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Okami wa Nemuranai Intermission 1

Wind of Vishrushapta

"Dear. The banquet's preparations are almost done."

"Aah, is it now. Let's call her ladyship once it is."

"But we could only scramble what we had on hand."

"Hasn't her ladyship said that she doesn't mind."

"Even so, the Head Chef was complaining, if only they had more time to prepare."

"Haha. Her ladyship is surely accustomed to the highest degree of culinary. She might even find simple dishes of a countryside to her liking."

"My! How could you say our family cooking countryside."

"Countryside fish and vegetable are fine, so long as she enjoys it."

"She's surely has a discriminating palate."

"Oho. I see you've stopped doubting her ladyship's standing."

"Oh please don't mention that anymore. I mean, she didn't have an escort, she steered a cart by herself, her body was full of mud and she even had armor on her. Who would believe that she's a daughter of Reinzats House."

"However, her armor and sword are worth this entire mansion. Besides, the luggage and barrel on her cart."

"Yes! The head and legs of Dungeon Ninae's boss. Even the elites of Royal Knights can't get hold of such things so easily. And yet, that lovely young lady would."

"You said lovely there."

"Oh right, you didn't see it, dear. How her ladyship looked after a bath. Her smooth flushed skin like that of the highest silk. Her lustrous hair. And her jewel-like pupils. The maids have been completely captivated by her ladyship already."

"Hou. I can't wait for the banquet."

"She's quite gallant in her armor, but in dress she's just."

"I don't doubt her swordsmanship, her being a knight, but it appears she's well versed in music as well. She was looking for a Shetrada earlier."

"My, I had no idea. But still, she surely had robust subordinates that accompanied her conquering the dungeon, where would they be now I wonder. How dare they left her ladyship to go on alone."

"I did ask her ladyship about it. But she put on quite a sorrowful look on her face then. There must have been some sort of complicated circumstances."

"Right it is. It must be. But truly, I can't believe she would rely on our house."

"I've never been happier our son works as an adjutant to the Royal Knight's Commander."

"Yes really. Oh that kid, despite his lack of tact, he has got her ladyship's trust, doesn't he. Perhaps, maybe."

"Now now. We do not chew more than we can swallow. Our standing is too far apart to Marquis House of Reinzats. It will never bring anything good."

"You're right. Of course."

"Personally, I cannot wait for the next palatial visit."

"My, why would that be."

"Think about it. Naturally, there is no chance of me meeting with Marquis Reinzats directly. However, his excellency Prime Minister will surely come to greet me."


"What do you think his excellency would say then. Of course. He'd surely thank me for taking care of his niece."

"That's wonderful."

"It'd be the highest honor. And the rumor of his excellency owing me a debt would quickly spread. And of course, those merchants would surely shift their attitudes. Hahaha. I cannot wait for it."


"Oh. It's the sound of Shetrada."

"It's a song! She's singing a song."

"What a gorgeous sounding tune."

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Listen to the sound of wind

Listen to the sound of wind

As I bring my voice

As I bring my voice

To that departed someone

To that departed someone

O rocky path

O desert path

Stricken by rain

Dried by drought

Where that person is

Heroic travel

Travel of encounters

Wounded, falling

Getting up

Are you still doing that even now

Leaves of Vishrushapta swaying

Foreign wind blowing

Blowing breeze

Carrying the voice of that someone

I announced our parting

I let go of your hand

Even so, even so, that person

Never told me to come with him

Never told me to live together with him

O wind

O wind

O wind blowing from a country far away

I know about you

I know of your birth

Walking together that person and me

Overcoming steep paths

At dawn of a miraculous morning

You were born to this world

But those days in memories are far gone

The places in those memories are far gone

Passing away with dreams, sun and moon

That place has been shuttered down

Hence let this song hold

The pain of rending hearts

O wind

O wind

Let this be carried

Listen to the sound of wind

Listen to the sound of wind

The throbbing in this chest

The throbbing in this chest

Thinking of that person, the wind knows

Thinking of that person, the wind knows

"<Wind of Vishrushapta> is it. It feels like the lyrics are a bit different however."

"This must be the version of lyrics currently popular in the royal capital. What an absolutely beautiful voice she has."

"She's truly a bearer of rare talents in both military and literary arts."

"Hey, dear. Can't you make her ladyship stay another night at least. We could call our nephews here then."

"You. She said she wanted to return to the royal capital as soon as possible. She's made it very clear. We would only incur her ladyship's wrath trying to detain her."

"Master, Madam. Preparations for the banquet are complete."

"I see. Go inform her ladyship Heles Reinzats."

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