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Okami wa Nemuranai 18.17_18


By floor 43, the battles became way more intense.

And the four perfected their coordination even further.

They engaged in seven battles between meals, a treasure chest spawned on the seventh.

"That's one flat treasure chest."

"I mean, a sword would be thin after all."

"It's as if there is a picture frame inside."

"I'm opening it."

What inside was a <Shield of Wolkan>.

Lecan took it up.

Bathed in the dim light of the dungeon, the shield let out a noble shine.

"Lecan-dono. Is that, perhaps"

"<Shield of Wolkan>."

"I knew it. Ooh! To think the day I witnessed it spawning would come."

"It's really a nice-looking shield. Almost looks divine."

"Huh? But this is the same shield Lecan has right?"

"Yes, it is."



"Use this shield."


"I'm in charge of dungeon items allotment. That's the deal. This shield is yours."

"T-this is. This shield. This <Shield of Wolkan>, for me?"

"Take it."

Heles reverently accepted the shield over her head.

"Do you know the spells? <Pirua> for reducing, <Parshoot> for turning it back to shield. Put it on your left hand and give it a try."

"Umu. <Reduction (Pirua)>!"

The shield settled on Heles's left arm in the form of a gauntlet.

"Ooooh. My goodness. It truly is a <Shield of Wolkan>."

"Turn it back."

"Acknowledged. <Deploy>!"

The shield transformed back and naturally got held in Heles's left hand.

"So this is <Shield of Wolkan>. I had never imagined I would ever be an owner of one."

"Heles-san. Is that so rare?"

"It is said to be the superlative equipment for prestigious knights. Even among Royal Knights, only knight commanders and the vice commanders own one."

"Is it expensive?"

"It's more like, high-ranking nobles would buy up all <Shield of Wolkan> that showed up in dungeons. In order to bestow them to their knights."

"Ah, I get it."

"Laying hands on this shield is an unattainable dream to every knight. Ufufu. Fufu."

Lecan suddenly recalled something.

The <Shield of Wolkan> Jinga carried came from Dungeon Ninae. Perhaps Jinga even delved in this dungeon himself.

"I was so tempted to enter that tournament as well. But I knew that it was a sham, I didn't bring my shield with me, and no store was selling a decent shield here. But then. Ufufu."

And quite to a deep floor at that. Which means, perhaps Jade would know Jinga if he asked him.

"You have my gratitude, Lecan-dono. I can never thank you enough."


"What is it."

"How about using that shield from here on."

"No. That's impossible. This Magic Silver sword is too heavy for me, I'm incapable of wielding it in one hand."

"Put that away. I'll lend you this one."

Lecan took a Solid Silver Sword from <Storage> and handed it over to Heles.

Heles received it with a dubious look on her face.

"What an unusually made scabbard. It's not heavy. Actually, it's light."

She drew the sword out of scabbard.

The light peeking out shines on the people sitting in a row.

"This is... What beauty. But, what is this. It cannot be"

"That must be the sword from that time. So it was a Solid Sacred Silver (Lesharad) sword."

"Solid Sacred Silver!"

"I had no idea a Solid Sacred Silver sword with such a high purity even existed in this world. This goes beyond surprise. Truly, I have no word. I don't believe even my father had ever seen something like this in his life."

"Lecan-dono, are you perhaps a member of royalty from somewhere?"

"No no. There's no way."

"That sword should be no less sharper than yours. Use it."

"B-but. It's impossible. How could I wield such a valuable sword. If the blade chips"

"I'll lend you another one when that happens."


"I've got several more like that one."

That night, Heles slept while hugging <Shield of Wolkan> and Solid Sacred Silver sword.

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Heles was buoyant in the morning.

(She's frolic.)

(Fighting the last floor's boss is out of question with her like this.)

"Come now, Lecan-dono. We're past the middle of Princess Turtle time. It's almost two of Princess Turtle. Let us get going now."

"No. We're not going."


"I'll give you time to get used to the shield and sword. That said, you by yourself won't do any good. Arios."


"Keep her company."

"I understand."

"No, Lecan-dono. Arios-dono would suffer a grave injury if this Solid Silver Sword so much as grazed him."

"If you can that is."

"What are you saying."

"Do you seriously believe you can graze Arios with your level of skill."

Even Heles had a sullen look at this one.

"I shall have you know I practiced in sword and shield as a set."

"If you manage to scratch Arios, or gravely injure him, that sword is yours."

"My goodness."

"Don't worry. We've got two high <Recovery> users here."

"You won't take back your word, will you."


"Err, umm. I would appreciate if you don't put such a huge responsibility on my shoulder."

"Show me what you've learned during this expedition."

The two had a match.

However, Heles couldn't catch Arios who moved around all over the places from the beginning till the end. Even though she's wearing light armor it's a full plated one that covers her entire body, fighting like that with a sword in right hand and a shield on the left for a prolonged period of time, her stamina won't last. By the end her feet were staggering, Lecan pronounced the match's end.

Afterward, they had lunch.

Lecan didn't say anything.

Nevertheless, Heles had calmed down after moving her body.

After lunch, Lecan had Eda cast <Purification> on Heles.

Then he lied down and fell asleep for a bit.

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