

"I'd like to listen to more of your stories next time."

"My schedule is packed today and tomorrow. Then I'm off to gather herbs on the 31st."

"That's it. I want to ask about that too. How'd you manage to get accepted as Shira-shi's apprentice, oy!"

Lecan opened the door and walked away.

Eda bowed and politely closed the door.

After leaving the association building, Lecan headed to Norma's house. He told Eda she could go back, but she said she wanted to see Norma too, so they went together.

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